How to Clean Shower Head Rubber Nozzles? ( Step By Step )

How to Clean Shower Head Rubber NozzleDid you take a look at your showerheads recently? Is it working properly? At first, when we install the shower heads, the water flows smoothly.

One thing you don’t notice with showerheads is that the shower holes grow narrower with time. In some cases, you may even notice that the water is projecting in various directions from the rubber nozzle.

It is a clue that you should clean the showerheads. If you don’t the shower will get clogged soon. It will be uncomfortable to take a shower after that. How to Clean Shower Head Rubber Nozzles?

You may use harsh detergents to clean the showerheads. But we recommend not too. There are simpler ways to wash it with home remedies.

They are safer for cleaning showerheads. At first, let us look at why we need to clean shower head rubber nozzles?

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Why do you need to clean shower head rubber nozzles?

You see, the water running from the shower contains minerals in it. As it passes through the showerhead, it tends to accumulate on the nozzle.

Eventually, the mineral blocks the water passage and cause issues with water passage. At this point, you need to clean it to remove the minerals blocking water flow.

What happens if you leave the shower head without cleaning?

If you noticed that the nozzle is narrow and still leave it at that, soon the shower will become uncomfortable. The water flow will become so low that you can’t have a relaxing bath.

I am sure you don’t want that. Everyone wants a good shower whenever they decide to go for one.

So, you will need to take steps to clean the showerhead. Since we are talking about home remedies, let us focus on making the cleaning mixture.

How to Clean Shower Head Nozzles

How to prepare the home cleaning mixture?

Probably the most common cleaning agent found in the kitchen is baking soda and vinegar. That is what we are going to use today for making a cleaning agent.

Take 1/3 cup of baking soda with one cup of vinegar. Both agents react together, forming a strong solution that can be used for cleaning.

How to clean shower head rubber nozzles?

If you are done making the cleaning liquid, then it is time to start with the showerhead. There are two ways to work.

First, you can open the showerhead from the pipe, and work on your own scale. Second, you can keep it where it is and wash it by standing under the shower.

You can pick whichever process you like the best. Let us talk about the first method since I prefer it that way.

Showerheads off the pipe

Step 1

Take off the showerhead. You will need to apply the cleaning mixture on the nozzles, but don’t use a spatula.

The nozzled need to be submerged in the liquid for cleansing. It is best to take the mixture in a plastic bag.

Step 2

Now put the showerhead in the bag, so the nozzles are immersed in the fluid. Tie up the bag with the help of a rubber string. Keep it like that, make sure that the liquid is covering the nozzles.

After tieing, leave the showerhead and the bag with the mixture for a day. Open the bag the next day. You may notice that some nozzles still stuck with minerals.

Step 3

If your showerhead has a rubber nozzle, then it is easier to clean. Just message the nozzle with fingers or scrub it with a brush. These are designed in a way to clean the mineral with ease.

On the other hand, if it is a regular showerhead, then use a toothpick to clean them off the nozzle. Once done, place it back to is position and run water.

Remember, you kept it submerged in vinegar for cleaning, so the water needs to run through first. It will clear out the mixture for a while.

Once it water flushes out the cleaning agents, your shower is ready for use as good as a new one.

How to Clean Shower Head Rubber Nozzles

Showerheads on the pipe

So, you know how to clean the showerhead off the pipe, but not on it. Some people may prefer not to take it off the pipe. Hence, they can try it this way.

Step 1

So, don’t take off the showerhead, instead reach out to it and tie the bag with the cleaning agent on the showerhead. You have to make sure that the showerhead is tied well and the nozzles are immersed in the liquid.

Step 2

Adjust the bag anyway necessary to embed the nozzle in the cleansing fluid. After that, the same process continues as before.

Step 3

You will need to leave the bag tied on the showerhead for a day. Use a rubber string to hold it in position.

Step 4

Open it the next day and let the water flow for a while. The water rush will wash away the vinegar and baking soda from the nozzle.

Step 5

Check the nozzle after some time. When the mixture is rinsed from the nozzle, scrub the showerhead to clean off the minerals. You can use a toothpick to remove the remaining minerals.

How to clean the filter screen?

You will need the manual to clean the filter screen. In case you have lost the manual, don’t freak out.

Check the company website online, you should find it there. If you still can’t find it, ask for customer help online. They should help you out on the matter.

The filter screen is located where the showerheads connect with the water pipe. Taking the screen off is easy, just brush it off. You may use a tweezer if you like.

When you get it off, keep it under running water for a while. It will let the unwanted particles wash off the screen.

Use a toothbrush to clean minerals from the filter. When you feel like the screen is clean, place it back where it was. Read the manual to fix everything back the way it was.

Run water and notice the difference between before and after.

Final words

As you can see, cleaning showerheads are pretty easy. So is making the cleaning solution.

Keep in mind not to use harsh chemicals for cleaning. It can affect the lifespan of your showerhead as well as hurt your screen. Hence, home remedies are the best solution for cleaning.


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