4 Best Rowing Machines of [2022-2023]

Best Rowing Machine 2023Rowing Machine is an excellent piece of equipment, that not only helps with cardio workouts, but also works out the major muscle groups. Many fitness experts recommend rowing machine as the best indoor fitness tool. 

The rowing machine is a low weight resistance exercise equipment which engages all of the muscles in lower and upper body. Most cardio workouts that help in burning fats and calories have limited effect on the body’s muscular system.

However, when one uses the rowing machine for weight training then there is a considerable amount of impact on the muscular system. For that reason, people looking to lose weight and gain muscle mass at the same time should use a rowing machine. A regular workout schedule using a rowing machine will help build up lean muscles without adding too much of weight.

Rowing machines are also very easy to use and can be used by all age groups without any problems or complications. Just like elliptical machine, rowing machines have evolved over time, here is an insight into the best rowers that you can buy in 2023.

It is essential to understand that there are various features and styles that you should consider to get the best rowing machine for you. For instance, the higher quality rower machines mainly come with higher prices, although there are other great and reliable rowers available at lower prices.

Fortunately, in this review article, we have outlined the top 4 rowing machines that you can choose from. These rowing machines have the ideal features that a best rowing machine should have.

Our recommendation for the best rowing machine for 2023 is The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

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Top 4 Best Rowing Machine Reviews 2023

i). The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

best rowing machine reviewsConcept2 model D is one of the most popular air rower models preferred today due to its professional construction. It has the best look and functions smoothly without any form of shaking catches. However, it is an ideal indoor rowing machine. Being the best air rower, it involves using air baffles for creating resistance. 

Another great feature of this model is that it included the drag factor in its calculations, thus helps you get the accurate workout results at any given moment.

Although the Concept2 rower is an air-resist type, there is another feature that must draw your attention- a flywheel which is made to minimize the amount of commotion that air-resistant rowers normally produce. Additionally, there is a nickel-plating fitted on most of the parts which undergo massive friction. With this, you are certain that your machine will have minimal maintenance demands.

The Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine additionally has the best PM5 monitor system that shows you crucial rowing information that will help to gauge your performance. This usually gives all aspects of your exercise including your heartbeat rate, the elapsed time, calories burned, and others. This data can be connected to other devices to give more elaborate information concerning your health.

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ii). The Sunny Health and Fitness adjustable resistance Rowing Machine

Best Rowing machine 2023The Sunny Health and Fitness adjustable resistance Rowing Machine is another choice that is worth spending your money on. It is a low-cost hydraulic-resistance machine made basically for people only interested in rowing for the first time. Nevertheless, it offers you surprisingly powerful conditioning.

If your body is not used to more hard low-impact sessions, the thick padding that this rower will be ideal for you. This is because of the fact that sunny piece comes virtually completely joined.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine is a comparatively small rowing machine with a small footprint. It just manages to hold users weighing a maximum of 220 pounds. From another perspective, this may mean that it can simply be moved from one place to the other adding to its strengths.

On the Sunny Rowing Machine, there are 12 distinct resistance settings possible. This implies that you can slowly advance toward more demanding workouts. Further, it a quite basic monitor, which is not really a big deal when you are still making up your mind whether you need to spring for a more costly and extensive-featured rowing machine.

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iii). Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine.

Rowing Machine Reviews 2021This Rowing machine is small yet powerful. Despite its compactness and quietness, this resistance rowing machine offers a great workout with a sleekly gliding quilted seat and separate arms meant for an adequate-body workout.

Really, what makes this rowing machine unique is its flexibility in arm actions. Unlike quite a number of models where you can only pull one handle connected to a cord or a chain, this machine comes with two arms that give an extensive range of motion that simulate actual boat-rowing actions.

Interestingly, you can row forward and backward, push your arms in circular movements, hold its grips apart when exercising different shoulder, arm or upper back muscles and draw the handles close together to attain a proper stroke. Since the arms work autonomously of each other, you can decide not to engage one arm when you want to focus on the other arm.

Owing to its firmness made possible by a steel frame in addition to the aluminum central beam, this Rowing Machine can support up to a maximum of 250 pounds. It can be assembled quite easily and folded for storage. For comfortable alignment using a manual control dial, it has a single hydraulic cylinder fitted under the unit.

Last but not least, this rowing machine will amaze you with its manageable and easy-to-use monitor that has many functions that you would find on a machine of the same price.

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iv). WaterRower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor.

Best Home Rowing Machine 2022In case you are more interested with additional feature with respect to price considerations then this should definitely be your choice. This comes with the extra features of a water-resistant rower.

The Rowing machine is a practical-grade machine making it compact and noble, from the hand-designed and sealed firm ash body to the polycarbonate tank. Somehow, you may be scared by the wood building. Nonetheless, it is quite stable, strong and a wonderfully great option. Additional finishes like an ergonomically-made, cushioned seat and silky handle render it amazing rowing machine.

Most significantly, the rowing movement is perfectly fluid no regardless of the speed you row at, how small or large you are or the amount of water in the tank.

As an additional feature, the machine comes with an S4 monitor that keeps track of your power, speed, strokes, calories, distance and time to manage your performance against the needed amounts. If you wish, you can add an extra device to keep track of your heart rate. Sincerely speaking, this may not be the best monitor you can find but it delivers everything that any best home rowing machine should deliver.

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Types of Rowing Machines.

Rowing machines operate by providing resistance while you pull the handle during the exercise. The most type of resistance used in rowers includes; water, magnetic, air, and Hydraulic.  Each of these rowing machines has its advantages and disadvantages.

1. Water Rowing Machines.

These rowing machines are considered the most realistic rowing tools that support a real sense of the exercise. A water rowing is made up of paddles that rotate in a sealed water tank once the rowers handle is pulled. The moving water drag and mass cause water resistance, and every stroke produce a noticeable splash. Note water resistance increases with the increase of user strength to pull the rower handle, and this is the reason why don’t come with resistance buttons or tension knobs.

Water rowing machines are not only durable and also have an incredible resistance to make sure you get the best in your exercise. These rowing machines have high quality components that require little or no maintenance. The only flaws of these machines are that they are quite expensive and selling at over $ 1,000. However, you can hire them at lower prices per week. The water rower machine offers the best resistance and is currently the best training equipment today.

2. Air Rowing Machines.

Air rowing machines come with fan-like flywheels. These fan-like blades are designed to cause a brake to the wheel, thus generating resistance. Due to the nature of the high quality of material used, air rowing machines are particularly very durable. For instance, the Concept 2 Model D air rower has been the bestselling model globally, mainly due to their durability and relatively lower prices as compared to water rowers. Air rowers in a similar way to water rowers have their resistance determined by the users’ stamina. This means that the faster the user spins the flywheel, the more strength it produces.

One good thing about air rowers is that they come with manual control and hence lets you adjust the vent to control the resistance it can provide. Remember to consider if you would like to be enjoying a breeze while you are rowing since some air rowers models have their flywheel fully encoded, and others have their flywheel functioning like the workout fan. The only disadvantage of air rowers’ machines is that they usually produce a lot of noise from the flying wheel. It is for this reason many people prefer them.

3. Magnetic Rowing Machines.

They are the most favored, mainly due to their quiet nature while in use.  The resistance in these rowers is controlled by electromagnetic power that involves the use of a mechanical brake power as it is the quietest technique of braking a flywheel. The braking resistance of a magnetic rower is easily adjustable and usually partitioned into various ranks such as from level 1 to 20. Each of these levels can be adjusted manually, although some magnetic rowers come with an automatic resistance control panel. Kettler Coach E is a good example. However, magnetic rowers have a constant resistance setting a drawback to them, unlike the water and air rowers that stimulate an accurate resistance from the user’s physical rowing strength.

4. Hydraulic Rowing Machines.

Hydraulic rowing machines come with the lowest price as compared to the other models. On their handles, one or two hydraulic pistons are attached there. You can adjust the resistance of these rower machines using a dial pad on every single cylinder. One of their merit of these machines is that they are available on small sizes, low priced, and the quietest. The size doesn’t matter for these Hydraulic rowers since even small sizes can work well with tall individuals comfortable.

However, the main drawback of the hydraulic rowers is their stroke design that only exercises your body, but you don’t feel like you are rowing in the real sense. Additionally, the hydraulic cylinders are usually prone to leaking and overheating as many customers complain about them, not to mention the uses of a fabric cord rather than the metal chain meant for pulling the handles.

Buyers Guide for The Best Rowing Machine

Are you looking for the best mechanism to fast burn your calorie content, exercise your entire body muscles, as well as maintaining a healthy heart? Rower machines are the best option for you. However, there are many varieties of rower machines in the market, and making the best decision can be quite overwhelming. For instance, you want to know the best rower machine to fit your body, and that is within your budget. Here is the best buying guide to help you make the best choice

The Rowing Machine Sizes.

The size of the rowing machine is crucial due to various reasons, such as your workout space. You want a rower machine that can fit in your workout space fits your long legs well and can accommodate your weight capacity without any challenges.

The Machine Size and Workout Space

 Most Rowing machines measure about two feet wide by six to seven feet long (72″ to 84″) and usually compact in shape for secure storage. In most cases, this is made possible by having the long upright beam foldable so that the machine can roll easily through its attached wheels, thus making it easy and convenient.

Free space for your Legs.

However, most rowing machines are designed to accommodate any leg length comfortably; it is good to pick a rower that will perfectly fit your legs, especially for the compact rolling machines. Our rowing machines come with specific user inseams and height in the user guide.

 The Machine maximum Weight Capacity.

Rowing machines are usually robust even the cheapest rowers machines have higher stamina to support at least 250 pounds, although most users favor those that can help over 300 pounds. For instance, the NordicTrack RW200 is the only one that we’ve seen holding a maximum of 200 pounds. Water rowers are particularly among those that hold even 1000 pounds and more.

Maximum Machine Height.

Some of the rower machines are typically very short, almost touch the floor with seat height measuring about 12 inches while others have adjustable legs that can raise to about 20 inches above the ground. Most of the models have adjustable legs, although they have slightly higher prices due to the extra materials used. Note each individual has their taste; hence no models are perfect for all anyway. For instance, models with raised legs version are more preferred by those operating commercial workout rooms. It is meant to give a club worker some confidence even when surrounded by other individuals working on different machines or ease of accessibility for those with limited mobility.

Factors to consider before you can buy your rower machine.

Apart from the machine resistance type and capacities, what are other factors you should consider when purchasing a rowing machine?

Data Monitor.

Data monitoring features show various types of data, such as time, calories burned, and distance covered. However, the cheaper the machine, the fewer features it has and vice versa. Expensive machines can provide complex calculations such as the heartbeat rate information easy to read in any light ambient, among others. While inbuilt rechargeable batteries power others, hence flexible others require a cord for power.

Wireless Heart Rate Monitors.

Honestly, any individual can exercise more efficiently when they get an accurate reading of their pulse. A good rowing machine should have a reliable and wireless heartbeat rate receiver, although the chest straps are sold separately. Non-wireless pulse rate readings should be provided on rowing machines at no extra cost all.

Workout Programs.

 Most rowing machines are pre-programmed with an inbuilt in the working program. They make it easy for you to attain specific training goals such as stroke count, the time elapsed, calories burned, among others. Some of these models include the NordicTrack, Concept2, Body Craft, and Water Rower. Such rower machines have a shallow workout user guide, and you can as well get their workout online, such as at Water Rower’s website at a small fee.

Comfortable seating features.

The more you are comfortable as you train, the better you produce. Some rowing machines have better seating features such as contoured seats, which gives you excellent cushioning, although no model so have has been criticized due to uncomfortable positions.

The Rowing Chain.

Metal chains are standard in rowing chains due to their durability needed in the handlebar gears. However, others use a nylon cord, which is a cheap alternative since no maintenance is required, but due to friction, it is likely to snap easily. Metal chains require little maintenance, such as the Concept2 rowing chain needs oiling every 50 hours of use.


Rower machines come with three leading warranties, namely the flame, parts, and usability. For commercial rowers, parts warranty is limited for a short duration, although these parts will last for a long term for home rowers. Parts warranty is the most important to consider since frames don’t break easily. Note replacing rower parts is expensive, particularly with components such as monitors, hydraulic pistons, and cords. A three-year parts warranty is the best for any high quality domestic rower.

The User Guide

Rowing is designed to exercise your heart, so as you use, your heartbeat rate increases. However, unlike jogging on the field with your friend, sometimes you want to work out alone; hence the rower machine becomes very important. The rower ensures you only to use your legs more than another body part since legs have the biggest and powerful muscles such as quads, calves, hamstrings, among others. Remember, by pulling using your arms, you are also exerting your upper body without hurting your back, unlike at the gym, so you want to tone your muscles in the healthiest technique.

Tips on Rowing Technique 

One of the essential things to consider while you rowing is your posture and form. A right attitude and style not only helps avoid injury but also attain the best workout results.

Starting with a low resistance machine does not only motivate you to keep you improving but also ensure you are comfortable.

Ensure you are comfortably seated on the seat and your feet well secured on the pads. For the best results, ensure your back is straight, and the arms extended as you hold the rowers handles.

While on the real exercise phase, ensure to push off in a regulated motion that is powering over your heels into the plugs as it straightening out your legs. Ensure to jerk the cable just before your chest, but don’t worry if it moves sideways.

As you finish the first phase, ensure your legs are well spaced out, shoulders at the back, and raised on the upper chest while the wrists well straighten rather than curled.

During the recovery phase, ‘returning’ ensure your arms are well straightened, ed, and kneels partially bent. Remember, at this phase, your lower back, abs, and significant muscles get a safe work out a hence achieving a holistic exercise.

Other Factors to Consider For Rowing Workouts

Workout Shoes.

It isn’t comfortable to have any workout without the necessary gear. Having workout gears such as sneakers, runner’s shoes, and the right sizes ensure you are not only comfortable but also your feet well protected. High –heels and Flip flops are not recommended for any workouts.

Workout attire.

Almost all workouts require special types of clothes, and rowing, in particular, does not need baggy clothes since some parts could easily get trapped in the sliding beam. Although it isn’t a big mess up, you don’t want to spend your time trying to free your pants when you could be on a serious workout.

Maintain neatness.

Even though most of the rowing machine is made super-sweat-resistant metals, it is hygienic to wipe off any sweat from the equipment so that next time you will start your exercise immediately as well as improve your rower machine durability and maintaining its impressive appearance.

The Final verdict on Best Rowing Machine

Rower machines have been voted for as the providers of the best workout by both health professionals and fitness experts. This is because rowing enables most of your body muscles such as your shoulders, hamstrings, core, buttocks, arms, and backbones.

Although some rower models are quite expensive, they ensure you get your money value by allowing you to track your overall progress as well as your heartbeat rate on a screen. Most Rower machines offer more than just a cardio workout by enabling you to lose excess weight as you develop strong muscles without hurting your back. 

Remember exercising the bigger muscles in your body means burning more calories hence losing weight naturally. All in all, the most important thing is to have a rowing machine that fits your body, and that is within your budget and get rowing. We hope our review has helped you. Cheers.

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