12 Best Sit On Top Kayaks of [2022-2023]

If you kinda daydream about paddling around lakes, rivers and streams from the comforts of a kayak then buying a “best sit-on-top kayak” is the right decision. The fear of being trapped upside down underwater is a big barrier for kayakers. To solve this problem sit on to kayaks comes in to play.

sit on top kayak

This type of kayak is an innovative option for traditional kayak. For easier exit and entry, sit-on-top Kayak features an open top so that you will not trap upside down underwater.

Sit-on-top kayaks are great for surfing, water touring, fishing, camping, diving, and other leisurely excursions. Maybe you are a fisherman, a wildlife photographer, a diver, an explorer, or a swimmer who needs a sit-on-top kayak to pursue your passions. 

These kayaks are more safe, stable, and nimble than traditional kayak designs. After many research and lots of physical testing, we have got the 12 best sit on top kayaks for all types of paddlers. 

Our Recommendation for the best sit on top kayak for 2022 is Intex Challenger K2

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ImageTop 7 Sit On Top Kayaks WeightRatingsCurrent Price
Sit on top kayakIntex Challenger K237.7 pounds4.2/5
Sit on top kayakOcean Kayak Frenzy44 pounds4/5
Sit on top kayakPerception Kayak Pescador 57 pounds4.1/5
Sit on top kayakOcean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu57 pounds4.3/5
Sit on top kayakLifetime Manta 10 Foot60 pounds3.6/5
Sit on top kayakLifetime Tamarack52 pounds4.1/5
Sit on top kayakEmotion Spitfire Sit-On-Top Kayak 9'45 pounds3.6/5

12 Best Sit On Top Kayaks Reviews For 2022

1. Intex Challenger K2 – Best Sit On Top Kayak

Best Sit on top kayak 2022Intex Recreation company is a global leader in producing and designing innovative products for indoor and outdoor recreation for over 40 years. Intex products always meet the most safety standards and go through intensive testing to ensure years of satisfaction and safety.

The Intex Challenger K2 sit-on-top Kayak is one of their best product. This kayak is made of strong and super-tough vinyl that’s puncture- and UV damage-resistant to make it stronger for a long period of time.

You will get high visibility graphics to allow others to see you easily. These sot kayaks have an inflatable seat and backrest. The cockpit is well designed for comfort and space. The Intex Challenger K2 sit-on-top kayak offers two people a highly portable craft and smooth paddling to explore easy rivers and lakes. The cockpit is designed to optimize space and comfort and the craft is US Coast Guard approved.

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2. Ocean Kayak Frenzy

Ocean Kayak Frenzy Sit-On-Top Recreational KayakThe Ocean Kayak Frenzy is the best fun sit-on-top kayak currently available on the market. It is designed for adult and children of all ages. You can take this sit-on-top kayak to anywhere and it is very easy to use. It is a small boat but it still has a wide weight range from 275-325 lbs.

This compact and small sot kayak can carry a lot of gear. You will find it very easy to paddle. This boat is 9 foot long and weight is only 43 pounds. So when you are ready to hit the water it will make your journey easy and worry-free.

The Ocean Kayak Frenzy comes ready to go, and you just have to add life jacket and a paddle. The deck rigging makes it simple to store the gear and prevent it from falling off the boat. A smaller cooler will also fit perfectly in the back molded storage spot and can hold with the deck bungee cords. This Ocean Kayak Frenzy will give you more recreational kayaking and this best sit-on-top kayak is great for fishing, family fun, or just cruising on a calm river or lake.

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3. Perception Kayak Pescador

Best Sit on top kayakThe Perception Pescador is our midrange choice. For its value factor, this boat is dominating the current market. This sit-on-top boat is very well-made and performs better than anything else for this price. Even if you’re not looking for a fishing kayak, the Pescador is worth a look.

The plenty of space of this boat is perfect for camping supplies, diving gear, or anything else you want to take with you on a kayaking adventure. This Perception Pescador also has all the sit-on-top stability that you would expect in this category!

This kayak is the perfect middle ground between the affordability and compactness of the Frenzy and the roominess and performance of the Stealth 14 below. If you’re looking for a best sit-on-top kayak that is suitable for paddling or fishing in any waters, the Perception Pescador would be a great choice to save some money and weight without compromising performance.

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4. Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu


sit on top kayak reviews

The Ocean Kayak 12-Feet Malibu is consistently one of the best 12 feet sit-on-top kayak for novices and pros alike. This Malibu kayak can accommodate two adults and one child. It is a versatile sit on top kayak that can easily handle rough whitewater, rugged ocean surf, and serene lakes. Though this kayak is designed as a tandem, the kayak works just fine as a solo vessel as well.

Ocean 12 foot Malibu Two will also give you great stability and durability. Anglers love this Malibu kayak for fishing. The boat color is available in red and orange tones named “Sunrise” and bright yellow and gray tones named “Envy,”

This fishing kayak is very durable and lightweight. Its weight is just about 60 pounds that’s why it is very easy to maneuver from the cabana or car to the water. Upon delivery, you will get a kit that will include the vessel and two comfortable seat backs. You need to purchase the Paddles and other accessories separately.

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5. Lifetime Manta 10 Foot

best 10 foot sit on top fishing kayakThis is one of the best 10 foot sit on top kayak and has a flexibility of seating 1 or 2 riders. It is very stable and lightweight. This kayak is good for playing in the surf. Its weight, length, width, and design are good for stability over speed. The well-placed scupper holes of this lightweight sit on top kayak can clear the water very fast.

The seat backs with multiple foot positions that allow quick adjustments. The upturned bow of this kayak can easily cruise over waves. Additionally, this best sit on top touring kayak has amazing weight capacity. 

Although the design of doesn’t have a lot of storage to secure your gear, this canoes is a capable fishing platform. When I fish with this sit on top kayak I “go light” usually just take1 pole and a very small tackle box. It is the best sit on top kayak for beginners but if you are a serious angler and want some more space then there are better options for you in our list. I would not recommend this Lifetime Manta 10 Foot kayak for a long time touring.  If you just want to get out and fish a few hard to reach spots then this Lifetime Manta 10 Foot is good enough for you.

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6. Lifetime Tamarack

best sit on top kayak under 300This is one of the best sit on top kayak that would work in a variety of situations. I found that Lifetime Tamarack kayak is good at both covering distance and as a fishing kayak. The standout feature on this kayak is the level of durability.

This best sit on kayak is made from high-density polyethylene that has also been protected against UV rays. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned with peeling, dings, or distortion to the vessel.

It is one of the best 10 feet sit on top kayak in our list. Most of the people will be able to fit quite comfortably in the kayak, without any issue. You will get various footrest positions. For fishing enthusiasts, this is a must-buy fishing kayak as it comes fully equipped. It also comes with two types of rod holders – flush and top mounted. There is also an unbelievable amount of storage space.

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7. Emotion Spitfire Sit-On-Top Kayak 9′

Best Sit on top kayak 2021

Those looking for a sit-on-top at the more bargain end of the scale could consider the Emotion Spitfire 9ft kayak. The Spitfire is also the only inflatable kayak on the list. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just the way it worked out!

It comes with a padded seat and separately padded backrest. There is a storage area at the stern (rear) with a cover to go over the top. There are also molded paddle holders and handles on the side to make carrying around easier.

So quite a lot of features for a kayak priced at the lower end of the scale. The biggest reported problem with this cheap SOT is that stability & tracking isn’t the best. If you’re just paddling around leisurely on relatively flat waters, you should be fine. But if you’re powering ahead then the tracking issue can increase in intensity.

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8. Youth Wave Kayak (With Paddle)

Best Sit on top kayaks 2021At the moment, the most popular youth kayak on Amazon is the Wave, and it is available in yellow or green.

This lightweight kayak is easy to handle for smaller sailors and anglers, weighing only 18 pounds. The container is built with reverse chine for greater stability and control.

Parents love the fact that the boat will not tip over, which makes it a safer option. Children up to 5 feet tall can sit comfortably on this sit on the top canoe. Even the little ones can control this best rated sit on top kayak because it is very easy to paddle and maneuver. You will get both the kayak and the paddle.

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9. Sevylor Quikpak K1 1-Person Kayak

Best sit on top kayak reviewsMany new people will buy an inflatable kayak to measure their interest and affinity to navigate in open water. This Coleman model is the favorite model for those looking for an inexpensive way to measure their interest and affinity for a sport with a seated and accessible kayak option.

If you are looking for comfortable inflatable sot kayaks, then the Coleman Quikpak K1 is an excellent choice. Customers who purchased this boat previously report that the boat handles and tracks well under most conditions, and is very easy to maneuver and row.

You can also keep your favorite beverage nearby with the built-in cup holders feature. Secure storage allows you to keep your valuables hidden and dry. The configuration takes about five minutes, so it is ready to run easily and quickly. For those who have little storage time, deflate and roll the Quikpak to store it in a closet. The boat is stored in a backpack that converts into the seat.

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10. Old Town Predator PDL Kayak

sit on top kayakAvid fishermen will fall head over heels in love with the Old Town Predator Pedal. As one of the top sit on top kayaks in terms of agility, maneuverability, and speed, it’s among the best personal fishing vessels you can find.

Its specially designed hull allows for exceptional speed while it’s superb balance makes standing up a piece of cake. Moreover, this is a pedal-powered kayak, which gives you plenty of control and maneuverability, while keeping your hands 100% free.

The Predator Pedal Drive can be mounted in mere seconds and is storable for easy docking. This remarkably designed kayak is a superb piece of equipment, but note that just because of its stand-out features, it’s quite heavy and expensive.

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11. eMotion Temptation Sit-On-Top kayak

Best sit on top kayak 2020This eMotion Temptation kayak is designed for speed. It is a great touring boat. This best sit on top kayak is very versatile in all waters and for all purposes.

Paddle mounts with double Ledge lock keep both paddles attached to the boat to keep your hands free when necessary. The Emotion Temptation sit on top canoe/kayak can hold a total of 275 pounds.

The kayak stays straight while you paddle, and it slides well so that you can conserve your paddling strength and do not get fatigued quickly. The self-draining hull of this top-rated sit on top kayak ensures that the kayak will not sink, which further improves its durability and reliability in all types of water conditions.

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12. SEAFLO Solo 2-Piece Modular Kayak 

Best sit on top kayaksThis SEAFLO kayak makes traveling to your destination as easy as possible! This top-rated canoe is made of two thermoplastic sections that you can connect and disconnect easily and quickly.

This will allow you to store and transport a sit on top kayak where you normally do not have the room. Each section has only about 23 pounds and about 52 inches. Put it all together and you will have a stable 8 foot, 2-inch kayak for your adventures in calm waters!

The weight capacity is 320 lbs and has storage space, both in a dry compartment and in the upper storage option. If you love to travel to find the next lake or river to paddle but you do not have much storage space, you have just found your kayak!

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Different Sit-on-Top Kayak Types

Before taking a look at the individual parts of a sit-on-top kayak, let’s start with the different types of kayaks. If you are looking to buy a new kayak, it is important to find out which one is best for you.


Perhaps creek kayaks are high volume and most used type of kayak. Its large decks and volume prevent the boat, or its ends, from submerging.

Stubby tips avoid vertical pegs while sharp bottoms give you more control in whirlpools and waves, making them perfect for more challenging rivers. Creek kayaks are also the longest sit-on-top kayak.

This type of kayak is best for beginners. In addition, due to their floatability, they are also sometimes useful for experienced kayakers.


The Downriver Kayaks find themselves between a creek and a play kayak. They allow you to navigate a river and, at the same time, offer space for play movements.

In general, the downriver kayaks are is just amazing because they are controllable and comfortable, but they also allow for greater adventure. For the most advanced kayakers, the downriver kayaks will be outstanding.


This type of sit on top kayak is used by experienced kayakers. They use it to perform tricks and surf waves. The play kayaks have much less volume in the back and front.

Its volume is centered on the cockpit. These boats also have a very flat hull that allows the kayakers to fly over the water and spin around.

This best sot kayaks are exceptionally maneuverable but requires serious skills. The Play kayaks are appropriate for highly trained kayakers.

Best sot kayaks

Components of a Sit-on-Kayak

For a kayaker, it is very important to know the basic parts of a kayak. Following are the basic parts of a sit on top kayak


The bottom half of a kayak is called hull. Basically, they come in two different shapes. One style of kayak hull is the displacement hull. This hull style is a traditional shape of the boat.

It runs underneath the vessel from front to rear with a so-called centerline or keel. The displacement hull kayaks have a smooth and rounded shape. This type of hull is used on almost every kayaking trips.

Another style of a hull is called planing hull. You will see this type of hull in play kayaks. Planing hull sit-on-top kayaks have flat bottoms and angled sides. This kind of hull plows through the water at very slow speeds.

At higher speeds, planing hull kayaks skim the water, making them very maneuverable. To ride this type of hull kayak requires good kayaking skills. This type of kayak is hard to keep moving in a straight line.


Where the hull makes the bottom of the kayak, the deck makes up the top. From the seat to hatches and handles, you will find here most other parts of a kayak.


The cockpit is the sitting area of a kayak. This cockpit is a big hole in the deck, usually in the middle, where you will find the real seat.

Depending on your kayak the seat is suspended from the rim of the cockpit or placed directly onto the bottom of the boat


Cockpit coaming is mainly the watertight material that you will see around the cockpit’s rim.


It is a waterproof fabric that you can pull around your waist and then connect to the cockpit coaming. The spray skirt of a kayak will effectively seal off the cockpit and keep the water outside the kayak.


Inside your kayak, you will probably find a couple of pegs. These small pegs are basically called footrest.

When paddling you can push your feet against them and that will allow you to use your hips to maneuver the sit on top kayak.

However, some kayaks do not have foot-pegs. Instead, they will come with bulkheads. These are changeable foam blocks that can be placed under your feet.

The bulkheads can also offer additional support for the kayak deck. You can also use them to make watertight storage compartments.


Deck hatches allow you to store your equipment under the front and/or back deck. They are found on one or both ends of your kayak.

You can close the hatches with watertight covers. You can make the whole compartment watertight as well when using bulkheads.


The deck of sit-on-top kayak offers additional storage space. The shock-cord or bungee-cord deck rigging setup keep things secured on your deck.

You can stuff equipment that is allowed to get wet under these cords for easy storage or access.


The best sit-on-top kayak for fishing will always have a front grab handle so that you can easily get it out of the water.

Some sit-on-top kayaks may have grab handles on both ends, which make them easy to transport if you have a partner.


The back end of your kayak is called stern and the front end of your kayak is called bow. If you’re serious about kayaking then you should use these terms. Instead of saying front and back, you should say bow and stern.


Starboard and port are compulsory terms to know as a kayaker just like bow and stern. When you are facing forward the starboard is the right-hand side of the kayak and the port is the left-hand side of the kayak.

Best Sit On Top Kayaks

Common Materials Used in a Sit-on-Top Kayak

As a kayaker, the next thing that you have to know is the common materials that are used in a kayak. They all come with apparent differences. Here are the ones that are most commonly used materials and their characteristics are given below:

1. Rotomolded polyethylene

Rotomolded polyethylene kayaks are generally the cheapest and the heaviest too. They are best suited for recreational kayakers who do not want to spend all their money in a kayak.

The material is quite flexible, and and that also makes it the most impact resistant one. That means if you do not store it correctly, it can easily deform and there will be a loss of strength when paddling.

Polyethylene is for whitewater kayaks, where rowing efficiency is not as important, but impact resistance is.

You must be careful; however, as it can easily wear out if you drag it constantly on rough surfaces. The price makes it ideal for a first kayak, but advanced paddlers should go for more expensive options.

2. Thermoformed or polycarbonate plastics:

Thermoformed plastics are more resistant to scratching than a polyethylene kayak and, therefore, have less drag in the water.

They are cheaper than fiberglass and more repairable than polyethylene, which makes them the perfect middle ground if you do not want to spend too much. However, you should keep in mind that they have not exactly excelled in durability.

3. Fiberglass

Fiberglass has a higher level and is a fairly common option for sea kayaks. It is light and lasts for decades. It can take a beating, but it does not match the impact resistance of polyethylene.

These types of kayaks are usually covered with a gel coat, which improves scratch resistance and reduces drag at the same time.

They are also very good with the fact that if you damage the kayak, it is easily repairable and you can even do it yourself since there are materials available to repair in several stores.

4. Kevlar

Kevlar is like fiberglass. It is also covered with a gel coat. However, Kevlar kayaks are much lighter than fiberglass, which can raise prices by up to $ 400 or $ 500 more.

However, many people say that Kevlar boats can suffer from gel coat cracks, but that actually depends on the construction itself. Kevlar does not tear, nor perforate, but if it is placed in very thin layers it can be bent.

The gel coat does not flex, and in this condition, it cracks. You should look for a carbon-reinforced Kevlar, or go for a heavier layup that will not bend as much when purchasing the best rated sit-on-top kayak.

5. Wood

Wood is the final choice and, in general, the go-to material for a “do it yourself” kayak project. The kayaks made of wood are strong and light and are easy to repair and customize.

With wood, you get a “stitch and glue” construction that is easier for beginners. Wooden sit-on-top kayak will give you fiberglass quality or Kevlar level quality but at a polyethylene price.

6. Foldable or inflatable kayaks

Folding or inflatable kayaks are also available in the market, but you should avoid them as they do not last as long and tend to suffer performance losses, as well as being very susceptible to punctures.

Advantages of the sit-on-top kayak

1. Easy To Get On And Off

Best sit on top kayak 2022One of the great advantages of the best sit on top kayak is how easy it is to get on and off a SOT. You don’t have to loosen and tighten the spray skirt around your waist in a sit on top kayak.

And having to get in and out of a low cockpit, you can simply step on and off the kayaks more easily. They are also easier to get on and off the water. Many people love to go swimming off a sit-on-top because it is very accessible.

2. Comfort

The sit-on-top kayak offers comfort for anyone with a large body type, long legs, big feet or flexibility issues. Because you sit in a depression molded into the top of the kayak, these problems are eliminated.

Large paddlers do not have to contend with a too confining cockpit opening. Long-legged paddlers can flex or stretch their legs at will. Those with big feet do not have to endure the pain of feet crammed into a space too small.

The sit on top kayak offers great comfort for anyone with a large body type, large feet, long legs, or flexibility problem.

Because you sit in a depression shaped on top of the kayak, these problems are eliminated. Large kayakers do not have to deal with a too confining cockpit opening. Long leg paddlers can easily flex or stretch their legs.

3. Self-rescuing

The fear of being trapped upside down underwater is one of the barriers many people had when enjoying kayaking in the kayak.

But in a sit on top kayak what you have to do is just capsize while paddling a sit-on-top kayak and you will easily fall out of the kayak. You also do not have to pump out the kayak after capsizing. Just flip it over and climb in.

4. Gear access

Sit-on-top kayaks have watertight hatches and also an open tank well for gear storage.

The tank well offers the kayakers easy access to the gear they bring along. For this reason, sit-on-top kayaks have become popular with anglers, divers, and photographers.

5. Stability of Sit-on-top Kayak

We know stability offers confidence for beginners and a good platform for anglers and photographers.

Perhaps the main advantage of sit-on-top kayaks is stability. Some sit-on-top kayaks have enough stability that a kayaker can safely stand up in them.

6. Less Chance Of Feeling Enclosed & Claustrophobic

This can be a big one for some people. Because sit-on-tops have an open-air cockpit, the paddler may not feel as restricted as someone in an enclosed space. This is often exacerbated by thoughts of rolling over and being trapped underwater.

Most types of kayaks are pretty stable and it actually takes quite a lot to capsize. However, if you do, a sit-on-top can very easily be mounted from the water in which you were dumped.

In actual fact, enclosed cockpits are pretty safe too, but if you do leave your cockpit (and not Eskimo roll), they are harder to get back into again (compared to a SOT).

7. Keep Cool In The Summer

If you’re out on a hot day, you’re going to be happy that you aren’t enclosed in a covered cockpit. SOTs help to keep you cool in the open air. Make sure you bring the sun cream with you.

8. Room To Carry More Stuff

If you want to take a tent and lots of fishing gear with you then choose sit on top kayak. It doesn’t have an enclosed cockpit limiting the size of the gear you want to carry. A SOT is going to be able to carry more than perhaps a sit-in-kayak.

best sit on top kayak 2022

FAQ on Sit on top kayak

Is it safer to sit on a SOT kayak?

Unlike an indoor-seat kayak, you can re-enter your SOT from the water. Whether you choose a sit on top kayak, you are sure to enjoy kayaking. Both types of kayak are also safe. Stability depends on other design factors, such as hull design and size. Buy SOT kayak is safer as you can easily jump of and re-enter your kayak easily.

Why sit in or sit on top kayak is a good choice?

All these features make the SOT kayak an excellent choice for tense kayaking enthusiasts, for warm environments and for paddling with children who love to swim. The downside to kayaks sitting on top is that you are guaranteed to get wet while paddling, while the seated kayak allows you to stay dry.

Does the kayak easily tip over?

Kayaks don’t easily tip over, because they are designed to be stable. However, these situations can still be overcome by the type of water considered where your paddling and the type of kayak that is considered to cause a capsizing risk.

Should I kayak if I can’t swim?

Avoid kayaking in the ocean or white-water kayaking if you cannot swim. The most important thing about kayaking is not being able to swim, but getting to know the water. You have to make sure you are in the habit of falling into the water so that you don’t get panicked if it happens while kayaking and you can easily save yourself.

Is canoeing more difficult than kayaking?

While a canoe can be more comfortable than a kayak, the big trade off is in the paddling. Because canoes are larger and heavier, they require more effort to paddle, and often require two people. In general, the learning curve to paddle a canoe is steeper at first than in a kayak. So a kayak would be better for you specially SOT kayak.

How do I prevent my kayak from capsizing?

Keep your upper body in the water and keep pulling the paddle against the water. Use your hips to push the canoe back. Once the kayak starts to balance, quickly raise your upper body away from the water and continue to push the paddles down.

Is it difficult to paddle in a lake?

Paddling is not as difficult to learn as you might think. You only need some basic skills to paddle effectively. Most people with a lot of arm and upper body strength tend to rely more on their arms for kayaking, which is completely ineffective and makes you ache and tire quickly. So you need to learn the technique to paddle smoothly in a lake.

Does the kayak seat sink?

In short, yes. A kayak can drown. However, with an indoor seat, water can get into the cabin and if you don’t have barriers to add buoyancy it can fill your hull with water and cause your boat to sink.

Is a 10-foot kayak too small?

If you are relatively new to kayaking and plan to paddle mostly on quiet lakes or lazy rivers, then a 10-foot kayak is a great choice to start. This 10 foot length is also useful for leisure who want to bring a little furry friend in the water.

Can one person use a double kayak?

Now when it comes to the question of whether or not one person can use a two-person kayak, the answer is yes, you can. It shouldn’t be a problem to use a tandem kayak if you are paddling alone. Actually, you can use the extra space for your personal items.

Do kayaks tip easily?

The kayak is generally safe to use and does not tip over. For example, it’s extremely difficult to capsize when kayaking a recreational kayak in a relatively calm river, unless you push yourself too hard. But paddling down the slopes (whitewater) using a sea or light kayak has an extremely high risk of capsizing.

Final Note

Over the years the sport of kayaking has experienced explosive growth. But the sit-on-top kayaks have opened the sport to many who had previously seen kayaking as dangerous or inaccessible.

These are “the best sit on the top kayaks of 2022” you can buy right now. If you check the features, you can see that they offer the best. They are stable, durable, and comfortable to use.

All these sit on top kayak are very good and now you just have to make your choice based on your personal needs, purpose, design, as well as budget.

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