3 Best External Desktop Hard Drives For 2019

Best External Desktop Hard Disk Drives 2019If you work with a lot of files and documents with large file sizes then you should buy the best external desktop hard drive so that it suits your needs.

When looking for the best external desktop hard drive for your needs, you should make sure that you consider some important things like data transfer speeds, the right amount of capacity and reliability so that you can safely store your data or backups without worry.

We are here to help you to choose the best external hard drives that money can buy in 2018. After many research and testing, we have found that the best external desktop hard drive is Western Digital 4 TB My Book for most people.

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3 Best External Desktop Hard Drives Reviews For 2019

1. Western Digital 4 TB My Book

Best External Desktop & Portable Hard Disk DrivesThis My Book 4 TB is reliable, super fast, and less expensive than the other external desktop drives we tested, in addition, it has enough space for your future storage needs and a long three-year warranty. You can easily secure your files on this external desktop hard drive with 4TB storage capacity.

Maximum data transfer rates of this hard drive are up to 5Gbps in USB 3.0 mode. Data transfer rates are up to 480Mbps in USB 2.0 mode. This WD 4 TB My Book is compatible with Windows(R) 8. You will get WD SmartWare Pro backup software and Acronis True Image system-level backup software.

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2. Western Digital 8 TB My Book

Best Desktop External Hard Drive 2019

If you looking for more storage then we recommend the WD 8 TB My Book.

The 8 TB My Book is just as reliable as our first choice, and it was about as fast in our Blu-ray and HD Tune tests, but about 4 minutes slower in our Time Machine testing.

It’s cheaper per terabyte than the other My Book models. It costs around $170 at this writing. We recommend this hard drive only if you need that much space.


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3. Western Digital’s 4 TB Elements

WD 4TB Elements Portable External Hard DriveIf the WD 4 TB My Book is out of stock or the price goes up, Western Digital’s 4 TB Elements is a dependable alternative for you. The Elements is about as fast as our first choice Western Digital 4 TB My Book. its average write speed was 7.7 MB/s slower.

It took about 5 seconds longer to transfer a Blu-ray film, but the differences were within the margin of error. It only costs 46¢ more per terabyte, but prices fluctuate. If you find the Elements for less than the My Book, it’s a better buy. This external hard drive model lacks the backup software and you will get a two-year warranty.

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