Tips For Lowering Above Ground Pool Temperature

Swimming pools are a great way to beat the heat during summer, what’s better than jumping into cool refreshing water on a hot day? But there is one downside that many people don’t realize: your pool can get too warm and actually feel like a hot tub!

If lowering the temperature of your above ground pool is causing you confusion, relax. There are a few easy ways to drop that water temp and get back to enjoying summer fun. If you’re not careful your little pool party could become a hot water bath and nobody wants that. Don’t worry though, we have a guide to help you with all your pool temperature problems so you can stay cool this summer.

Lowering Pool Temperature

Here are some tips to get your pool party pumping at the right temperature:

Draining and Refilling

Pool water can be drained and refilled to lower the temperature. Just drain a quarter of pool water, replace it with cold water from your outside hose that is colder than what you have in your pool.

The process takes less than 30 minutes and it allows you lowering pool temperature without lowering the pH of your pool water. Draining and refilling also helps clean the pool and get rid of a lot of debris.

Use an Aerator

The simplest and easiest way to cool pool water down is by lowering the amount of surface area heat. An aerator or fountain will do this because it disperses the water flow throughout the pool lowering its average temperature.

The key to lowering your pool temperature with an Aerator lies with proper placement (keep it close to pump) and maintenance of a properly functioning system.

The best time for lowering pool temperatures using an Aeration System is overnight when no one is swimming. While you’re asleep the cooler night air lowers your pool’s overall temperature naturally.

Pool Solar Cover

Consider how much sun is coming in on your pool area. The more sun hitting it, the warmer it’s going to make your swimming pool. Shade cloth or an overhang could be a good way to regulate this temperature.

Investing in an automatic cover for your swimming pool is a great way to protect it from harsh weather conditions as well as creating a beautiful looking element. Solar covers are another good way to beat the heat, they act as a giant blanket over your swimming pool and help keep it cooler by reflecting sunlight.

Lowering Above Ground Pool Temperature

Automated Cleaning System

Get an automated cleaning system to do most of the work for you! These robotic cleaners will literally keep your swimming pool clean every single day without any effort from you at all, making it much easier to maintain the right temperature.

A robotic pool cleaner is definitely the best way to lower pool temperature, because it can run 24 hours a day and do much more than just vacuum up debris that’s stuck in your pool all day long.

These cleaning systems sometimes feature a filter scrubbing system as well, which scrubs away at dirt build-up in your filter so there won’t be any blockages to deal with in the future. The very best kind of robot cleaner has a solar panel attached to it, allowing it to recharge its batteries during the day

Install a Pool Chiller or Reversal Heat Pump

Pool chillers or heat pumps helps lowering water temperature. Reversible heat pumps are now available for swimming pools that can regulate the temperature depending on how cold or warm you want it to be.

Heat pumps also helps to extend the swimming season by lowering water temperature to 77 degrees F. Heat pump systems raise water temperature in the evening, lowering it back during the day when more people are likely to be swimming.

By lowering water temp during the day and then raising it again later in the afternoon, you give swimmers a longer swim time without increasing chemical use. And don’t forget that lowering pool water temperature will help reduce evaporation of needed chemicals like chlorine and phosphates. And it can reduce energy costs by as much as 60 percent.

Pouring Ice

Pouring ice is a good way to cool down the water in your swimming pool. When a large volume of ice enters the pool, the temperature will drop quickly and the lowering of water temperature is sustained for quite a long time.

Install a water fountain

Another simple but effective way to cool water in your pool is to install a water fountain. Water fountains both cool your pool and make it more inviting for swimmers. Water fountains helps to circulate water, lowering the temperature as well. You can easily install a water fountain yourself and cool the pool temperature in a matter of hours.

Pool Cooler

A pool cooler is a device that makes your life easier during the hot summer months. It keeps water temperature down by up to 15 degrees, meaning you don’t have to worry about it becoming too cold on its own! The cool flowing water in the fan instantly removes heat and creates an environment where bacteria can thrive less easily than before.

Wrapping Up:

As long as it’s not freezing outside, there’s nothing better than hopping into a cool swimming pool on a hot summer day! Hopefully these tips helped you create a more comfortable environment for yourself and friends while enjoying warm weather

All these methods have their strengths and setbacks. It is upon you to choose a method that is most convenient for your swimming pool, as well as the living situation of your family members who will be using it in order to enjoy summertime fun!


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