How to Fix Leaking Kitchen Faucet Right away

How to Fix Leaking Kitchen FaucetDo you know that a leaking kitchen faucet can result in many indirect and direct kitchen costs in the long? Leaking water adds up to your water bills as well as messing up with your kitchen tidiness.

Moreover, the wet and damp environment condition caused by the leaking water forms an ideal situation for bacterial growth, which can be the source of severe health issues such as food posing in your kitchen.

It is therefore recommended to ensure regular checking and maintenance of your water system to fix any leaking kitchen faucet. And If you want buy a new & best faucet for your kitchen you can find it here.

Remember, most of the water leakages result from broken water pipes and loose joints. Below are tips on how to effectively repair any leaking kitchen faucet with ease.

7 Simple Steps to Fix Leaking Kitchen Faucet?

1. Switch off the water source

Switching off from the primary source that is the faucet itself is the first step. It is done before getting the necessary materials and tools required during the fixing process. You can now shut off the primary water source from the main switch. Once the valve is turned off, ensure to drain any present water in the faucet by opening the faucet itself. Note that there are various pipes located below the sink and comes with handles that you can use to close the taps. The actual closing is attained by turning the handles in the clockwise direction but always ensure to be careful not to break them by over-tightening.

2. Detach the drain pipe.

Before separating your draining pipes, ensure you have a collecting bucket or a rag placed under the drainpipe, which provides any dripping water won’t mess up with your kitchen surface. Remember, such a pool may not be spotless, hence the need to place a bucked to hold it.

Ways to Fix Leaking Kitchen Faucet

3. Get the right description of the spare parts and the procedures.

Remember, faucets are available in various types, and each is meant for a particular function. It means not all valves fit into each other perfectly, and this means you should choose only those faucets that match the existing drains. However, modern globalization has made it possible for standardization using advanced technology so that all kitchen faucets can now perfectly fit each other. Remember to purchase materials and tools such as the bolts, screwdrivers among others that you will use during the replacement process.

4. Make a detailed plan on how you will do the actual replacement.

How to Fix Leaking Kitchen Faucet Right AwayAlthough you can do this by yourself, getting assistance from a professional and an experienced plumber can also help.  Start by removing all the screws using your screwdriver to remove the handle as well as the decorative caps.  Also, ensure to remove the nut which is under the handle using a wrench.

After removing the nut, you will come across the seat washer, which is made up of rubber. Since it is made up of rubber, it usually wears off during turning on or off, which is a significant cause of water dripping from your faucet. Note that incase this washer has some damages resulting from wear and tear, it won’t hold water pressure anymore, and this requires you to replace it. Ensure to get the correct seat washer by removing the existing one and taking it with you at the local store for a similar replacement.

5. Make the actual seat washer replacement.

It is time to replace the old seat washer with the newly acquired one. Ensure to keep the old appliance as the future reference when you might need to replace it once again. Replacement is done by putting your newly acquired seat washer exactly where the previous one was and ensured you fix it correctly such that it won’t get damaged by the faucet when fixing it back. Remember, wrong positioning can result in damages or even total breakup of the valve itself.

6. Reassemble your faucet.

It means putting everything back into its right position. It is recommended to consult an experienced plumber where you aren’t sure. Never assume and miss some steps since they are all equally important for better water flow free from any leaking.

7. Test the performance of the newly installed faucet.

Run water through the newly installed faucet. It is essential to help you check if there is leaking water. If you do not notice any dripping water, your job is quite recommendable; otherwise, if you realize some leakage, you will have to repeat the entire process.

Simple steps Fix Leaking Kitchen Faucet


Regular checkup of your faucet enables you to monitor the conditions of the wearable parts. It is, therefore, essential to keep several spare parts and tools in your house to help you fix some emergency issues. In case you aren’t experienced in water leaking issues, call a plumber who will ensure the replacement is done using similar parts for the best result.

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