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20 Best Gaming Headset of 2021 ( Top Rated Headphones Reviews & Buying Guide )


We regularly think about the quality of the gaming experience in terms of frame rate, resolution, and how high we can dial the graphics settings. What we see on the game monitors is what we can hear on headphones. They are few things, which can ruin the experience, and that is the wrong sound. Over-compressed video may still be visible if the audio is clear.

However, trying to watch the video clearly with the audio clipping can be a very different story. This only gets worse in the games when the audio experience is terrible and is hurting the ears with noises that suddenly turn towards the enemies.

With the best gaming headset, the problem with the audio will be no more. It has high-quality material to deliver clear audio, regardless of a wireless or wired connection. Some even offer surround sound and custom equalizers so that you can tune the audio experience to the game. Typically, there are different gaming headset products in the market; therefore, you need to be careful to get the right one to suit your needs.

Checkout Best Gaming Headsets

Top 5 Gaming HeadsetsConnectionsAudio TypeItem WeightCurrent Price
HyperX Cloud Gaming HeadsetWiredStereo Sound12.7 Ounces
RUNMUS Stereo Gaming HeadsetWiredPremium Stereo Surround Sound10.6 Ounces
ASTRO Blue A10WiredSurround Sound12.3 Ounces
Creative Sound BlasterX H7WiredSurround Sound24 Ounces
SteelSeries Black Gaming HeadsetWiredSurround Sound15 Ounces

Factors to consider when buying the Best gaming headset

Best Gaming Headset 2021


Whether you want to play for all night or hours, comfort is the crucial factor consider when buying the gaming headset. It is the most personal category because every gamer knows what he or she means by comfort. When the headset is light, you will get more comfortable.

Bulky headsets cause discomfort in the neck, ears, or scalp, after some hours, regardless of how comfortable the cushions can be. Using a good quality headset will reduce the risk of headaches, neck pain, or damage the ears after some hours. If possible, try different types of headsets before purchasing and imagine how you will feel after some hours.

Noise cancellation

Noise cancellation is an essential factor when you want to buy a gaming headset. The external microphone is y used to reverse and cancel external noise. In this case, you can enjoy the game without being distracted. Choosing the right headset for noise cancellation is crucial if you are in a noisy environment, and you don’t want to hear the roommate when watching TV.


If you are buying the gaming headsets to make the sound satisfactory and audible, you need the high-quality one. Choosing the best gaming headset brand without the quality microphone can be a challenge. If you are planning to stream the games, the most crucial part is the headset, and it needs to be of high quality. When you choose a low-quality headset, your voice can be silenced, barely audible, or appear very far. Look for the gaming headset that is high quality to make your voice be heard.


The material used is crucial when buying the headset. The leather material is considered as most comfortable and also makes it look stylish, though it makes your ears prone to sweat. The spongier material allows better airflow, but a lower class model is not very comfortable to wear. The headset should rest comfortably on the head.

When the headband breaks your head, you can be sure you may not wear a headset during the marathon gaming. Padded headbands seem to be most comfortable. When you have the headset that has no padding other than plastic or metal band, think twice and know whether you are sacrificing your comfort.

Microphone Specifications

The microphone is one of the essential components for a high-quality headset. Although you can’t afford the expensive device in the market, ensure you have a high-quality microphone in the budget model you want. The built-in microphone assists you in communicating with other players.

Besides, the best headset must have the high-end noise-cancellation feature so that the people you talk to may hear your voice very clearly. If you are planning to use a headset for the Team Speak and listen to music or watch movies, you should focus on looking for the model with a better and unobtrusive detachable microphone.


The gaming headsets are divided into two designs mainly closed or open. With a closed design, the cushions are solid, and with an open design, you will notice the small horizontal opening on the headset pad. Whether you choose a closed or an open design, it all depends on how much isolation you want when playing games.

The open-end gaming headset provides ventilation to the ears, preventing them from being too irritating, and allow you to hear slight sounds around you. On the other hand, the closed design sacrifices the ventilation for the total isolation where you cannot listen to the surrounding. Competitive gamers prefer closed design because they get an advantage in sports games, while many casual gamers prefer the open design to hear the surroundings.

Best Gaming Headphone

Wired vs. wireless

When it comes to gaming accessories, at some point, you have to choose between the wired or wireless. The technology you choose ultimately depends on the gaming device you use with the gaming headset. Since most of the wired gaming headsets have short cables, the wireless gaming headsets are the best option, except if you want to place the gaming console on a coffee table.

PC gamers are more likely to prefer wired headsets because they are likely located near the area where you plan to connect. The wired headset provides slightly better sound quality than the wireless headset. Getting a cheaper physical connection to your computer with a cable also gives you a lighter headset than the one that does not need the batteries.

Surround sound

Any severe gamer agrees that surround sound quality can make a difference during the game. The primary purpose of the headset is to allow you to hear gunfire, explosions, and footsteps of the enemies and take the game to the next level.

If you are a gamer, podcaster, Twitch streamer, or YouTuber, compromising on audio quality is out of the question. The actual surround sound from the gaming headset comes from various drivers stored on both sides of the ear pads for various audio channels. Alternatively, the user can hear the sound coming from different angles.


For a long time, stereo has been around, the idea of ​​separating the channels for the right and left ears is not new, but the quality improvement is excellent. The main advantage of stereo headsets is that the quality of the sound, which does not deteriorate. It has best-unprocessed quality, as there is no need to virtualize the surround sound. However, good stereo headsets are ideal for local audio. Even if you can’t hear anything from behind, the smart audio programming will provide a decent approximation. This can be achieved better because the audio becomes much more precise than with surround headsets.


Whether you want to travel with the gaming headset or never want to take them out of the room, durability is the crucial factor. Nobody wants to spend money on the product that will develop a problem in some months. While it is possible to guess the durability of the gaming headset by looking to the materials being used in the construction, to determine durability, you need to find reviews from other the gamers who have once used a specific headset for a long time.

Spare parts

When buying the gaming headset, spare parts become the essential factor to consider. Even if you are purchasing the product that is known to be the best gaming headset, it will still be subject to errors. Sometimes, this breakdown is because of technical omissions. Low maintenance and malfunctions are also a typical breakdown. Since the unbreakable game equipment has not yet been crafted, you should be ready to replace the broken part, if necessary. Make sure the headset comes together with the spare parts.

Top 20 Best Gaming Headsets Reviews For 2021

Gaming Headset Reviews

1. ASTRO Black/Silver A50 Gaming Wireless + Base Headset

Best gaming headsetIf you need the legendary sound and performance with the freedom and convenience, go for this model from ASTRO. Notably, it comes with the immersive audio that helps to deliver the game, dialogue, and music sound. In a like manner, it has the all-new base station, which offers a low-latency voice and clear communication. Equally, there is a Dolby audio that delivers high resolution and cinematic gaming audio experience.

Besides, this best gaming headset has ASTRO command center software that allows the streamers and gamers to tune every output and input parameter. On the other hand, it comes with an optional A50 Mod Kit, which helps the user to add ear cushions and synthetic leather headband. Thanks to the lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable and has a battery life of more than 15 hours.

Main features

  • Has the immersive audio
  • All-new base station
  • There is the Dolby audio
  • ASTRO Command Center software
  • Optional A50 Mod Kit
  • Lithium-ion battery

19. SteelSeriesBlack ArctisLossless Pro High-Fidelity Wireless Gaming Headset

Best gaming headset 2021SteelSeries has come up with this gaming headset that has outstanding features that make you enjoy your game. Namely, it comes with the dual wireless technology that offers rock-solid and Bluetooth connectivity for mobile devices. In all honesty, it has the Hi-Res speakers to reproduce an expansive and full frequency ranging from 10 to 40,000 Hz with stunning clarity and realism.On the other hand, it has a headphone sensitivity of 102 dB SPL.

Furthermore, there is a luxurious aluminum alloy and lightweight steel construction, which offer a consistent fit and maximum durability.  In the same fashion, this gaming headset comes with two swappable batteries that help you charge the battery in a base station with a lifetime of 20 hours. There is the microphone, which makes the voice full-bodied, clear, and distortion-free from any background noise.Above all, there is the base transmitter that provides the low-latency wireless connection.

Main features

  • Has dual wireless technology
  • Hi-Res speakers
  • Headphone sensitivity of 102 dB SPL
  • Luxurious aluminum alloy
  • Lightweight steel construction
  • Two swappable batteries
  • Has the microphone
  • There is the base transmitter

18. Logitech G933 Wireless Gaming Dolby and DTS Headset

Best gaming headsetsIf you are looking for the headset model that is worthy of the needy audio fans, then go for this product from Logitech G933. In detail, this best pc gaming headset comes with advanced Pro-GTM audio, which delivers the incredible audio with 7.1 DTS headphone,7.1 Dolby surround, or stereo. In the first place, it is multi-platform compatibility that makes it fit the devices like PCs, PS4s, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS3s, and more. Also, there is a wireless battery, which has a battery life of about 12 hours.

Thanks to the multiple source audio mixing that helps to play music and answer the calls while you are gaming. In the same fashion, it comes with three programmable G-keys that enable us to assign the macros for the complex game commands. The custom audio and preset onboard equalizer profile allow you to personalize the sound according to your specifications. What is more, it has the frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz and the wireless range of 15 meters for indoor and  20 meters for outdoor.

Main features

  • Advanced Pro-GTM audio
  • It is multi-platform
  • Multiple source audio mixing
  • Three programmable G-keys
  • Preset onboard equalizer profile
  • Has the custom audio
  • The frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz

17. Logitech G433 X 7.1 Triple Black Wired Gaming Nintendo Switch Headset

Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Gaming HeadsetThis model from Logitech G433 is crucial if you are looking for an affordable headset because it is versatile enough to use with your phone casually. In particular, it is lightweight to offer maximum comfort and has the frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz. There is a hydrophobic and stain-resistant fabric shell that has microfiber and sports mesh. In the same way, it has the stain-resistant fabric that makes it attractive, stylish, and long-lasting.

Subsequently, there is the Pro-G drivers and X 7.1 surround sound, which offer a dynamic range and maximum audio performance. Equally important, it has the two audio cables and a detachable boom mic that can work with Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, PS4, Mac, Xbox Series X and mobile. If you want to deliver clear communications and reduce environmental noises, it comes with the micro-pop filter. Similarly, it comes with a 3.5mm audio port for mobile or console.

Main features

  • Hydrophobic and stain-resistant fabric
  • It is lightweight
  • Has the stain-resistant fabric
  • There are the Pro-G drivers
  • Two audio cables
  • Detachable boom mic
  • Comes with the micro-pop filter

16. HyperX Cloud Stinger Compatible Gaming Noise-Cancellation Headset

best xbox gaming headsetThe HyperX model is fantastic for it comes the better microphone performance that offers enough sound when you are gaming.To clarify, it is lightweight, weighing about 275 grams with the rotating ear cups of 90 degrees. In the same way, it comes with 50mm directional drivers for the audio precision, making you enjoy full audios cape of the favorite games.

Furthermore, there is the signature memory foam that helps to offer maximum comfort during extended use. Thanks to the adjustable steel slider that offers long-lasting, stable,and sturdy feel. Comparatively, it comes with the headset ear cup, which helps to control the intuitive volume control. There is the swivel-to-mute noise-cancellation microphone that allows you to know when you have mute. Overall, wired over-ears are very comfortable when wearing them for an extended period.

Main features

  • It is lightweight
  • 50mm directional drivers
  • Signature memory foam
  • Adjustable steel slider
  • Headset ear cup
  • Swivel-to-mute noise-cancellation microphone
  • Has the wired over-ears

15. HyperX Cloud Alpha Durable Aluminum Frame Gaming Headset

Best gaming headsetThis product from HyperX comes with fantastic features to give you clarity,more distinction audio, and reduce the distortion. For example, it has the dual chambers, which separate the mids and highs from the bass, offering optimal tuning for smoother, and cleaner sound. In all honesty, it comes with a durable aluminum frame that makes it durable and sturdy when taking the rigors of the daily play. The detachable braided cable is challenging, which makes it durable and last longer.

More so, there is the detachable noise-cancellation microphone, which is certified to make you have excellent team communication. Alternatively, this headset is compatible with the in-line audio controls to help you benefit bold sound. In the same case, it comes with the detachable braided cable together with the convenient in-line audio control to facilitate quality sound. Even more, it has five zones multi-color customization options that offer different varieties to choose from.

Main features

  • Has dual chambers
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Detachable braided cable
  • Detachable noise-cancellation microphone
  • It is compatible
  • Five zones multi-color customization options

14. SteelSeriesBlack Arctis 7 Wireless Lossless Gaming Headset

Best gaming headset 2021SteelSeries model has given a challenge to many brands you think of because of complete overhauled audio, improved comfort, and mic design with unmatched clarity. To explain, this gaming headphone has the 2.4g connection that lossless wireless audio and rock-solid with zero interference ultra-low latency. On the other hand, it comes with the discord clear certified cast microphone, which delivers background noise cancellation and studio-quality voice clarity. Again, it has a premium steel headband that makes it sturdy, stylish, and long-lasting.

Additionally, there is a battery, which has 24-hour life when fully charged, giving you a more extended gaming session.There is a headphone sensitivity of 98 dB with the frequency response of 20 to 20000 kHz. The speaker drivers produce the ultra-low distortion audio to make you hear each detail. Typically, this headset model weighs 0.8 pounds and is compatible with pc,mac, PC, mobile, and switch.

Main features

  • Has the 2.4g connection
  • Discord clear certified cast microphone
  • Premium steel headband
  • There is a battery
  • Headphone sensitivity of 98 dB
  • The frequency response of 20 to 20000 kHz
  • It weighs 8 pounds

13. ASUS TUF TeamSpeak Certified Gaming H3 Headset

ASUS TUF H3 Gaming HeadsetWhen looking for the best gaming headset product that helps to preserve the budget, then go for this model from ASUS. For one thing, it comes with the 50mm essence drivers and airtight chamber design with 7.1-channel virtual surround sound to ensure quality sound. More importantly, it is cross-platform compatibility that makes it easy to connect to PC, PlayStation 4, Mac, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, and Xbox One.Thanks to the intuitive control buttons and unidirectional boom microphone, which offer quick volume and mute control.

Subsequently, there is the stainless-steel headband that makes it durable and last longer. In the same way, it has a fast-cooling ear cushion, which is made of 100% protein leather to make it comfortable when wearing. It has a lightweight design weighing about 294 grams, which makes it easy to use for long without getting tired. The ergonomic design makes it fit all shapes of the ears and heads. Also, the protein-leather ear cups and fast-cooling memory foam offer comfort during the long gaming sessions.

Main features

  • 50mm essence drivers
  • Airtight chamber design
  • It is cross-platform compatibility
  • Tough and stainless-steel headband
  • Fast-cooling ear cushions
  • Has a lightweight design
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Protein-leather ear cups

12. HyperX Cloud Orbit HX-HSCOS-GM/WW S-Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Orbit S-Gaming HeadsetThe HyperX product help to build the world of audio in your room with the WaveNx head tracking, Audeze planar magnetic driver, and 3D audio technology.  For instance, it comes with the head tracking technology that helps to track the position of your head to about 1000 times per second.In the same fashion, it has a customizable 3D mode, which enables you to discern every game. Equally, some 100mm planar magnetic drivers provide incredible precision and breathtaking clarity.

Likewise, it comes with the three detachable cable options, which help you complete the dream setup with a 3D audio experience.  On the other hand, it has a frequency response of 10 to 50,000 Hz and weighs about 0.8 pounds.What is more, there is the detachable noise-cancellation mic with the pop filter. Thanks to the advanced audio customization, which makes you get enough sound when gaming.

Main features

  • Head tracking technology
  • Customizable 3D mode
  • 100mm planar magnetic drivers
  • Three detachable cable options
  • The frequency response of 10 to 50,000 Hz
  • Detachable noise-cancellation mic
  • Advanced audio customization

11. Corsair Virtuoso SE RGB Wireless Gaming Headset

best pc gaming headset If you want to get the high-fidelity audio experience to discern many players together with uncompromising sound quality,then go for this product from Corsair. Notably, it comes with the 50mm neodymium high-density speaker drivers, which deliver a frequency range of about 20hz to 40, 000Hz. In all honesty, there is ultra-low Slipstream latency wireless technology that makes it easy to connect to any device. Thanks to the premium memory foam headband and earpads that offer comfort when wearing them.

Subsequently, there is an Omni-directional and broadcast-grade detachable microphone with a wide dynamic range, which makes it have superb vocal clarity. The lightweight aluminum construction makes it durable and long-lasting, and you can go with it anywhere. On the other hand, it has a wireless battery, which has a lifetime of about 20 hours when fully charged. Also, it has a range of 60ft when you want to get absolute listening freedom. The micro-perforation RGB lighting located on every ear cup creates a refined visual flair when listening.

Main features

  • 50mm neodymium high-density speaker drivers
  • Ultra-low Slipstream latency wireless technology
  • Premium memory foam headband and earpads
  • Omni-directional and broadcast-grade detachable microphone
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Has a wireless battery
  • Micro-perforation RGB lighting

10. SteelSeriesArctis Black GameDAC Wired Gaming Pro Headset

Best gaming headsetSteelSeries has come up with this model, which has a Hi-Res Audio system to make you hear full resolution audio with no down sampling. In particular, this gaming headset brand comes with the adjustable suspension ski-goggle headband that distribute the weight uniformly to get total comfort during the extended gaming sessions.On the other hand, it has an ear ChatMix dial, which allows you to adjust the voice settings, game audio, and more.

Additionally, there is the Clear Cast bidirectional microphone that delivers background noise cancellation and quality studio voice clarity. In the same case, it has the aluminum alloy and polished steel material that makes it durable and long-lasting. Thanks to the fabric ear cushions that make you feel comfortable when you are wearing them. What is more, it comes with the high-density neodymium magnets that reproduce Hi-Res audio to about 40,000 Hz.

Main features

  • The adjustable suspension ski-goggle headband
  • Ear ChatMix dial
  • ClearCast bidirectional microphone
  • Has the aluminum alloy
  • Polished steel material
  • Fabric ear cushions
  • High-density neodymium magnets

9. Corsair Void Carbon RGB Wireless Premium Elite Gaming Headset

gaming headsetIf you are looking for the game headset model that helps you enjoy the long gaming sessions comfortably, then go for this model from Corsair. To explain, it has come up with 50mm custom-tuned neodymium Audio drivers, which has an extended frequency of 20 Hz to 30,000 Hz. In a like manner, it has the microfiber mesh fabric that makes you comfortable during the long gaming sessions. Alternatively, there are the memory foam earpads that offer extra comfort, which lasts for long.

Furthermore, it comes with the USB adapter and low-latency 2.4 GHz to connect the wireless devices like the PC or PS4. The omnidirectional microphone help to pick up the voice with excellent clarity, with the LED mute indicator. More importantly, it has the RGB lighting located on every ear cup to allow a near-limitless array of effects and colors.

Main features

  • 50mm custom-tuned neodymium Audio drivers
  • Microfiber mesh fabric
  • Comes with the USB adapter
  • Has omnidirectional microphone
  • Built-in LED mute indicator
  • Has a flip-up mute function
  • Has the RGB lighting

8. HyperX Cloud II Red Memory Foam Gaming Aluminum Headset

best gaming headset brandsHyperX Cloud II has come up with this headset product that has a USB audio sound card box that helps to amplify the voice and audio for an ideal Hi-Fi gaming experience. In particular, it has the padded leatherette headband and memory foam ear cushions, which help to keep focused on the gaming. Thanks to 53-millimeter drivers that provide high-quality audio, which makes you hear the in-game details better.

Moreover, it has a closed ear cup design, which blocks out outside distractions to keep you focused on the game. In the same fashion, there is the durable aluminum frame that is built to withstand any blow of the daily use. Alternatively, it comes with the noise-canceling microphone that makes your friends hear you loud and clear when chatting with them. The 7.1 virtual surround sound allows you to immerse in the games for a precise located audio fully.

Main features

  • Padded leatherette headband
  • Memory foam ear cushions
  • Has 53-millimeter drivers
  • Has the closed ear cup design
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Comes with the noise-canceling microphone
  • 1 virtual surround sound

7. Razer KrakenClassic Black X Ultralight Gaming Lightweight Headset

Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming HeadsetTo those who love enjoying gaming, this model is the right one because it offers a surprising and high-quality audio experience. As an illustration, it comes with 7.1 surround sound for positional audio. Equally important, it has 40mm custom-tuned drivers, which surround sound software-enabled when using PC gaming. Again, it is lightweight that is all-day comfort, making it lighter than its competitors by 40%.

Besides, it comes with a bendable noise-canceling microphone that helps to reduce ambient and background noises for the crystal-clear communication. The mute mic switch and analog volume control wheel offer convenient and quick adjustments. What is more, there is a durable construction, which makes it withstand daily and care-free use. There is an audio jack that helps you connect the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices.

Main features

  • Comes with 7.1 surround sound
  • 40mm custom-tuned drivers
  • It is lightweight
  • Bendable noise-canceling microphone
  • Mic mute switch
  • Analog volume control wheel
  • Has a durable construction
  • There is the audio jack

6. ASTRO Black/Silver Gaming A50 Wireless Headset

ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless + Base Station for PlayStation 4 & PCThe ASTRO model has come up with this model that has immersive sound and audio experience to deliver music, game, and dialogue sound. To clarify, it has Dolby audio that makes it provide a high resolution, cinematic gaming audio experience. In the first place, it comes with a lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable and has a battery life of more than 15 hours. Equally important, there is the voice balance that gives the user full control over a mix of chat and game Audio.

More so, it has Astro command center software, which gives the players full control over the audio experience, including game audio and voice communication settings. In all honesty, it comes with USB,PC sound card functionality that provides balance, voice, and game streaming. The A50 Mod Kit allows the users to add the ear cushions and synthetic leather headband to improve noise isolation. Also, it delivers the top-of-the-line acoustics, comfort, durability, and ergonomics that gamers require.

Main features

  • Has the Dolby audio
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • There is the voice balance
  • Astro command center software
  • USB,PC sound cardfunctionality
  • Synthetic leather headband
  • Has the A50 Mod Kit

5. SteelSeries Black High Fidelity Arctis Pro Gaming Headset

best gaming headset 2021This model from SteelSeries is outstanding because it is beneficial to those people who love gaming. Notably, it comes with the HI-RES capable speakers and high-quality neodymium magnets that reproduce a full and expansive frequency from between 10 and 40,000 hertz. Thanks to the luxurious aluminum alloy and polished steel construction that offer maximum consistent fit and durability. In the same fashion, it has X v2.0 surround sound that produces optimum spatial imagination for complete 360-degree immersion.

More so, there is the USB chat mix dial that allows you to adjust and balance the volume between the chat audio games. In a like manner, it has the headphone sensitivity of 102 dB SPL and microphone frequency response of 100 to 10,000 kHz. Above all, it comes with the prism RGB illumination that makes you have the true reflection of the mood.

Main features

  • Has HI-RES capable speakers
  • High-density neodymium magnets
  • Has luxurious aluminum alloy
  • Polished steel construction
  • Has X v2.0 surround sound
  • USB chat mix dial
  • Headphone sensitivity of 102 dB SPL
  • Prism RGB illumination

4. Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Gaming HD Dual Sound Headset

gaming headset with best micCreative has introduced this model in the market, which has a new level of audio precision and immersion to offer the ultimate competitive advantage. In the same case, it comes with upgraded 50mm drivers that give better game play. More importantly, there is improved and redesigned detachable mic, which enhances noise cancellation and vocal pickup.

Subsequently, it came with the gunmetal finishing and brushed metal earcup plates that make it durable and long-lasting. Equally, it has the red fabric bold earcup lining, which makes it comfortable when wearing it. In the same fashion, there is a dynamic sound signature, which enhances precision and clarity. The X-Plus mode emphasizes game cues, which is crucial during the competitive game when playing the down distractions.

Main features

  • Upgraded 50mm drivers
  • Improved and redesigned detachable mic
  • Gunmetal finishing
  • Brushed metal earcup plates
  • Red fabric bold earcup lining
  • Has the X-Plus mode
  • Dynamic sound signature

3. ASTRO Blue A10 PlayStation 4 Gaming Headset

best gaming headset for Xbox series xTo ensure you hear your teammates and the game with precision and clarity, this model from ASTRO has come up with ASTRO audio. Notably, it has the headband anodized aluminum, which is wrapped in a resistant polycarbonate blend to withstand wins and losses. In the first place, it comes with a 3.5mm jack that makes it compatible with all devices, including tablets and mobile phones.

Similarly, there is an omnidirectional microphone that features in-line Volume Control and flip-up mute functionality to offer total command for the gaming audio experience. In the same way, it has the headband pressure of 4.5N and the frequency response of 20 to 20,000 Hz. Thanks to the memory foam ear-cushions, which keep you away from fatigue when following the play. Also, it has a rubberized cover, which makes it resistant to shock.

Main features

  • Headband anodized aluminum
  • Comes with a 5mm jack
  • There is an omnidirectional microphone
  • Headband pressure of 4.5N
  • Has memory foam ear-cushions
  • Has the rubberized cover

2. RUNMUS Stereo LED Light Noise Canceling Gaming Headset

NMUS Stereo Gaming HeadsetThis gaming headset model delivers high-quality simulated surround sound to enhance the immersive gaming experience. Namely, it comes with a 50mm audio driver to provide a quality surround sound, enhancing the gaming experience. More importantly, it has a crystal-clear microphone, which picks up the voice. Also, it makes you enjoy smooth communication with other teammates. On the other hand, there is soft bionic protein and lightweight material, which makes you feel comfortable.

Furthermore, it comes with a microphone mute switch and easy volume control that help you plug and play with no driver needed. In like manner, there is the anti-static tech, which is inside the gaming headphones to prevent the static sound from occurring. Thanks to all-cover ear cups and self-adjusting padding headband that offer ultra-comfortable wearing experience.

Main features

  • 50mm audio driver
  • Has the crystal-clear microphone
  • Soft bionic protein
  • Has lightweight material
  • Microphone mute switch
  • There is an anti-static tech
  • All-cover ear cups
  • Self-adjusting padding headband

1. HyperX HX-HSCRS-GM/NA Revolver S Gaming Cloud Headset

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming HeadsetThe important thing about this model is that it is compatible with Ventrilo, Skype, RaidCall, and Mumble, together with other VOIP programs. In the first place, it comes with a USB audio advanced control box and DSP sound card, which enhances noise-cancellation and output levels. In the same fashion, it has a studio-grade sound stage that allows you to hear the enemies before they can listen to you.

Thanks to the durable steel frame, which makes it long-lasting, durable, and stable. Equally important, it comes with a DSP sound card that boosts the audio and enhances noise cancellation for the optimized gaming experience. Even more, it has 50mm directional drivers, which are located parallel to the ears to offer precise audio with enhanced bass.

Main features

  • USB audio advanced control box
  • Has DSP sound card
  • Studio-grade sound stage
  • Durable steel frame
  • 50mm directional drivers
  • DSP sound card


If you want to choose the best gaming headset for yourself, the above list is the best product. They come with outstanding features that can make you buy one. Personal preferences, tastes, and listening habits are essential features to consider, especially if you choose the wireless or wired features.

The voice of these pc gaming headset is clear, full-bodied, and without background vibrations, even in noisy and busy environments. They come with an exceptional microphone, extra ear cup paddings, and audio cable that allow your teammates to hear you. This is even in noisy environments like gaming tournaments. Remember that there are many gaming headset brands on the market in 2021, but our products will assure you enough sound for the other gamers to hear you.

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