3 Best In Wall Long Gun Safes of 2022 ( Buyer’s Guide )

There’s a new thinking out there called “in-wall gun safe”. It’s a way of thinking which is based on the idea of safe storage. You put your safe in the wall, and it becomes part of your property. When you need to store something, you can just take it out and make sure that it’s there when you need it.

In wall gun safe for long gunsFor firearms enthusiasts, a best in-wall long gun safe can be an expensive luxury. But, one shouldn’t buy a cheap in-wall gun safe, because it will not serve you longer. Quality in-wall long gun safes offer many benefits over stand-alone safes, which is why they are so popular.

Additionally, In-wall long gun safes are not designed to be placed in the basement or outside, it is made specifically for a room that is always on display. But it takes real commitment when it comes to in-wall gun safe installation. It usually means removing the specific part of a wall, depending on the size.

There are many in-wall long gun safes available on the market today, but there are only a few worthy of your hard-earned money. Long gun safes that are made from solid steel have unmatched strength. They are perfect for in-wall installations because they have extremely good door and lock standards.

Top 3 Best In Wall Long Gun Safes Reviews

1. SnapSafe in Wall Long Gun Safe

It is a long gun wall safe with electronic lock

The SnapSafe gun safe is a heavy-duty gun cabinet made of 16-gauge steel that will resist theft, damage, and accidents. It is a long gun wall safe with electronic lock. You can easily hide this wall safe in a closet or behind a picture to protect your rifle, shotguns and other valuables. This durable wall long gun safe comes with a high security electronic keypad lock with additional key backup. For extra storage, you will get 3 removable shelves. SnapSafe In Wall Safe is easy to access and easy to hide. You can also Install these secured in wall safe between studs with 6 lag bolts within minutes. With this product you will get an owner’s manual, 2 keys, and mounting kit (Batteries not included).

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2. V-Line Closet Vault II Gun Safe & in-Wall Cabinet

In Wall Long Gun Safes

V-Line’s new Closet Vault II is proudly made in USA and has been refitted with superior 3 point locking system. This in-the-wall long gun safe easily fits between the wall studs (16 inch on center 2×4’s). This quick access wall safe will give you a unique and space conscious way to secure firearms and valuables such as laptops, jewelry, handguns, rifles and other items. The door and frame of this in-wall cabinet protrude less than 2 inches from the wall, so it can be concealed nicely behind a door or in a closet. The closet Vault II in-wall safe has a user-friendly and high security mechanical lock. Additionally, the security lock is capable of setting one of 1,081 different combinations. In order to add additional security, the new steel locking rods are protruded into the top and bottom of the frame.

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3. Barska Biometric Fingerprint Security Wall Safe 0.52 Cubic Ft

Barska Biometric In wall long gun safe

The barska biometric wall safe can be a great addition to your home and will protect your long guns and other valuables effectively. This Barska Biometric Wall Safe is a right side opening door. It is accessible using a advanced fingerprint identification system that has 120-fingerprint memory. This safe comes with a biometric module it is a optical scanner that helps analyze the scanned fingerprint. This in the wall biometric long gun safe is built with solid and durable steel. It is also designed with dual built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts for more safety. You can adjust the 2 removable shelves to fit your needs. The pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware allows this in-wall gun safe to conveniently mount on wall. This Barska safe also includes protective floor mat, Backup Keys x 2 and AA Batteries x 4.

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Best In Long Wall Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking for the best in wall safe for a long gun or rifle, you need to understand all the aspects of it before you buy it. There are many features that you should look for in order to make sure that it is a good investment. The first thing that you should look for is its in-wall length, which will determine how long the safe can be used as well as stored.

1. Space And Size

Ensure your safe is big enough to store your firearms, sensitive documents, and collectibles. If your safe have good organizing capabilities, you can store a bunch of stuff inside. However, for people who want to storage long guns, tight storage space is not an option. They would be better off investing in full-length units to make sure they have enough room inside the safe.

2. Locking Mechanism

Make sure the lock system is comfortable to use for your short gun or long gun. A gun wall safe may feature many different point locking systems, such as biometric, electronic, or even a simple key. You need to make sure you are buying a steel door unit that comes with a quick access lock that is easy for you to use.

A high-quality locking mechanism can also work wonders for the security of your device. Biometric security mechanism is probably the fastest locking system you can find on the market. You can also use electronic locks if the keypad is responsive and smooth

3. Steel Construction

It is important to buy a gun safe with thick gauge steel construction and thick heavy-gauge steel door. Gauge steel will give you better dimensions for wall safes. The best in wall long gun safe should also have sturdy wall studs and locking bolts to keep the safe protected.

4. Price

It is important to set a budget before you start shopping for a in the wall long gun safes. Without having a clear vision of what you want, it can be difficult to determine the prices of wall safe products. You can check the prices of a safe on amazon.com for further details.

5. Additional Features

If you want to find values out of your investment, interior lighting is a feature you might want to consider. Interior lighting will help you to see the things inside clearly in the night. Automatic locking and low battery warning feature will give you an extra value.


The above-mentioned aspects are important in making a decision on what type of gun safe you want to buy. If you have all the details covered, then you can simply choose the one that fits your needs best. The best in wall long gun safes is the perfect choice for those who has long guns with little room space. Because these wall safe will stay out of your way while providing the best security for your important items. 

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