Top 5 Best Pressure Washer 2019 (Buyer’s Guide)

Best pressure washer 2018

If you are planning to use a pressure washer to clean your car or truck easily this weekend and give them a brand new look then you are at the right place. You can also Get your back deck and patio look super clean for the BBQ parties with best pressure washer 2019.

After testing more than 27 highest rated pressure washer brand we have selected the top 5 best pressure washer.

In recent times many new electric and gas powered washer model were launched on the market, with unique levels of performance. Without knowing the washer product, it might be difficult to purchase. For this reason, we have accepted this challenge on consumer’s behalf and tested the latest washer models along with the new features.

Read our buying guide below before taking a buying decision. (My personal tips always buy the best product in the market though it is little expensive because the best product will serve you for a longer period of time without any hassle and cheap products will irritate you all the times)

Personally, I recommend Sun Joe SPX3000 in electric and Simpson MSH3125-S in the gas category, as I am using both of these washers without any problem. Both of them are bit expensive, but trust me, after you’ve used it, you’ll realize that it worth the money.

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Top 5 Best Pressure Washer 2019 Reviews

1) Sun Joe SPX3000 – Best Seller on Amazon

First on the list is the Sun Joe SPX3000. It’s from a company called Snow Joe. Its powerful engine makes this product the ultimate mudflap. The 1800-watt motor produces 2030 PSI, which in turn shoots out water at 1.76 GPM.

Best pressure washer 2018

We used this tool to clean the mud on the car, lawnmower, patio, sidewalk and garage door as cleanly as possible. We’re not particularly impressed with the washers because they limit mobility, but the SPX3000 comes with a 35-foot power cord to make sure you reach all areas.

I’ve been a member of the environmental group all my life, and the role that has made me love this unit is its intelligent power-saving mode. The energy-saving mode works by turning off the power when the shutter button is not pressed to conserve power and extend the life of the pump.

What we did not like about the Sun Joe is the plastic connector, which is connected to the water hose by the machine. After a few screwing and unscrewing the plug lost its grip and began to spray water. You may also need a cordless steam mop for better cleaning your floor or vehicle.


  • Powerful 1800-Watt/14.5-amp motor that generates up to 1.76 GPM/2030 PSI for maximum cleaning power
  • Five Quick-Connect spray tips to tackle heavy, medium and light-duty cleaning tasks
  • TSS or Total Stop System automatically shuts off the pump when the motor is left to idle for a period. This helps save on energy and increases the lifespan of the pump.
  • Comes with a Full 2-year warranty
  • Dual detergent tanks with a 0.9 L capacity. They are removable and can carry two different types of detergents for carrying out various cleaning jobs


  • Leaky hose fitting

All in all, this is a great electric washing machine and I would recommend it to anyone. It has many pros, and we had to nitpick to find a con that is a little problem that is easily solvable. 

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2) AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure Cleaner – Best For Home Use

The AR Blue is second on our list because it makes its job wonderfully. In electric windscreen washer systems, one of our key requirements is that the devices are equipped with long cables to increase mobility and avoid power extension cables.

In addition to the long power cables, the AR offers many extensions for various cleaning functions. The hose is also long as needed and helped us to wash the car without having to constantly move the machine around.

Within minutes of unpacking the AR, you can start cleaning your house because it’s a breeze. When it comes to environmental friendliness, it can consume 80% less water than a garden hose, while being energy efficient with 40% less energy.

Also, the fact that it uses an electric motor allowed us to wash at night without bothering our neighbors with noise. The washing machine is supplied with various additives such as a detergent bottle, washing machine gun, variable nozzles and more.

As with most of the pressure washers that we have introduced, this unit is no different when it comes to an unreliable plastic adapter that leaks after several days of water.
However, this problem can be solved with a $ 10 budget, replacing the plastic adapter in each local store with a metal adapter.


  • Ample power for outdoor cleaning activities
  • Environmentally friendly nature conserves up to 80% more water than a garden hose
  • Comes with various attachments included to enhance the cleaning performance
  • Easy to assemble and use. Setting up for the first time may take longer but reduces by half when you get used to how it works
  • Quieter than gas engine models
  • Customer service available at all times


  • Leaky plastic hose adapter

The main thing is that this device is lightweight and one of the easiest to use. Although it is not done to do big jobs, it does its job like cleaning the sidewalks outstandingly.

3) GreenWorks GPW1501 – Cheap Washer Under $100

Unlike other manufacturers, GreenWorks does not produce both gas and electric washing machines. The company specializes in producing only electrically powered units, and the GPW1501 is no exception.

I had the privilege to use this cleaning machine for two weeks, and I was completely satisfied with its performance. The first thing I noticed on arrival is its lightness. This circumstance later benefited me when I had to relocate him from the garage to the garden to clean our dog’s house.

The decor was simple and I had it set up in no time. If you are on an uneven surface, you can place it horizontally or vertically for greater stability.

Its engine produces sufficient 1500 PSI of power that easily releases water at a rate of 1.2 GPM to blow through dirt and grime while cleaning. See 3 best washers from GreenWorks

You can also change the cleaning fineness with the various quick-angle nozzles included in the package. The GPW1501 has a 20-foot high-pressure hose that makes it easier for you to reach it, so you do not have to move it around.

The Negative soap dispenser is fragile and may leak if dropped onto a hard surface. Another thing you need to get used to was the grinding noise that came from the engine when I was at the beginning of a cleaning session.


  • Capable of putting out 1500 PSI at 1.2 GPM to blast through grime on surfaces
  • Includes various connect tips for handling a variety of cleaning jobs
  • Soap applicator for deliberate soap application on tough grime
  • Offers great flexibility and stability with its vertically or horizontally use
  • Comes with a five-foot power cord
  • Comes with a 20-foot high-pressure hose to offer greater reach


  • You can almost hear or feel like the motor is switching gears at the beginning of a cleaning session.
  • Leaky soap dispenser

All in all, the GPW1501 is a good option. It does not have the strength to handle a large driveway but is suitable for small areas such as garages, porches, cars, etc.

4) SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125-S Gas-Powered Washer – Best Gas Powered Pressure Washer

Sixth on our list is the Simpson MSH3125-S. Once you get it, the setup is easy and once everything is set you can start using it. I liked how easy it was to bring the engine to life.

They just pull the ignition and it immediately roars to life. Its frame is constructed of high-strength welded steel for strength and 10-inch pneumatic tires to handle the powerful gas-powered engine.

This device runs on the reliable Honda engine, which allows you to clean your patio and walkways within the first 30 minutes, thanks to the easy setup. It has one of the most powerful engines in our lineup.

Gas pressure cleaners are more powerful than electric ones, and the Simpson MSH3125-S delivers 3100 PSI that can shoot water at a staggering 2.5 GPM.

For safety reasons, this unit has been equipped with a weapon security lock to prevent accidental triggers that could prove destructive. Unlike other products that are equipped with inferior hoses that wear out over time, the MSH3125-S has a MorFlex high-pressure hose.

The MorFlex hose is not only lightweight and flexible but also kink and abrasion resistant for tough use. For safety reasons, the hose is equipped with secure M22 connectors and has different variants of connecting pieces for different cleaning tasks.

What annoyed us most about this MSH3125-S is the noise it has compared to the more sophisticated electric windscreen washer systems.


  • Gain cleaning power in your hands
  • Select the correct nozzle tips to complete your cleaning tasks
  • Kink & abrasion resistant hose
  • Clear surfaces & floors in seconds
  • Designed to offer safety to users


  • Produces toxic fumes from its engine
  • Noisy compared to electric pressure cleaners

The final verdict is that while this gas-powered cleaner is not as refined as the electric versions, it is the most reliable. Everything is well laid out to make sure the user has total control over it.

5) Generac 6922 2800PSI 2.4 GPM Power Washer – Gas Washer With Ultimate Power

In a gas-powered high-pressure cleaner, the Generac 6922 impressed us with its puny curb weight of only 65 pounds. Its light nature was greatly appreciated when the wooden platforms of our staircase were cleaned.

It was easy to carry the stairs up and down for a thorough cleaning.

The pillow handle has been ergonomically designed to increase comfort during cleaning while reducing hand fatigue by encouraging you to use less force.

The Generac 6922 has an overseas pump, while the engine and frame are American-made.

Despite the main components of the Generac 6922, which come from different continents of the world, they have been strategically placed to provide maximum functionality and improve the connection between different parts.

The product comes with 10-inch never-flat wheels designed to maneuver different types of terrain.

However great this machine is, we felt it lacked sufficient power. We tried to wash a second story wall, but this washing machine failed us completely.


  • Features an integrated detergent tank that offers a convenient storage space for detergents
  • Designed ergonomically to facilitate reducing fatigue while operating it
  • Features a Generac OHV horizontal-shaft engine
  • Four nozzle tips built-in for tackling any cleaning job
  • For easy maneuverability regardless the terrain type, it comes equipped with 10” never-flat wheels


  • Noisy and produces toxic fumes compared to electric washers
  • Some models are more powerful than this unit

In short Generac 6922 is more than suitable for small cleaning tasks around the yard and home. For carrying out best cleaning household duties, it ranks among the best pressure washer choices.

Buyer’s Guide – Gas vs. Electric Pressure Washer 

Due to much higher pressure and flow rates, Gas pressure washers can clean faster than the Electric pressure washer. Gas models can handle any cleaning job, like heavy concrete cleaning.

On the other hand, Electric pressure washers are much smaller and half the weight of a gas model. 

As soon as you squeeze the trigger electric pressure washer will start working. It also shut down fast than the Gas Pressure washer. So if you use Electric washer model you don’t have to face any starting issues or gas hassles. You can also use the electric washer in indoors as there’s no exhaust.

If you require the highest power and want to do hard cleaning job fast then go with the gas pressure washer. Otherwise, enjoy the facilities of a best electric pressure washer.

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