10 Best Toddler Toys of [2022-2023]

Best Toddler Toy 2022Children and Toddlers are very special and they need special attention too. For this reason, toddler toys are made for them. These toys are only great for the mental and physical growth of your child but also help in improving their education, development and creativity as well. 

To enhance the enjoyment of your toddler you must try to buy these toys that are of the perfect size and it should also be fun-filled. It is very much necessary that you choose only those toys which are appropriate for toddlers.

Toddlers have a tendency to put things in their mouth. You must, therefore, be very careful while choosing the toys for your toddler that they should not be harmful and polluting as well. There are various types of toys available for toddlers like plush toys, wooden puzzles, electronic games as well as diggers etc.

Reviews of 10 Best Toddler Toys 2023

1. Little Tikes Basketball Hoop – Best Playing Set For Toddler

Best toddler toys This Basketball playing set is a lot of fun guaranteed for your child. It is a great choice for any sporty little toddler. It is easy to score Basketball Set that encourages active play both indoors and outdoors.

If your baby has an interest in sports then they will get a real powerhouse. They can constantly become very lively and yearning to play with this toy at any moment. The EasyScore Basketball Set made by Little Tikes is a lightweight, small, one basket, and a simple set of three perfect-size basketballs with a height-adjustable stand.

Your baby will learn to play the real game and have fun at the same time. We recommend it for any child between 2 and 5 years old. This Basketball Set is pretty stable and can be placed almost anywhere. And the best part you will get it for only $35.

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2. Mega Bloks Big Building Bag – Best Fun Toy

Best Toddler Toys 2022

The advantages of this toddler toys for your baby’s development is obvious. We are well known about Lego. These Mega Blocks are similar, but its large size and design of the blocks are more appropriate to children and toddlers under 5 years old.

This toddler toy encourages great creativity. Mega Bloks facilitates spatial awareness and three-dimensional thinking. Your baby will also learn some basic physics just like Lego but in a bigger way.

The 80-piece of Mega Bloks set will definitely blow your Childs mind with lots of fun. Your toddler will love this toy and it will light the minds of your young children and toddlers who try it out. You can have it for just $15.

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3. Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline – Best Jumping Activity Toy

Top toddler toys

If you want your child to develop their physical growth and improve muscles then you should get this trampoline. , there is no easier way than with this fun, child-sized trampoline.

This Little Tikes 3′ Trampoline is a child-sized trampoline. And it is great fun to play on this trampoline. Your child will love to play with this toy. This toddler toy is the right type of toy that improves great activity and movement in a playful manner. It is lightweight only 55 pounds and very easy to carry.

It is a good size for a small toddler and you can easily place it indoors. Its handlebar also makes it safe for jumping. It has a good reputation for its durability. You can also fold it for easier storage. This toddler toy will cost only about $45.

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4. Vtech Touch and Learn Activity Desk – Best Learning Toy

Toddler Toys ReviewsVtech Touch and Learn is a cute-looking toy. It is designed to encourage your child’s mental development. It will help your toddler to learn an think logically at a very young age. This best toddler toy includes a table with a built-in display, a chair and, loudspeaker and different buttons

Your child can play different kinds of game on the touch and learn also. They can learn math, geometry, the human body, colors, animals and many more. Your child can do handwriting easily on the chalkboard and the built-in calculator will help to solve math problems.

This toddler toy is so interesting that your toddler will stay a long time with it. There is nothing better than this Vtech Touch and learn device for training the special and sensitive young mind. The activities of this toddler device are all made to be as fun and at the same time helpful for their development. Vtech touch covers almost all the essential subjects possible. We certainly recommend it for any toddler between 2-5 years old. All these good things you will get for only $40.

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5. Melissa & Doug Cleaning Pretend Play Set – Best Cleaning Set Toy

Best Toddler Toys 2022Melissa & Doug Cleaning Set is the best cleaning set toddler toy. This toddler toy looks like not a genuine fun! But surely your child is gonna love it.

Your child will get different kinds of cleaning tools to play. There are dusters, brooms, mops and such, through which your child will play and pretend to clean off unwanted dirt. And actually, they do it with great passion.

Melissa & Doug made this ‘Dust! Sweep! Mop!’ set which may look like an odd proposition at first but surely, toddler like to play pretend, but clean the home. We adults might not understand this Childs behavior. Many young kids have spoken about it and said that they love it. You may not believe how enthusiastically your kids is gonna react receiving this cleaning set. You will get it for $22.

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6. VTech Kids Drum Set

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum SetVTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set is awesome. Kids love to slap their hand to make this drum sounds. I am sure it will be one of the great purchase for your toddler and you are not going to regret purchasing it.

VTech KidiBeats makes all sorts of amazing sounds. There you will find a lot of cool modes for your child to learn. It has 4 modes of play such as letters, free play, numbers, and follow-along; each drum is designed with a unique LED light
It is also a great learning toy.

This Kids Drum Set toy is super cool and the toddler loves it! There’s a specific button for “freestyle” setting. You can play this drum as you like using this “freestyle” setting. You can also turn off the background songs by just pressing a button on the right. This music toy teaches numbers, letters, and music. It has three drum pads and cymbal. Toddlers can play along to 9 melodies in styles including rock, pop, and dance. You will get it for $16.99.

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7. Animals Figure 54 Piece Mini Jungle

Toddler Toys ReviewsThis best toddler toy is a great gift for a 2 and up toddler. You don’t have to say anything, just give your child this toy and they will jump on to this toy, pull the animals out and play with them instantly.

These animals are really cute and you can easily teach your child about animals with these Animals Figure toy. In the supermarket, these animals are selling individually and they are expensive too. But if you buy online from Amazon.com then you will get it all together and with low price.

This Animals Figure toy comes with a lot of animals including rare ones such as Panda. To help the toddler building their own Safari tree and fences are included with it. But the only problem is Kids try to put everything in their mouth. So be careful that they don’t put this in their mouth. You can have it for $11.48

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8. AquaDoodle Drawing Mat

Best Toddler Toy

If your child loves to draw then this toddler toy would be the best choice. It is a classic toddler toy that never becomes old!! Your child will love to play with this drawing Mat. It can be a favorite gift for your child from you. This drawing mat will keep any little artist(toddler) busy and this mat is big enough to draw anything in one section.

This best toddler toy of 2022 is well worth the valuable money, as it’s convenient, portable, mess-free, and fun. You can take it with you anywhere – friends houses, relatives and doctors’ offices – everywhere.

It will make your child to do something all the time. The new model of this drawing mat comes with a new water marker that lasts longer than the older style drawing mat. You will get this AquaDoodle Drawing Mat for only $24.99.

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9. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy With Mallet

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy With Mallet (Small)

This toddler toy is just great especially for the rough type of kids who like to bang on things. This toy is certainly well-made. It will not come apart and will not break unless subjected to massive violence.

This Pounding Bench Wooden Toy With Mallet develops hand-eye-coordination, motor skills, and even thinking skills as the kid have to decide which colors should be up or down or evenly matched.

Again in height requires some intricate choice and physical application which improve your Childs mental development. So, this toddler toy is a great toy! Its price is only $13.72.

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10. Nuby Octopus Bathtime Toys

Best toddler toys 2022This is a cute bath and pool toy. You toddler is gonna love this toy too. It doesn’t squirt or take in water which can be a plus thing for you.

The toy isn’t very big as you might think but it’s really a perfect size for a toddler/baby. You can purchase this as a gift for your baby and your baby will enjoy it for sure.

It is a simple toddler toy but a lot of fun. This toy-octopus have only 6 legs which I think little unfortunate that it’s not perfect for the purpose of educating them like “counting the octopus legs” with your kids. But it is overall a decent toy at a very low price. You can get it for only $6.88.

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At last, it is all your decision which is best for your toddler. Don’t buy according to what marketing strategies or sales statistics might have you believe, rather buy that best toddler toys 2022 which would be the best gift for your child you think.


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