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Top 5 Best Mirror Gun Safe of 2023 ( Reviews & Buying Guide )

There aren’t a ton of options when it comes to quality mirror gun safes, but the ones that are available are great options. Make sure to read the entire article till the end, as there are a few points you need to know about mirror safes before you decide to purchase one.

The mirror gun safe is not as effective as the hidden gun safe because most of the gun safes with a mirror are too thick for a regular mirror so you can notice that there is a hidden storage behind the glass. That is why most mirror gun safes come with the lock and the key and they do act like a gun safe.

A great thing about the best mirror gun safe is that they allow you to build them in-the-wall. They’re not a bad thing, but you’ll have to hire a contractor for that. The good part of it is that you’ll only have a mirror on the wall and the entire gun safe will be in the wall. So it’s hard to notice that the mirror is not just an ordinary mirror.

Top 5 Best Mirror Gun Safe Reviews

1. SONGMICS 6 LEDs Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

SONGMICS 6 LEDs Mirror Gun Safe

This mirror safe from SONGMICS is a specialized jewelry cabinet which is constructed nicely for long time use. It comes with cozy blue 6 LED lights so that you can easily choose the right guns, ammo or jewelry from cabinet. The LED lights is powered by 3 AAA batteries ( not included ).

You will get a 47.2″H large storage capacity safe to keep all your valuables in one place with 2 bottom drawers, 5 shelves,1 large ring cushion, 1 longer bracelet rod, 48 stud earring holes, 32 necklace hooks, and 90 earring slots which is awesome. Highly selective real glass will give you better performance and avoid “fun house” effect. Its a full length gun safe mirror with solid MDF frame offering a head-to-toe view of your outfit.

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2. Outdoor Doit Framless Lockable Full Mirror Gun Safe

Outdoor Doit Framless Lockable Full mirror jewelry organizer and gun safe

This Outdoor Doit mirror gun safe is definitely the spacesaver. The feature you will love is that you will get more in less space and a full length view of your outfits, bags, as well as storage for your make up. With the hooks provided, you can easily hang it over the door. It is specially made for keeping jewelry and makeup items but you can also store you handguns here.

To keep the room tidy and save floor space it can be mounted on the wall. Your jewelry, guns and most valuable items will be safe and out of children’s reach with this lockable mirror cabinet. Honestly, with so much space and way more slots for jewelry and handguns this mirror safe is really a good one. I mean this easy to clean mirror gun safe has modern and sleek design that you will be literally obsessed. This product is highly recommended.

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3. Tactical Walls 60″ Concealed Storage Wall Mirror Gun Safe

Tactical Walls 60 inch Concealed Storage Wall Mirror Gun Safe

The biggest sliding mirror safe for gun owners is this one made by the Tactical Walls. It has all the necessary features to be an excellent long gun storage, handgun storage or safe for documents and jewelry.

It also includes an adjustable interior and several drawers and shelves for your firearms and accessories. This sliding mirror comes with a magnetic lock and key. The only way to open the sliding mirror is to press the magnetic key on the right spot. You’ll have a chance to hide your stuff in plain sight, which makes it easier for you to grab them if you need to quickly retrieve something.

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4. Tactical Walls 30″ Concealed Storage Wall Mirror with Hidden Gun Compartment

Tactical Walls 30 inch Concealed Storage Wall Mirror

One of the best products of Tactical Walls is this small sliding mirror gun safe. It’s designed for storing handguns, and not rifles. So if you want to have quick access to your handguns in case of an emergency, this is a great option.

To open this safe you will need to use the magnetic key because there is no other way to open the safe. When you push the key to the correct place, the safe will pop open in a split second. That means you can quickly react at the time of an emergency.

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5. Meakin Gun Cabinet Mirror Armoire for Small Hunting Rifles

Mirror gun safe

The best mirror gun safe I want to share with you is the in-wall gun cabinet that has two installation options. You can hang it on the wall or install it inside of the wall. If you choose the hanging option, you have two options as well, either install it horizontally or vertically.

The safe has one shelf at the top of the safe but you can remove it if you want to put long guns in the safe. To keep your guns secure, this mirror gun safe uses the lock and key method. Its a traditional method that you can use if you are going to use the safe on the wall. Traditional mirror gun safes are great if you are going to use the safe as a display piece, but if you plan to put the safe in the wall though for more security of your guns, you will have to use a magnetic lock separately, which will make the process much easier as the keyhole is on the side of the safe.

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Mirror Safe for Handguns

Mirror Gun Safe Buying Guide

Before we move on to the list, let’s first discuss what it takes to own a mirrored gun safe. Mirror gun safes are not like a regular safe, they do not have the same types of locks or materials, so here are some features that you should make sure you have in your mirror safe before buying.

High Quality materials

Mirror gun safes aren’t cheap, and many are more expensive than a regular one. So when buying, make sure it has the quality you deserve.

Easy access lock

Mirror safes do not have regular locks. So instead of searching for a combination lock, you want to make sure that the lock on this mirror is easy and quick to use, yet good enough to know that no one can open it.

Looks like a mirror

You need to make sure that the mirror gun safe actually looks the way it should be. Otherwise, in the event of a break-in, they would immediately know where to break into the safe.

Huge hole in the wall

Yes that’s right. You need to drill a huge hole in the wall to put the safety mirror gun in. Similar to wall cabinets, your items are stored in the wall. So you will need to drill a hole in it to properly install the device. Not ideal for those who rent a home or don’t want to damage their home to install a mirror gun safe.

Not truly locked

When you buy a gun safe with a mirror, in most cases you don’t have a truly locked gun safe, and if someone knows they’re there, they can easily access it by simply tearing their face off the wall.

For this reason, I would also not use this as the primary place to store valuables and firearms for long periods of time, especially when I am away from home.

How to install a mirror gun safe

Installing a mirror gun safe is an essential part of any home. It’s a great way to keep your valuable belongings safe and secure, and it can even be used as a bedroom mirror. Start by measuring the space you want to use for your mirror. You should consider how many pieces of furniture you will need to place within that space, and then decide what type of mirror you want.

Make sure the Mirror Safe is properly sized for your Mirror. And also ensure the mirror safe has enough room to fit both your guns and the valuables you want to store. You can add any necessary screws if needed. When installing the Mirror Safe, make sure both the Mirror and safe are facing the same direction so that both are fully protected from damage or theft.

Here are the few basic steps that you should follow during mirror gun safe installation.

Step 1: Attaching the mirror safe to the frame

Step 2: Mounting the mirror Safe to the wall

Step 3: Checking to make sure the mirror is properly sized

Step 4: Adjusting the fit of the mirror safe

Step 5: Closing and enjoying your new mirror safe!

In short, as mentioned earlier, a mirror gun safe is just like a wall safe. Basically you are going to cut a hole in the plasterboard between two screws. Then you will screw the mirror tightly into the studs to secure it tightly. 


Now that you have read this article, you must know what to look for, and which mirror gun safes to check out. It obviously isn’t for everyone because it can be pricey, and really isn’t a perfect replacement for a regular gun safe, but if you feel this mirror safe is right for, you go for it.

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