How To Solve Obesity in 2021

obesityIn today’s world, there is a lot of things changing. I would have never thought that taking care of your own body would be something you would have to educate about.

Education is power and with being one of the top countries in the world we seriously have a problem with obesity and not taking our fitness seriously.

Actually according to centers for disease control and prevention, “1/3 of the population is obese.” I believe that there are multiple reasons why our population is obese.

How to solve the obesity problem

The reasons are that there is not enough education about health, people are less active, and in general, equipment could be expensive. This is not always the case, as if you believe in yourself anything is possible.

Also If you have a good support group whether its friends or family members it will make working out seem fun and worth doing. Working with others also helps each other learn new work out positions and can be motivational.

The reason why fitness regime doesn’t work out is because the biggest problem is that you will find is that you can’t just teach a person to want something for themselves.

Another idea is that it’s important that the parents teach their children from a young age to like vegetables and make fresh homemade meals. Eating all the process food is making people sick, they cannot digest the food and it’s horrible for you.

These topics include growing your own food in your garden, paying attention to what we eat and finding a fitness program that works best for them. While there is tons of information out there for you to utilize everybody is different and needs to find what’s best for them.

That hardest part ultimately is not being able to teach people to want to have a good fitness regime and eat healthy because it is a lifestyle. This is why I find it important that we educate anyone about fitness and a weight loss regime.

How to solve obesity

Educated yourself about what you’re eating

Being educated about what you’re eating is the next step in the right direction. You can’t expect to eat McDonald’s every day and be a model; it’s not going to work. That is why It is very imported to make sure you are eating the right foods and the right serving size. Portion control I think is one of the hardest things to conquer.

In all reality, it is very healthy to eat multiple small meals a day compared to the ideal eating 3 meals a day. You don’t want to eat heavy meals at night and lay down, that is one of the worst things you can do to your body. A helpful weightless tip is if you could eat your dinner 4 hours before you go to bed is the best time to eat dinner.

Otherwise, if you lay down right after you eat all the food you just had is going to be sitting in your stomach. Also, another Issue that I believe is affecting this is the ability of less expensive healthy food. In our community, everything is so expensive and the only thing that most people can buy are the junk food just simply because they are cheap.

If they made healthy food less expensive a lot more people would eat more fruit and vegetables. in addition if we were able to educate the people on where their food comes from will make a great impact on our community as well. If we were able to teach them where their food comes from maybe they might want to grow their own food which tastes way better then store bought any day.

The necessity of gym equipment

Having worked out equipment can be helpful but it is not necessary. It just depends on how much money and motivation you have. If you have lots of money then you can go and buy all the coolest gym or you purchase a gym membership. These options are awesome but you have to make sure that you get a good workout regimen and change it up for time to time. If you do the same work out every day you’re not going to work the different parts of your body.

It will be repetitive and the will to work out might go down the drain. But if you were able to have a couple different methods of working out then you might find it more fun to work out. Now on the opposite side of the spectrum if you don’t have lots of money you can still work on your fitness without any fancy equipment or gym membership. Anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it.

There are tons of fitness regimes that you can do at home or even in your community park. You can even just go outside and walk or run with a friend. Enjoying the outdoors is healthy in so many ways. Pushups and sit-ups that you do at home don’t cost you anything but is helping your body. You can also use milk jugs or rocks anything that has some weight and at a safe pace it can act as a dumbbell. It is also possible that you can find some rope and make a jump rope; if you’re creative you can make it anything possible.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, it is important that everybody is educated about what fitness is and what it entails. Just like every topic out there you can go into great detail on how to better your body. It just truthfully depends on what you are willing to put yourself through. If you work on your eating habits your weight loss would be a lot higher.

Finding the right working out method is also key because it is very important for you to exercise. The more you do the healthier you are and if you have somebody to work with you in your fitness regime than that’s even better. If you take any of these is considered your goal for weight loss will be achieved.

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