Boss Audio BV9986BI Review 2018 (Bluetooth, Touchscreen, DVD/MP3/CD/USB/SD AM/FM Car Stereo)

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Boss Audio BV9986BI Review 2018 

Product Details:

With the BOSS Audio BV9986BI, you can discover all the audio options to get your vehicle entertaining and rocking. What you have to do is just tune into your beloved radio station, pop in a DVD or CD, or hook up your MP3 player or Smartphone to the Auxiliary input.

In order to play your personal favorite playlists, you can also plug into the SD and USB ports. The Bluetooth technology will help you to stream audio apps such as Spotify and Pandora. You can also make hands-free calls. There are multi-Color Illumination Options so that you can choose what you like. You can also choose the sound style of this music device with the built-in Preset EQ.

Checkout Boss Audio BV9986BI

Make easy adjustments with the touchscreen, wireless remote, and your steering wheel controls (Note: The interface is required, not included with it). When you leave the vehicle the front panel swiftly detaches for the peace of mind. With the Boss Audio BV9986BI, you can make your journey very enjoyable and full of fun.

Boss Audio BV9986BI Review 2018

Key Feature

  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming to control and play music and apps like Pandora/ Spotify wirelessly.
  • Bluetooth Hands-Free to Make and receive calls, 
  • Boss Audio BV9986BI is compatible with Audio out from MP3 Players and Smartphones.
  • Plays Bluetooth / DVD / USB /CD /  MP3 / SD / WMA, AM/FM, Digital Media from Smart Phones
  • Outputs such as Video / Front, Sub Pre & Rear Amp. Bluetooth Support: AVRCP, A2DP, HFP
  • Inputs: USB / SD / AUX / AV / Rear Camera, Steering Wheel Control Input (Interface Sold Separately)
  • 85 Watts x 4 Max Power, RDS Tuner, Balance / Bass / Fader / Treble and Preset built-in EQ
  • Wireless Remote, Detachable Front Panel,  Working power 12 V
  • 3 Year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty

Boss Audio BV9986BI Review 2018

Product Details:

Bluetooth and audio transmission

Bluetooth enabled for wireless hands-free calling and listening to speakers when combined with a Smartphone. Wirelessly transmit audio via Bluetooth from compatible devices so you can listen to music streaming services such as Spotify and Pandora through the system.

USB port and SD memory card slot

Supports USB flash drive files up to 32GB to play music on monitors without monitors and play music, photos and videos on monitor units. Supports SD memory cards up to 32 GB to play music on units without monitors and play music, photos, and videos on monitor units.

Auxiliary input and AV input

The auxiliary input helps to connect the audio output of an external device, such as a Smartphone or MP3 player so that you can easily listen to music through the system. The AV input helps to connect to the audio or video output of an external device so you can enjoy the audio and video content through the system.

Video output and rear camera input

Conveniently connect the RCA inputs of an external monitor directly to this unit. We recommend a video signal amplifier when connected to multiple video monitors. This input automatically feeds the rear view camera when the vehicle moves backward and displays the image on the unit’s screen. The rear camera is sold separately.

Built-in Preset EQ and Electronic Skip Protection

The built-in preset equalizer allows you to choose between pre-set EQ curves for a variety of music styles such as Rock or Pop. ESP is a function that stores the disc during playback, storing 5 seconds of music. If the disk is interrupted, the stored data is filled for continuous performance.

Pre-amplified outputs and RDS tuner

The preamp outputs of this unit allow you to expand the system by adding up to 3 amps and/or signal processors for the front, rear and subwoofer channels. Again it displays up to 64 characters of messages with a station, track, artist, genre, traffic, news and more when an FM station transmits using RDS technology.

Multi-colored lighting options and removable front panel

Choose from over 16 million lighting options for custom backlighting. The removable front panel makes the unit unusable and prevents theft when it is removed.

Touch screen control

TFT digital touch screen panoramic panel with an innovative graphical interface for touch control of many of the features and functions of this unit.

Boss Audio BV9986BI Review

Customer Reviews:

1. It doesn’t get much better than this for under 50 bucks.

For only 50 bucks, you will get Bluetooth connectivity,  USB, SD card, decent power output AUX inputs, and neat looks which is enough to drive a typical 4 speaker stereo system.  Bluetooth pairing was a breeze and I was instantly streaming my music files and streaming services.

Loaded up an SD card and I now have music for weeks. The USB port is useful if you have an old iPod full of music, but it doesn’t charge your device. Bluetooth streaming is very clear. Hands-free talking is not bad. Overall you do get a whole lot for such low price.

2. So far this has been a great unit for my truck

It is an easy wiring install. I had to use my old aftermarket wiring harness to plug into the factory harness, I still have to finish the wiring to parking brake so I can watch DVD’s, other than that I’m very pleased and happy with Boss product.

3. Absolutely fantastic product.

This device is inexpensive and does what it is supposed to do perfectly. Great value for your money. I purchased it because I had to upgrade original installation in my Toyota Land Cruiser 105. Bluetooth connection was the main reason behind the decision. First things first – product comes with accessories to make sure your installation is easy and straightforward.

4. Everything fits and works perfectly.

The Bluetooth connection works flawlessly phone connection is very easy and you can move through your playlist with forwarding and backward buttons on the front panel of the device. By the way, I have Windows 10 phone, no glitches. When you return to the car system detects your phone and restarts playlist where you left it. Receiving phone calls using Bluetooth connection also was of very good quality. Sound quality is very acceptable for the device of this price range. I am a happy customer.


Question: Does this come with a wiring harness?

Answer: It comes with a wiring harness for the RADIO, not for your vehicle. You need two harnesses, one that connects to the radio, one that connects to your vehicle. The vehicle harness is always vehicle specific and they’re super cheap.

Question: Can I stream music from iPhone using Bluetooth?

Answer: The unit supports A2DP, available on all but the oldest iPhone. You can stream any audio, including voice navigation, Siri, music, etc. You can also make phone calls and speak to Siri through the unit.

Question: Can I play my music on my iPhone using the USB slot and will it charge my iPhone 6 if it’s plugged in as well?

Answer: It does not supply enough power to charge a phone. You can only use a USB flash drive for the port. You can only use the audio jack to play on your phone.

Question: Do I need to add a mic or is there a built-in mic to make and receive calls?

Answer: With built-in working perfectly 🙂

Question: Does it come with a wiring harness or do I need to purchase separately?

Answer: Separate

Question: Will it fit on a 2003(2004 model) land rover discovery 2? If it does, what else do I need?

Answer: It will fit; you’ll need a wire harness and dash kit to complete the installation.

Question: I’d like to know if this radio comes with a microphone or microphone port to answer the cell phone.

Answer: The microphone is built into the radio faceplate. I am surprised at how well it works and I have had people tell me how clear I sound when they are talking to me.

Question: Will it work for a Jeep Wrangler TJ

Answer: The 632UAB may fit your vehicle. You will need a vehicle specific dash kit and wire harness to complete the installation. I would recommend taking your vehicle to a local car audio shop to inquire about the installation of this stereo and any parts that may be needed.


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HP 410a Original Laserjet Toner Cartridges Reviews 2018 ( For CF411A, CF412A, CF413A)

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HP 410a Original Laserjet Toner Cartridges reviews 2018

HP 410a Original Laserjet Toner Cartridges Reviews 2018HP 410a Original Laserjet Toner Cartridges make office management a lot easier. If you want to create high-quality documents, use the HP 410A genuine toner cartridge.

The HP CF410A LaserJet toner cartridge delivers rich and bold blacks. This makes it ideal for printing documents and images. Whether you’re making prints, copies, or faxes, the HP 410A original toner cartridge will deliver high-quality results.

The HP 410A toner lasts for about 2,300 pages before needing replacement. You can easily and effectively manage your company’s printing with the HP Brand 410a original LaserJet toner cartridge.

It helps office managers reduce costs and enforce company printing policies. HP’s exclusive JetIntelligence technology helps you meet important goals, including great print quality, lowering costs, reducing your company’s environmental footprint and implementing printing policies.

Check out HP 410a Original Laserjet Toner

HP 410a Laserjet Toner Cartridges Reviews 2018

HP 410a Original Laserjet Toner Cartridges Reviews 2018

It may sound like a tall order but this HP Brand cartridge utilizes HP’s exclusive ColorSphere 3 toner. This toner’s particles melt at a lower temperature, meaning lower energy consumption and lower ink diffusion for sharper prints. This way you can easily Lower the Costs of printing While Improving the Print Quality.
This cartridge also includes page maximizer technology, which allows it to store more toner and produce up to 48 percent more prints than other, compatible cartridges. In addition, the embedded HP print gauge technology allows users to reliably gauge the toner level to ensure the cartridge delivers a high-yield.

This HP JetIntelligence cartridge features HPs built-in anti-fraud technology. This technology helps your company readily identify and avoid using counterfeit and non-HP branded cartridges. It also enforces anti-theft and printing policie, and set up HP printers so that they can’t use non-compliant cartridges.

Key Features & Benefits

  1. Enter your model number to make sure this fits.
  2. Save 10% with HP toner multipacks; Print Resolution Technologies: JetIntelligence
  3. HP 410A (CF251AM) toner cartridges work with: HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dn, M452dw, M452nw, MFP M377dw, MFP M477fdn, MFP M477fdw, MFP M477fnw.
  4. Original HP toner cartridges produce an average of 71% more usable pages than non-HP cartridges and operating temperature range is 50 to 90.5 degree Fahrenheit
  5. HP 410A (CF251AM) Cartridge yield (approx.) per cartridge: 2,300 pages cyan, 2,300 pages magenta, 2,300 pages yellow
  6. What’s in the Box: New Original HP 410A pack of 3 toner cartridges (CF253XM): 1 Cyan (CF411A), 1 Yellow (CF412A) & 1 Magenta (CF413A) toner cartridge
  7. Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow

This best toner cartridge facilitates environmental sustainability. It is eligible for completely free recycling through HP’s recycling program. HP even pays for the shipping process. Alternatively, you can send the cartridge back to the company for cash back using its ink and toner recycling program.

Final Verdict

Original HP toner cartridges are specially designed to work with your printer to consistently deliver standout results throughout the life of your cartridge. Ensure that your printing is right the first time and every time with HP printer toner: 410A toner. What you will get in the Box: New Original HP 410A pack of 3 toner cartridges (CF253XM): 1 Yellow (CF412A), 1 Cyan (CF411A), & 1 Magenta (CF413A) toner cartridge Colors: Yellow, Cyan, Magenta.

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Hobie Mirage Eclipse Review 2018 (Buyer’s Guide)

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Hobie Mirage Eclipse Review 2018The Hobie mirage eclipse is the world’s first leg powered stand up board! This stand up pedal boards will let you fly across the water at a very high speed. They are incredibly stable while nimbly twisting and turning and carving up the waves with precision controls.

The popular stand-up board company Hobie has just released a new, immensely versatile stand-up pedalboard called the Hobie Mirage Eclipse. Their comprehensive drive system allows you to hop on and pedal your way to freedom.

With a solid, steady, and surprisingly natural feel, the board can fly across the top of the water at wild speeds! Easier to get the hang of more than any pedal board we’ve seen before, anyone should literally be able to hop on and start having fun right away. With complete steering control from the bicycle-style handlebars perched on top of the board, it’s very easy to maneuver.

If you’re not feeling the handlebars that day, you can even sit down and paddle it like you would for your typical SUP. For fitness, fun, and an experience like no other, the Hobie Mirage Eclipse is something we highly recommend trying out!

Checkout Hobie Mirage Eclipse

Hobie Mirage Eclipse Review

The propulsion system is very easy to get the hang of. Most people feel that you have to be a pro paddler to hop on this bad boy and get going, though that is not the case one bit!

Hobie Mirage Eclipse Review

The press-steering controls make it very easy to turn and maneuver. Any user will be surprised by how intuitive the control system is.

The rudder utilizes and automatic fold-up system so that when you begin to approach the shore, it won’t scrape against the sand and possibly break. Many of us when having fun can get caught up and forget to watch out for shallow points.

Order Here

SPECS Of Hobie Mirage Eclipse Stand Up Board

  • 10’6” in length
  • A weight capacity of about 225 pounds
  • 33.5 inches in width
  • The fitted hull weight is 43.2 pounds
  • The hull is an advanced composite epoxy construction (ACX)
  • The entire weight of the full rig is 54 pounds
  • Two choices of color: Solar Yellow or Lunar Blue

This is an awesome feature that can save your board from a very bad accident.
It comes with equipped with rear tie downs and bungees so that you can attach coolers, crates, fishing gear, or anything else you might want to bring in to the water.

Have a couple beers on the lake or pull out your fishing poles for some good ol’ fashioned fun without having to worry about lugging it yourself.

The board also allows you to lock up the rudder fins, as well as completely remove the handlebars with ease. This is great for those who just want to take this out on the water and paddle around like a SUP. In a way, it’s an all-in-one piece of equipment.


Hobie Mirage Eclipse Review 2018



  • It is an excellent cardio workout.
  • The gym isn’t for everyone. Neither is running, cycling, yoga, etc.
  • With the Hobie Mirage Eclipse, you can truly a full body workout.
  • Plus, what’s better than breaking a sweat out on the water in the beautiful summer sun?
  • Your legs will get a crazy good workout as you pedal through the water. If you decide not use the pedal option and paddle it like a regular SUP, your arms and core will be feeling the burn!
  • It’s very portable. Hobie designed the pedal board to be taken apart very easily so that you can throw it in the back of your truck or on top of your car without any fuss or hassle.
  • It slices through the water like a knife to butter. Seriously, this thing is super easy to pedal through the water and doesn’t feel clunky or stiff like some other water-related pedal mechanisms.


  • We’d love to see room for more people on the board. It’s awesome for a solo rider, though a lot to bring out if you can’t share it with your kids, friends, or loved one.
  • The price is pretty hefty. Many people don’t have more than two grand to invest in something like this, especially when most of your typical SUPs go for well under a thousand dollars.
  • It is only configured to be a stand-up board. There are other pedalboards on the market that offer a place to sit for those who aren’t to keen on being on their feet for hours.

Hobie Mirage Eclipse Storage Bag

Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12.0 Padded Storage Bag

You may need a storage bag for your stand up board. That’s why I recommend you to buy Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12.0 Padded Storage Bag – 12ft. This Storage bag will take care of your board.

Check Price



The process is actually quite simple and there are only 5 main parts you need to worry about. You start by plugging the handlebars into the hole at the front and turning the knob in either direction to lock them into place. Next, you can connect the steering lines to the steering cables by looping them around the balls connected to the steering cables.

The rudders are easily hooked into the rudder drum on the underside. The most difficult part is looping the bungee over the rudder to the hook on the front side of the rudder. This will make sure it is locked in position.

Lastly, the mirage drive is installed simply flipping the pedals forward and inserting straight down. The drive will lock automatically when installed properly.

Hobie Mirage Eclipse Review



You’ll always want to make sure that you keep your drive system nice and loose. This can be done with Hobie Multi-Lube. Secondly, you’ll want to make sure you check cable tension here and there. If you can squeeze the cables easily with firm finger pressure, the cables are too loose and should be tightened using the nuts on the drive.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure to adjust your steering lines. There is a large section on how to do this in the Hobie Mirage Eclipse manual that goes way more in depth than we could here! We highly suggest you glance at it though if you care about prolonging your Hobie’s life.


Like you would an electronic stair stepper at the gym, you can adjust the resistance for the Hobie Mirage Eclipse. This can be done in two ways. One of them has to do with where you place your feet on the pedals. The higher up on the pedals (closer to the nose) you place your feet, the higher the resistance will be.

Secondly, you can remove your fin from the mast using the small key ring and pin. You’ll notice a big screw on the bottom of the mast. You can either tighten this screw to increase resistance or loosen the screw to decrease resistance. Put the fin back on when you’re done and you’re ready to go!



Absolutely not! Many people don’t want to haul their board up out of the water to their car after a long day out on the water. The issue is that, if left in the water for a long time, the water can penetrate the paint and cause osmotic blistering.

Things like sailboats, which are docked in the water almost always, are layered with a barrier paint coat that protects it from this sort of thing. Since you wouldn’t leave your fiberglass surfboard floating around in the water, you should treat your Hobie the same way.


The Hobie is best for lakes or oceans with softer waves and winds. The Hobie can stand some wind, though as for waves, you won’t want to ride it if they’re anywhere above two feet. It’s a very stable board, though it ain’t no sailboat!


Yes! The Hobie Mirage Eclipse actually has a pretty wide range of accessories to take your Hobie experience to the max! From board covers, to suction cup speakers, to a drive bag, and a SUP leash coil, Hobie makes about everything you could think of to go along with your board!


In all, the Hobie Mirage Eclipse is a new and inventive way to get out on the water! The stair stepping mechanism will put dirty gym stair masters to shame, while the fast and maneuverable epoxy design will make you feel like you’re walking on water.

With around seven decades of work under their belt, Hobie is a trusted and reliable brand that has been dishing out out-of-the-box products for quite some time. It’s an exciting new way to get exercise while riding solo or with the family. We highly recommend testing one of these bad boys out to get an experience like no other!

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Shakespeare Ugly Stik Gx2 Spinning Rod Review 2018

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Shakespeare Ugly Stik Gx2 Spinning Rod Review 2018! 

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod Review 2018

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 is the best fishing outfit for both experienced and casual fishers.

After spending hundreds of hours for testing the spinning rods and reels we the TPA10 team have selected the Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning rod and Daiwa BG SW spinning reel.

The Gx2 brings the same strong and affordable fishing rod with more advanced features.

This spinning rod is lightweight and durable that offers a balanced feel when fishing. You will get a 7′ Medium Heavy Spinning Rod. It has a nice Clear Tip design which delivers added strength and responsiveness with a combination of fiberglass and graphite.

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 is very affordable and comes with a Wide range of models for all applications. What we like most about this spinning rod is its Lightweight and Durable feature. This rod is much lighter than earlier Ugly Stik models

Checkout Best Spinning Rod


  • Lightweight and Durable fishing rod
  • This Spinning rod offers a balanced feel
  • Lightweight EVA grips provide comfort during lengthy fishing outings
  • 7′ Medium Heavy Spinning Rod
  • 1-piece stainless steel Ugly Tuff guides eliminate insert pop-outs and can be used with all types of line
  • 1 piece rod construction



  • Extremely affordable
  • Wide range of models for all applications
  • Sensitive (fiberglass clear tip) and durable (graphite backbone)
  • Well balanced
  • Aesthetically sleek
  • Much lighter than previous Ugly Stik models
  • Very strong rods
  • Easy to handle EVA grips


  • Most models are not best for finesse fishing
  • Not the greatest casting performance comparatively

Daiwa BG Spinning Reels 2018

For the perfect combination, you will need Daiwa BG SW Spinning Reel with this spinning road. In the Daiwa BG SW Spinning reel, you will get a high quality and durable reel that is as good as to those of models costing more than $200. The combination of Daiwa BG SW spinning reel and medium-heavy Ugly Stick GX2 Spinning rod is more durable and versatile than anything else in the same range of price. 

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