3 Best Gas Pressure Washer 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Best gas pressure washer of 2019! Dirty driveways, muck, grime, patios, and nasty oil spills in the garage, are the part of our everyday life. But the good news is, there’s an easy way to deal with these dirty surfaces. That easy way is a pressure washer.

There are two types of pressure washer. One is powered by a gasoline engine and other is an electric motor. In this article. we will only focus on the gasoline-powered washers and their superiority.

The best gasoline-powered washers are more powerful and more portable because it is not tethered by electricity needs. It is also more durable as it is made with more solid components.

Our recommendation for the best gas pressure washer for 2019 is Simpson MegaShot 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM Honda GCV190

Top 3 Best gas pressure washer Reviews 2019

1. Simpson MegaShot 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM Honda GCV190 Powered Gas Power Cleaner

The best gas pressure washer for most people happens to be the cheapest gas on this list. At a suggested retail price of $ 399, you get a heavy home workhorse.

Simpson Cleaning has done a great job to build a unit that will make your driveway look brand new in just one hour with an impressive 2.5 GPM flow rate and surface cleaner.

It also makes your outdoor cleaning jobs fun and effortless, because it’s easy to move around your yard – even with a bad back. Why? Because it’s only 65 pounds and designed with a superior wheelbarrow attitude and big 10-inch tires.

Never having to fight with those creases … Because it is abrasion- and kink-resistant professional hose. With this machine, you will really look forward to completing your essential cleaning work such as gutters, house cladding, and terraces.

It’s # 1 on this list because it’s the best value for money. The main advantage is its engine. It has what Honda calls a residential-use engine is designed on purpose to provide reliable power to domestic pressure washers.

If you plan to use it all day, then you need to upgrade to the Simpson # 3 computer on this list because it has a commercial engine. But if you plan to do a lot of pressure cleaning only on the weekends, then this is a great unit to grab. View the full specifications and the current best price at the following link.

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2. Generac OneWash 2000 – 3100 PSI 2.4 GPM 196cc Gas Power Washer

The second best gas pressure washer for most people allows you to set the pressure to 4 settings between 2,000 and 3,100 PSI when a knob rotates. This allows you to go from cleaning your car to immediately washing the driveway without having to change the nozzle.

Whether you want to clean your access roads, gutters, terraces, patio furniture or vehicles – this high-pressure washer can do it all – quickly.

Generac has developed this device with customer feedback in mind: The upright design allows for a smaller footprint in your garage and the orange front cover dampens engine noise, making earplugs optional.

The reason why it’s # 2 and not # 1 is the # 1 on the Honda engine. Generac has put together a great engine with a great engine and pump, but we believe the Honda is more durable and reliable.

This machine can be bought at an affordable price similar to the Simpson cleaner above. If you love the idea of having the adjustable printing feature, then this is yours.

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3. Simpson PowerShot 3200 PSI 2.8 GPM Honda GX200 Powered Gas Pressure Washer

The third listed high-pressure washer is the definition of reliable and durable …

It has a standard Honda engine and an industry-standard triplex plunger pump from AAA to make sure your washing machine runs for many years with minimal effort.

As you can see in the picture, it has construction site tires and a heavy steel car. It has to because this pressure washer is a beast and weighs 81 pounds – 30% more than the # 1 pick.

You should buy this device if you want to use it daily for a large task.

Maybe you have a laundry weekend business? Maybe you plan to rent it to friends? Or do you only want the best quality of the equipment? Whatever you do with this device – one thing is for sure – it will work with ease.

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