10 Best Tandem Kayaks of 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Tandem Kayaks 2022If you are looking for fun and adventure in the sea, a best tandem kayak will do it for you. A tandem kayak would be a great investment for you as it can support two or three people.

You can easily bring a pet or friends on your trip. The Best Tandem kayaks have a higher load capacity and an additional seat that can take anyone with you on your trips. But you have to make sure you buy the right tandem kayak.

There is nothing more enjoyable than spending the day in a tandem kayak. This is the best way to save money and take advantage of the collaborative challenge. These best tandem kayaks will help you paddle more efficiently and you can also paddle with others. It will also improve your happiness and your physical condition.

Of course, even the best kayaks have drawbacks. Therefore, you should consider some things before making an investment and buying a new kayak. I suggest you to check our Tandem Kayaks Buying Guide Below.

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Top 10 Best Tandem Kayaks Reviews For 2022

I have spent many years guiding outdoor journey or trips, including managing paddling expeditions and working at kayak liveries. I have learned from plenty of mistakes that you should always avoid. I will try my level best to share my experience with you.

Our best Tandem Kayaks reviews, guide and comparison table will definitely help you select the right kayak. By the end of this top-rated tandem kayaks article, you’ll be able to choose the best tandem kayak for your needs.

1. Ocean Kayak 12-Ft Malibu Recreational Kayak

Best Tandem KayakThis oceanic kayak is an incredible kayak for long boat trips! It is a smaller tandem kayak. People who have smaller cars, this smaller kayak are good for them. The short boats are always easy to handle in and out of the water.

The feature that I like most about this kayak is the wrap around seat-backs. I bought this kayak after reading excellent reviews about this Ocean tandem kayak and they were correct. We have rented kayaks for years and we were very pleased to discover that this tandem kayak was lighter weight than our rental ones. You will get great carrying handles and side handles.

These handles made hauling the tandem kayak through narrow spaces with much easier. I was looking for an extra long tandem, but this was really long enough. There was sufficient room for a 6′ man and a 5’6″ woman. The seats are comfortable. And it seems like they will be very durable and sturdy.


  • It is an awesome compact tandem
  • Sit on top style
  • 425-pound maximum capacity
  • Fits two adult people plus a small child or pet
  • Multiple Foot positions and
  • Adjustable and large seat cushions make for a comfortable ride.


  • Storage is one of the downsize to this compact tandem in regards to the bow and stern.
  • It tracks well but seems to track just a little to the starboard side on mine.

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2. BKC UH-TK181 Tandem Kayak

Best Tandem Kayaks 2022I love this Tandem kayak! You can go swimming in the middle of the river or lake. Re-entering is easy and it will not flip. The sporty graphics and bright yellow color make the kayak nicely visible in the water.

This boat is awesome for experiencing lakes and mild rivers with a friend. This Sports Series kayak is perfect for two adults. It is compact and also lightweight. This kayak allows you to take the fun of kayaking wherever you go.

When you remove both seats 2 people can easily and comfortably sit on the inflated floor facing each other and enjoy the afternoon on the water. You can also purchase kayak anchor and enjoy the sunshine without a drift.

After having this top-rated Tandem Kayak for a year I can ensure you that this is a really good kayak for the occasional jaunt onto the smooth water. This boat is easy to setup and put away. It is a little bulky type of Tandem kayak and you may face some difficulties to store but when this awesome boat is on the water you can get a nice smooth ride for sure.


  • Adjustable inflatable seat with backrest
  • Bright yellow color helps visibility
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • Removable skew for directional stability
  • Easy to set up and put away


  • This Kayak is made for smaller bodies of water including mild river and lakes

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3. Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120T

Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 120T ReviewVibe has an awesome single person kayak for fishing in the name of the compact Skipjack 90. But for the anglers who love going out with a friend or company they have made Vibe Skipjack 120T.

It is a two-person tandem fishing kayak that offers a lot of the same advantages as the Skipjack 90. At 12’2” this kayak is obviously much longer than the Skipjack 90, but it is still 33” wide and with a weight of 72 pounds there should be no problem for two people to carry it.

The capacity of Skipjack 120T is 500 pounds, which is more than enough for two people and some gear. This kayak also has a center seat, which is great if you want to bring along a child for the ride, or if you want to do some solo paddling.

It has a single piece rotomolded high-density polyethylene construction. This kayak is available in “Sea Breeze,” “Hunter Camo” as well as “Blue Camo” colors.


  • Cargo storage area in the rear
  • Bungee system for tying down stored items
  • 4 handle for transporting by hand on land
  • 4 points for mount rod holders
  • Compatible with Scotty, RAM and Railblaza rod holders


  • Unless you are extremely strong, you will need two people to lift this into or onto your vehicle.

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4. BKC UH-TK219 12ft Tandem Kayak

Tandem Kayaks ReviewsIf you are ready to hit the water with your friend and do some fishing at the same time, then this is the best Tandem Kayak for you that have got it going on! Going fishing requires some gear.

That’s why this best Tandem Kayak offers w adjustable holders and 4 flushes mounted rod holders. This kayak comes with tons of fishing features for a day of fishing or for a day of paddling the lazy lake or river with friends.

There is also a large gear vestibule at the back paddler. For each paddler, there are built-in footrests that you can choose easily to maximize comfort. It is also a sit on top Tandem kayak so there’s plenty of leg room.

You can even hang your legs on top of the side if you want. BKC UH-TK219 12ft Tandem Kayak is best for those Kayakers searching for the best boat sit on top kayak and that might want to do some fishing too.


  • 3-Person Sit On Top Fishing Kayak perfect for travel, fishing, or family fun
  • 440-pound weight capacity.
  • 4 flush-mount kayak fishing rod holders and 2 adjustable rod holders er
  • Multiple Storage Areas
  • The Paddle parks hold the paddles safely when not in use
  • 4 carrying handles for easy transport out of the water


  • The seats don’t offer much back support that can make long trips unpleasant
  • You may be worried about the weight limit

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5. Ocean Kayak Malibu 2XL Tandem Kayak

Ocean Kayak Malibu 2XL Tandem Kayak ReviewsThis kayak will meet all of your expectations with respect to handling and performance. Ocean Tandem Kayak can’t promise that you’ll go faster but this boat can assure you that this Tandem kayak is a comfortable and stable boat that’s easily capable of holding 1 youngster and 2 adults.

Most products in the market are not near as reliable and durable as they were in the past. But this kayak brand is not like that. This boat has performed up to Ocean standards and they are exceptionally durable to go for a long period of time.

The Comfort Zone seats of this top-rated kayak are movable. You can bring a fishing pole and hide your paddle in the side paddle keepers. You can also hide some beach towels under the bungees to spend the day on a lake, river or on the beach.


  • Capable of holding 1 youngster and 2 adults
  • Exceptionally durable and sturdy
  • Maximum Load: 450 – 500 lb
  • Seat: Comfort Zone
  • Paddler Skill: all levels


  • You can be little disappointed in the lesser quality of “fit and finish”

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6. Lifetime 10 Foot Tandem Fishing Kayak

Best tandem fishing kayaksThis was my first actual kayak purchase. I used this rig to fish in rivers and small lakes. You truly can’t beat it for the money.

It never once offered to tip or turn over. Performed best in moving water and likely doesn’t track well enough for full-time use on flat water.

I’ve since handed this kayak down to my son and purchased a more expensive kayak from a well-known manufacturer. I’ve caught hundreds of fish through continuous almost daily use of this kayak and it never failed me a single time.

After buying and using this boat for a nice long three-mile river paddle/fishing trip I can recommend it to anyone looking for a lower priced but high quality and stable fishing kayak. I highly recommend this Tandem Kayak for larger people who want to go to water have fun and not swamp their boat. I’m about 6 foot tall and just under 300 and found the leg room and seating area very comfortable when setting up for one.


  • Superior strength and durability
  • 500 lb. weight capacity and designed to seat up to 3 people;
  • Hull design provides great tracking and ultra stability
  • Multiple footrest places for different size riders


  • It is slower than the conventional unit

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7. Aquaglide Chinook XP

Best tandem fishing kayaks The Aquaglide Chinook XP is an 8 ft. 10-inch boat. It is an amazing single inflatable kayak for those who need some extra room for some gear.

This kayak is specially designed for all recreational use. The Aquaglide Chinook series is made from a commercial grade Duratex hull material which is blended with rugged 600 denier polyester.

The floor of this kayak features a 1-PSI PVC i-beam that offers protection from claws or fish hooks. The front and rear splash guards of this kayak help to deflect water in order to keep paddlers dry. A quick-release detachable tracking fin helps to keep the kayak on course.

The adjustable Core seat of this Tandem kayak features high backrest and a foam base for paddling comfort. The backside of the seat offers plenty of storage for mesh pocket and integrated rod holders for fishing. You can easily move the seat to accommodate kayakers of varying sizes. For solo paddlers, those who want an afternoon full of fun or fishing the Aquaglide Chinook XP is a nice option for them. This kayak is perfect for rivers, lakes, bays, and inlets.


  • Three Boston inflation valves
  • Velcro paddle holders.
  • Adjustable Whitewater soft foam seat with storage options
  • Over-sized carrying bag with back straps.
  • Bungee deck lacing for gear
  • Removable quick-release tracking fin.


  • If you use it for full days out at the beach or river it will discolor and look sort of purple

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8. Perception Pescador Sit On Top Kayak

Tandem kayak reviewsThe Perception Pescador series is designed to be the best all-around boats for the money. This Tandem kayak is best for its unmatched speed, stability, and straight-tracking performance.

It is a great fun for new paddlers to explore ponds, lakes, and flat-water rivers. The Perception Pescador is loaded with amazing features that include covered dry storage, spacious open storage, and two-rod holders.

You can easily add accessories like cameras, speakers, and fishing rod holders. This beautiful boat will give you more comfort for your money.

The Perception Pescador’s seat offers thick ergonomic padding. You will also get an adjustable seatback for personalized support.


  • Adjustable seatback positioning
  • Dry front storage compartment for easy access
  • Quick-adjust footrests accommodate paddlers of all sizes
  • For easy access to cooler, you will get large rear open storage
  • For hands-free storage, you will get two molded-in rod holders
  • Gear tracks for adding accessories
  • Leak-proof one-piece construction
  • Built-in buoyancy for added safety


You may need to purchase paddles and plugs separately

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9. Ocean Kayak Zest Two Expedition

Tandem kayak reviews 2022For some people, it may be too wide, too long or too heavy, but for me, I am really pleased with the way it performs in the water.

You will love this kayak for sure. It can accommodate two adults and a small child or pet. This kayak is stable enough and tracks well for a 16 footer. You don’t need any scupper plugs as it stays really dry in the water.

I would advise you to get a 2 wheel kayak cart to haul it and launch from your car. It will be quite heavier after you pull it out of the water.

It is designed for two adult people and a small child or pet. Maximum capacity limit of this boat is 500-600 lbs. This kayak comes with side carry handles, molded-in cup holders, Bow, and stern carry handle, two side-mounted paddle keepers, and skid plate.


  • 500-600 lbs. maximum capacity
  • Comfort Plus seats and molded-in foot braces
  • Stern oversized tank well with bungee, bow deck bungee
  • Perfect for a day trip or a weekend adventure


  • It may be too heavy and long for some people

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10. Sun Dolphin Bali

SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-Foot Sit-on top Kayak ReviewSun Dolphin Bali 13.5-Foot Tandem Kayak is specifically designed to accommodate one, two or three persons. It offers three covered storage compartments and on-board shock cord deck rigging. It also features deluxe adjustable seats with high back supports, conveniently located carry handles, adjustable foot braces, self-bailing and paddle holders.

This one of the best tandem kayaks allow water to drain out of the deck but also allow eater in. One disadvantage people face with this kayak is leaks as the storage compartments allow in water and are not watertight.

The kayak will actually fill up with water because there are drain plugs at the ends of the kayak to drain the kayak. You may also require an additional waterproof container to put in storage compartments. I guess that in calm water it will not be as much of an issue.


  • Accommodates 1, 2, or 3 persons
  • Three Covered storage compartments
  • Onboard shock cord Deck rigging
  • Deluxe adjustable seats with back supports
  • Storage compartments


  • If you are a tall and heavy person then you may have a hard time controlling this kayak in the water
  • Many users complained that this kayak leaks.

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The Best Tandem Kayaks Buying Guide

There are some key features to look for when purchasing the best tandem kayak and we have listed some must-haves here.

1. Materials

There are many types of materials that a tandem two-seater kayak can be made of. This is directly related to the durability and weight of the rig.

a. Polyethylene:

It is a commonly found material in a kayak. It is a plastic, lightweight and durable material. It does not scratch easily and does a good job at absorbing impact. This makes it an easy choice for the hull which regularly comes in contact with sand and rocks along the shore.

We advise you to keep it out of direct sunlight as it can be warm and become brittle over time. If you keep this in mind your tandem two seated kayak will last for many years.

b. Fiberglass:

Kayaks made from fiberglass are priced medium and weighs medium too.

c. Composite:

It is a mixture of high-end material. The Kevlar, fiberglass and carbon concoction creates a strong material. The good thing is that these are exceptionally lightweight materials.

Just be careful when launching and landing as the materials are easier to damage than its polyethylene counterpart. This material is quite simple to repair but can be a hassle to find a shop.

Tandem Kayaks Reviews 20222. Hull Shape

The hull shape will determine how the Tandem kayak performs in the water. There are three main shapes of these boats.

a. Flat Bottom Shape:

The flat bottom shape usually found on beginner boats allows the maximum stability in calm conditions. Do not take this type of hull into the ocean or rough conditions as they are not able to cut through the surf.

b. A V-shaped hull:

A V-Shaped hull will push you at the fastest speed and is good for long-distance travel. Even though they are the least stable boat they offer secondary stability. This means they can be easily saved when they are tipped on their side. These types of hulls will be able to turn on a dime and be maneuvered easily than the other two types. A V-shaped hull should only be used by expert kayakers.

c. Rounded Bottom Shape:

Having a rounded bottom allows these Tandem kayaks to cut through the water. This rounded bottom shape makes them faster than their flat shaped cousin. Since there is less friction against the water it will take less effort to get up to speed. It gives up a little stability from the flat-bottomed kayak and for this reason, this type is recommended for intermediate riders.

3. Weight capacity

Every kayak has a different weight capacity. Tandem two seated kayaks will range from 400 to over 800 pounds. Factors that determine this weight limit include how many public are riding in it, and the amount of gear you are carrying. The materials that are used to create the tandem kayak play a key role in determining the riding capacity.

a. Kayak weight

The weight of these top-rated tandem kayaks varies from 30 to 100 pounds. The design, features, and construction can add and reduce weight. For example, a rigid polyethylene kayak could weigh double than an inflatable.

b. Length

The length of a kayak is also a very important factor. And it dictates the abilities of the tandem kayak. A longer boat is hard to maneuver but is better to handle large waves and keeping a line. A shorter tandem boat will be easier to turn and control but are not the best for long trips.


Question: How Do You Steer A Tandem Kayak?

Ans: Steering a two-person kayak relies almost solely on the person in the rear. The person setting in the front should keep paddling in their rhythm while the person in the rear should focus on altering the direction.

If a couple strong paddles don’t get the job done they may require to try a backstroke. This will get the kayak quickly turned in the right direction. When the maneuver is done they have to time the strokes so that both are synced back up paddling in a rhythm.

Question: How Do You Paddle A Tandem Kayak?

Ans: Tandem kayak paddling takes much more effort than a single kayak. You need to sync with your partner you’re paddling with to drive the boat smoothly. The person in the front seat is the one who set the pace. This will reduce the number of times you bonk paddles.

If the tandem kayak seems to go off course it is the back person’s job to correct this. In order to get the tandem kayak pointed in the right direction you and your partner should keep the rhythm but have to paddle stronger.

Question: How Long Are Tandem Kayaks?

Ans: It mainly depends on the Tandem Kayaks brand and use. A typical tandem kayak can range from 10 to 23 feet. Longer 2 person kayaks are more stable in the water. The added length of a boat means more storage options as well.

Question: How Do I Transport A Tandem Kayak?

Ans: Transporting a tandem kayak is almost the same as a solo. You can buy roof racks for your car to get you to the beach safely. Once at the beach you will get a lot of options for transporting your kayak from your car to the water.

A common way to transport is through portaging. When you have two people this becomes easier as you can each grab an end of the kayak, flip it above your head and carry it above you. If you have children or are struggling to find an easier way, try investing in a dolly to help you.

Question: What Are The Weight Limits of Tandem Kayaks?

Ans:  Tandem kayaks are designed to hold two people. These kayaks have more weight restrictions than regular solo kayaks. The weight restrictions of a Tandem kayak are ranging from 400 to 650 pound limits. Based on your use, the amount of gear you plan to bring and the weight of you and your partner, you can make a good decision about the best kayak for you.

Question: How to Paddle a Tandem Kayak Solo?

Ans: Tandem boats are usually paddled by two different people. At times you may also want to take your kayak out for a solo trip. Your partner may take a break making you the sole paddler in your kayak. When you are paddling two-person kayak solo you have to ensure you follow a few pieces of advice. In a Tandem kayaks, you will get many positions for their seats.

You will want to make sure that you’re sitting in a seat that is in the middle of the kayak. This will make sure that you aren’t tipping the boat when sitting too far forward. Once you are seated properly you will paddle like a single seat kayak. As tandem kayaks are typically longer than single seat options, you will have to take extra effort to turn the boat.

Question: How paddling a Tandem Kayak is different from solo kayak?

Ans: Paddling a tandem kayak is different from a solo kayak as you have to paddle with another person. While paddling a Tandem kayak you have to work together to create a cohesive unit. The stronger person or paddler should be in the back of the boat as this person will do the primary job of maneuvering the two-person kayak.

It is a great idea to have a heavier paddle in the back whenever possible. When you are paddling you have to try to keep the same timing. This will help you to propel your kayak through the water efficiently with the least amount of correction.

Question: How to Flip A Tandem Kayak?

Ans: As with any other type of kayaking, it is important to master the art of rolling your kayak. This is more important when using a double kayak as you will not only have to master the technique yourself but also work to coordinate with another person. When practicing your flip, it is important to be on the same page about which way you will want to flip.

Make sure to first decide who is stronger between you and your partner and allow that person to lead the boat. The other one should take the following position in order to mimic the movements and allow you to be successful. This will help you act more synchronized in order to get your movements perfect.

Final Notes On Best Tandem Kayaks:

Spending the day on the river or lake is always a good idea for leisure. Whether you’re fishing for an hour or a week, the best tandem kayak can do it all. You can take a friend with you for your next adventure, which will allow you to enjoy this tandem kayak experience even more. Bring your family or dog for a day on the water soaking in the sunshine, is a great workout too.

Of the many kayak styles to choose from a tandem, a two-person kayak is the best option. Not only you will get tons of storage but also you can bring along a friend. This is useful for families and those with children. You can easily bring your child with you in the kayak and allow them to increase their confidence.

In order to make the Kayak move faster in the water, Tandem kayaks are usually a bit longer than solo kayaks. The top 10 Best Tandem Kayaks of 2022 that we have reviewed above, all are awesome kayak choose according to your needs. It will bring a lot of fun to your family and friends.


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