Sun Dolphin Journey 10-Foot Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak Review

So, you are looking for the best sit on top kayak which is comfortable, lightweight and in your budget, right?

If you have a heavy vessel and you’re on your own, then taking your sit on top kayak on a fishing trip can be a struggle. But this compact “Sun Dolphin journey 10 foot sit on top fishing kayak” is designed to make your fishing experience more comfortable. After reading and doing lots of research on kayaks I just went with this amazing 10 foot Sun Dolphin Journey Sit On Top Kayak.

This is a kinda sit on top fishing kayak. It is a bit tippy but once you get your balance in check you’re fine. So far, I am happy with this purchase and for the beginners or casual user, these are the best sit on top fishing kayak that will get the job done for you too. Not only this kayak is lightweight and compact but also it has many useful features that will help you when you’re on the water. But be careful the more you weigh, the more you will sink guys.

Checkout Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Kayak Review

Sun dolphin journey 10-foot sit-on-top fishing kayak review

Who is the Sun Dolphin Journey 10-foot Fishing Kayak?

The Sun Dolphin 10-foot sit-on-top fishing kayak is for those who are passionate about fishing and love to spend some time on the water without taking too much gear.

But if you want to go for multi-day fishing with camping equipment then this fishing kayak is not suitable for you.

Why I Bought the Sun Dolphin Journey 10-foot Kayak

Well, I live in Phoenix and we have several placid lakes out there. I had 2 friends that bought the Bali 10 SS and I tried them out over the 11th of July weekend. When I saw this one at a good price I jumped right on and ordered it.

I ordered the 10ft versions so that I could load and carry myself easily. I would probably get the 12ft for better tracking if I lived in a higher wind area. For a beginning Kayak, these 10 feet kayak has everything you’d need and they look fantastic too.

  • Depth: 11 inches
  • Length: 10 feet
  • Width: 30 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 250 pounds
  • The weight of the kayak: 44 pounds

Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Kayak Reviews

If you are expecting a $4000 serious quality fishing Kayak for $500 then you don’t have realistic expectations. For the casual users and beginners, these 10 foot Sun Dolphin Journey are the perfect kayak.

This kayak tracks very well, and it’s very stable also. The tow compartment of this kayak is great for storing my water bottles and foods. I can also put my feet over the side and fish from it. I can even put my gear in the back. You may want to fill the scupper holes so that your butt doesn’t get wet. It is not a high-end fishing kayak but for the price this thing is awesome. I can even take my dog on this and it’s steady enough for him to stand in the front. As I’m a bulky guy, it proves that this thing can definitely support a good amount of weight too. I’ll update my review if I found any change or problem at my cute lovely kayaks.

This is one of the best value purchases ever for me. Very good kayak and a lot of features for this price point. I know it gets complaints on not tracking well but I have never had any problems yet. I know it will spin you around sometimes with the current or wind when you stop paddling but a regular boat will do that also and nobody whines about not tracking well. The Pac storage in the back is a nice idea but the container is almost impossible to get anything out of while on the water.

Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Kayak Reviews

Features Details:


This is a pretty portable vessel weighing 44 pounds and being just 10 feet long.  If you’re heading out on your own and need transport yourself then it could be a great choice.

This kayak has easy-to-use retractable handles for carrying. Due to its short length of just 10 feet, it can fit into the bed of pickup trucks.


For storage, this best kayak has a lot of options. For keeping your gear safe there is a large dry storage hatch behind the seat and a storage compartment at the bow. On either side of the yak, there is even a place to store your paddle. There are also 3-rod holders one that can swivel and two that are flush mounted. There is also a cup holder conveniently located in front of the seat and another small dry hatch for your keys and phone and a small molded compartment for a water bottle.


Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS Kayak is designed mainly for portability and fishing features rather than comfort. You might find that spending time on this Kayak for long periods may not be the most comfortable as there is no padded seat. To boost the comfort a little more there is a padded seat back available in this Kayak.


Being 30 inches wide and 10 feet long, it’s more stable than a longer, narrower yak. It is mainly designed for slow-moving rivers and lakes.


  • Great for rivers and lakes
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Tracks and paddles with ease offering maximum stability
  • P.A.C. (Portable Accessory Carrier)
  • One swivel fishing and two flush mount rod holders


  • This thing is kinda cheaply built.
  • One of the foot rests was installed backward.
  • The drain holes are just drilled into the bottom

What I love about 10 SS Kayak

“Sun Dolphin journey 10-foot sit-on-top fishing kayak” is great for rivers and lakes. It is Lightweight and very easy to carry. It paddles and tracks with ease and offers maximum stability. You will get two flush mount rod holders, one swivel rod holder, Fortiflex High-Density Polyethylene, adjustable foot braces, large open cockpit, storage compartment, adjustable padded seat, shock cord deck rigging, bottle holder and protective thigh pads.

This Sun Dolphin journey kayak offers a lightweight design. You can easily bring a good amount of fishing gear (3-rod holders, space for a tackle box, dry storage for cell phones and keys,). If your kayak doesn’t have holders your paddle will constantly fall in the water.  But this kayak comes with nice paddle holders on either side that is a huge plus, especially for beginners. Another benefit of this 10 feet kayak is adjustable foot pegs which allow the users to find good comfort.

One drawback you might face to this Sun Dolphin fishing kayak is that whenever you are stopped and taking a few casts, it tends to turn on you in the opposite direction in which you want to be. I find myself readjusting my position constantly by using the paddle as a rudder. Now I am planning to add a rudder for better tracking and so that I can keep my position at rest. If you are a tall or bulky person and the weight is more than 200 lbs then I would recommend you to go for 12-foot version.

To get you out on the water and catching fish this is the perfect sit on top fishing kayak if you have a little budget like me. While trying to launch the boat off the bank, the front holes take on water. Because of the more open design, you can easily jump in and out of this kayak if you need. You will not get this freedom of jumping if you get a sit-inside kayak. Before buying a kayak you have to consider whether or not you are going to use it for multi-day trips or for spending just a few hours at a time on the water. Because if you want to go for multi-day trips then you should get that kayak that is as comfortable as possible. So overall this Sun Dolphin journey 10-foot sit-on-top fishing kayak will give you everything at a little Budget. 


Q: Are the compartments waterproof

Ans: Yes they are waterproof with screw lids and gasket on them

Q: What is the weight capacity of the kayak?

Ans: The weight capacity on the 10 fishing kayak is 280 lbs

Q: I’m 6’3 could I fit in it comfortably?

Ans: You would not fit comfortably. I’m 6’0″ and this kayak has been a little small for me. You can go for a 12′ kayak

Q: Does it come with an anchor?

Ans: No.

Q: Does this Kayak have foot pedals?

Ans: No

Final Verdict 

The bottom line is that the 10-foot sit-on-top Sun Dolphin Journey Kayak is a nice entry level and sit-inside fishing kayak for those who have a tight budget. It will not give you the same kind of features and performance as you may find on other highly priced serious fishing kayaks.

But it is fairly comfortable, and I haven’t managed to sink or flip it yet. This kayak can definitely come in handy if you’re heading out fishing. This best Kayak is also compact and rugged enough for a long time fishing with the benefit of rod holders compared to a recreational kayak. So I’m not too unhappy with it. It’s an ok starter kayak for the money.

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