How To Replace Single Handle Kitchen Faucet?

How To Replace Single Handle Kitchen Faucet EasilyWater is the essential thing in your kitchen at any given time. For sure, water makes your kitchen operations smoother and effective.

However, not all times, things are on a straight line and accessing water becomes stressful, particularly when our faucets malfunction.

The faucet is the most critical components in any water system for ensuring smooth water flow.

However, a valve gets damaged or breaks down, replacing it with a functional one is the next step.  Remember, only a systematic replacement can ensure you get to your regular kitchen water flow. Below are some of the few steps that you should follow while replacing your broken faucet.

This article explains all the necessary information that you can use to replace and repair your broken single handle faucet today successfully. Follow these simple steps when replacing a broken single handle faucet.

How To Replace Single Handle Kitchen Faucet ( Step by Step )

Close the water valve.

Shutting down the connecting water valve should be the first step in your replacing procedure. Remember this step alone is crucial as it will prevent any further water leakage that would otherwise lead to wetting your floor.

Moreover, it isn’t sufficient to replace the faucet when water is still oozing through it. The valves usually regulate the water flow, and that is why you should be aware of its exact location at any given time in your kitchen or outside.

Gather all the necessary tools for the job.

Just like any other project, the right tools are vital, and you can’t achieve a recommendable outcome without such devices. Some of these tools and material required include the following but not limited to:

  • A pair of plies
  • A wrench
  • A cordless drill
  • Slip joint pliers
  • A drill bit set

These gears are vital in assisting you in carrying out the replacement task by yourself. However, if you feel not okay using these tools, you can still contact the nearby plumber to help you or complete the job for you. It is now the time to replace the broken down faucet.

Start by selecting the appropriate gears depending on the specific part that has been broken down. Remember if you do not have some of these gears at your home, most of them are available in the local hardware but always ensure to visit them during the day time to avoid disappointments of finding them closed up.

Note nobody knows when their faucet will get broken down or how so it is better to have them in your store and be on the safe side in case your faucet malfunctions.

Replace your broken faucet.

Once you have all the necessary tools on hand, it is the time to do your replacement. You can still seek the help from a professional plumber if you do not know how to go about it but ensure to follow what h/she will do so that next time you do it by yourself.

By now, the valve is already switched off, and there is no water inflow.  Using the appropriate tools, remove the broken part but ensure even the sever line is also disconnected.

Once the broken piece is our, replace it using the newly acquired faucet. Since most valves are relatively delicate, avoid fixing it too tightly, so that does not end up breaking.


Can you replace a single handle faucet with double handle faucet?

Yes, practically, it is possible—however, only a professional plumber who is experienced in this type of work.  Remember if your opt for the plumber to do the fixing for you, ensure they have done such kind of work before since messing up with a  faucet may force you to replace the entire water system.

The good news is that modern faucet comes with a unique design that allows them to complement that of each other, correctly making it possible to replace the double faucet with that of the single faucet and vice versa.

How much does it cost to replace a single-handle faucet?

In most cases, it depends on the price of the location you are. For instance, is the price at the local store are high, then the cost will definitely be higher. Moreover, the extra work that the plumber may charge you can also increase the repair cost.

Final thought.

Replacing a broken single handle faucet is quite straightforward, but only when you have the right tools and some technical knowledge.

Remember, unless you have exhausted the replacement warranty from the supplier, you can get the assistance of a professional plumber instead of having it done by yourself. Otherwise, the most important thing is having your work done correctly.


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