How to Fix Delta Kitchen Faucet ( Simple 12 Steps )

How to repair Delta faucetFaucets are an integral part of our kitchens. They are very useful when you need water to clean, wash utensils or even wash your hands. A good kitchen faucet that is practically in good condition gives a feeling of pleasure in the kitchen.

A broken or worn tap can be too boring. This can spill the water all around or even block it from coming out. It is necessary to repair the faucet when you see that it is not working well. So how do you replace it? In this article, we will discuss how to fix the Delta kitchen faucet?

Delta kitchen taps are often stem-style taps that include a seat and spring under each handle. This is different from a cartridge valve, which has a stem-like cartridge but without seats or springs. A seat and a spring are located under each stem, inside the valve body. The stem of Delta faucet is held in the body with a nut and the handle adapts to the stem.

Leaks in Delta kitchen faucet can usually be corrected with a new rubber seat and spring. However, it may be necessary to replace the stem if the handle is rigid or if the seat and spring replacement do not stop the leak.

Supplies Needed

  • Tongue-and-groove pliers or adjustable wrench
  • New rubber seat and spring (one set for each handle)
  • Screwdriver or Allen wrench
  • Plumber’s grease
  • Replacement stem (as needed)

How is the repair of a Delta kitchen faucet done?

Let’s start from the beginning. For repairing Delta Faucet, you need to buy an original replacement part like new rubber seat and spring from a trusted store. You will not want to spend your money on a non-original product that may not last long. Once you have the original parts, follow these steps:

Simple 12 Steps on How to Fix Delta Kitchen Faucet

How to fix delta kitchen faucet

1. Determine Which Side Is Leaking

Put your hand under the tap. If the water is cold, the leak is probably on the cold side. If the water is hot, the leak is most likely on the hot side of the faucet. This will help you to understand which side is better to fix first, but both sides may still lose.

2. Shut off the Water and close the valves under the sink

It is almost impossible to repair the tap when the water is flowing. You will then need to turn it off completely. The next thing is to carefully close the valves under the sink. These valves require some care as they are rarely used and can eventually corrode if tightened. They are also softer because they are designed with brass. This means that they can be easily disfigured if force is used to extinguish. In this case, you will need to loosen the screws that secure the hostel handle. It is best to do this using an Allen wrench. Now remove the handle from the tap and set it aside so as not to lose small parts.

3. Raise and or reduce the pressure of the water.

At this point make sure the water is completely closed. However, the Delta faucet is an adjustable chrome dome that has a plastic ring to regulate the water pressure. You have to adjust the plastic ring to your desired level. You will also need to remove this component to make certain changes.

4. Take off the disc (plastic) placed on the upper part of ball.

As usual, be careful because these things are all delicate. This rubber of Delta faucet is usually attached to a rubber gasket. The function of the gasket is to prevent water from leaking, especially when opening the water.

5.  Detach the ball with care.

Make sure not to damage the ball socket when removing the ball. It is attached on one side; so you may not want to damage this part. Indeed, replacing the entire set can be more costly.

6. The 2 black rubber pieces.

They are visible at the bottom of the socket. These are the washers. Their job is to avoid water leaks when the tap is not in use. Remember that when the tap is closed, there is still water. Without these washers, the water would flow freely. These rubber parts can be treated with a screwdriver. Don’t forget to also remove the spring. Replace the springs with new ones. Press firmly but carefully until the springs are in place. Put some grease to work on tap lubrication. The grease should act as a lubricant until the valve is out of order.

7. Pull its arm upwards to remove it.

You have to make sure that while pulling it, also rotate it. Be careful don’t break the pieces. Once detached, you will see two huge black washers. Remove these washers and also replace them with their respective washers. Again, remember to apply a small amount of grease to keep the rotation always smooth. Washers are responsible for preventing water leaks; therefore they must be well lubricated for effective functionality.

8. Replace the Faucet arm and the ball socket.

Replacing is done by gently pressing down the firmly and turning it from side to side. This is to ensure that it fits properly. Then without forgetting the layout of the ball, install another ball socket. For convenience, make sure the cylinder is straight at the beginning. You may need to consult the Delta kitchen faucet repair chart to understand the parts mentioned here.

9. Replace the components.

In the order in which they were removed, replace the components one by one. Make sure to adjust the plastic ring appropriately. This is intended to allow you to replace it easily and without problems.

10. Adjust the chrome dome

At this point, you need to make sure everything fits. This can prove to be the very difficult part of the exercise. Make sure to let everything fit well.

  • Does not work – does not release water either
  • Let the water flow continuously without stopping.

If correctly adjusted, connect the chromed dome to the group. Slightly loosen the plastic insert so that the tap can rotate up and down when fully adjusted. Attach the plastic ring to make sure everything works perfectly.

11. Put back the faucet handle.

Again to put the Delta faucet handle back you will use the Allen. You need to be careful not to break the pieces. Before settling down, make sure you have no parts outside, as this may imply that you missed a step when you delivered things.

12. Check for Leaking and Reinstall the Handle

Reopen the water supply by opening the tap (under the sink) counterclockwise until it stops. Check for leaks around the valve stem. In case of leaks, tighten the bonnet nut until the leak stops; again, be careful not to over tighten. Mount the handle on the stem and secure it with the screw. If it doesn’t leak, then congratulations, you’ve done a good job.


A bad tap should not be used in the kitchen, it can cause discomfort in the kitchen. Delta kitchen faucet is a good faucet but sometimes problem may occur. So, replace the parts carefully. Also remember to get original parts for replacement. Avoid replacing the faucet with parts from other organizations as much as possible. If it becomes difficult to replace, ask a plumber for help.


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