10 Best Electric Shavers 2018-2019 (Buyer’s Guide)


best electric shaver 2018An essential grooming instrument for the modern gentleman is the electric shaver.

Before men used to reach into the medicine cabinet for a shaver and usual can of shaving foam to get a smooth, kissable face.

But over time, the male good looks climate has developed as a new crop of best electric razors have entered the fold.

What suit to one person may not be suitable for another person. Selecting the best electric shaver is a very personal decision. Choose the one that best suits your skin and facial hair.

Our recommendation for the best electric shaver in 2018 is Barun Series 9 9095CC

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10 Best Electric Shavers Reviews

Below is the list showing the Top 10 best rated electric razors which are chosen by the specialist reviewers of TPA10.COM. I suggest you to read our buying guide below before buying an electric shaver. It will give you a clear view about the best electric shaver or razor.

Without wasting any time, let’s jump on to our top 10 Electric shavers list.

1. Braun Series 9 9095CC – The latest electric shaver of Braun

best electric razor 2018

Our first electric razor in this series comes from the German technological industry known as Braun.

It is the latest series of electric razor launched by Braun and our favorite model on this list is Braun 9095CC. The electric razor is covered with all the shiny chrome plastic, which looks cool!

This best electric razor 2018 works the same way as the 790cc above; the only difference is that 9095cc contains an extra trimmer called “Direct & Cut”.

This additional trimmer helps the razor to align the hairs that grow in different directions and then cut them. In addition to this, the 790cc ActiveLift trimmer is replaced by the HyperLift Trimmer, which is a bit more advanced and helps remove flat hair.

The Pulsonic Braun 9095 razor produces 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute, please do not mix it with the 10,000 micro vibrations of 790cc. Provides a closer shaving of 790cc, the difference is not so much to astonish. There is also a pop-up trimmer.

The reason why it is listed as number 2 is because it is made of plastic while the 799cc contains the metal head. In addition to this, you will pay a lot of money for the features you do not need if you have a normal beard and shave every day. However, this cutting instrument is a little more comfortable on the skin.

Braun 99590cc series has all the features of 790cc and also has the Wet & Dry technology, that helps the user to use this best electric shaver on dry skin or shaving gel for sensitive skin.

Editor’s Recommendation: The Braun 9 9095 series has all the great features including the Wet & Dry technology that was missing in the 790cc above. It contains an extra trimmer that helps to cut the hairs that grow in more directions. On the other hand, the downside of this razor is that it’s all plastic and very expensive too.


  • 40,000 Cross cutting actions
  • Addition of an extra trimmer called “Direct & Cut”
  • Presence of Wet&Dry Technology
  • Close shaving experience

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2. Braun Series 7 790CC – Rocking the market since 2010

The next one on our list is also Braun. The Braun Series 7 is undoubtedly the most popular series ever made by this company and the 790cc is the best-selling electric shaver of all time. Undoubtedly, it is still the best rated electric razor out there and the number 1 on our list. Enough praise, let’s get into the business now.

Best Electric Shavers For Sensitive Skin 2018

The razor offers an incredibly close and soft shave compared to others in our range. The Series7 790cc is quite different regarding the features of other electric razors. The face of this electric razor has three trimmers. Two of these are called “OptiFoil” while the other two are called “ActiveLift”.

OptiFoil trimmers help the electric razor to cover more facial hair with fewer strokes while ActiveLift helps to cut short and in-grown hairs. Not to forget that this is a Pulsonic electric razor, which produces 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute, which helps the razor to capture more and more hairs in every stroke.

The Braun 790cc head is very flexible and can move quickly around the contours of your face. The razor is equipped with an alcohol-based cleaning and charging dock that can kill 99% of germs with the help of a single button. In addition to this, there are 3 customization modes which are available in this advanced electric shaver known as Intensive, normal and Extra Sensitive. You can choose the best-rated electric shaver based on the type of skin and your hair. There is also a pop-up trimmer for cutting beards, mustaches, and sideburns.

The only disadvantage of this best men’s electric razor is that it lacks Wet & Dry technology. However, this feature is available in the other variant of the Braun Series 7, known as the Braun 799cc, which is quite expensive.

Editor’s Recommendation: Overall, the Braun 7 790cc series is my favorite electric razor for all time and the best electric razor out there in the market. The construction quality is excellent, 3 trimmers, rotating head, customization mode and cleaning dock are sufficient for a comfortable and close shave. In addition to this, this is one of the most economical electric razors available on the market. The price is very low compared to others in our lineup.


  • Flexible and rotating head
  • Budget Friendly
  • Customization mode
  • Automatic cleaning and charging dock
  • Solid Built Quality

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3. Panasonic Arc 5 – Best Electric Razor for Close shaving

When it comes to close shaving, no one on the market can beat Panasonic Arc 5. If you are going to get back on the manual cutting instrument, just because the electric shaver has failed to provide the close shave, then give it a try, and you will change your decision.

best shaver 2018

Panasonic is a Japanese brand and does not compromise anything on quality. Arc 5 is a laminated razor in nature and contains 5 blades that guarantee an extremely close shave. This is the best electric shaver for people who have thick and heavy beards.

There is an LED panel that keeps you updated with battery life and comes with the cleaning and charging dock. Panasonic Arc 5 contains a 14,000 linear CPM motor designed to prevent tugging and pulling that you might have faced with cheap razors. Just like the Braun, aside razor is also available in this electric razor to help you trim your mustache and beard.

The razor contains five sheets of 3 different types. Three slit films are available to help you cut off all the long, bulky hairs. A Lift-Tech trimmer helps to capture stretched hair and ingrown hairs. A finishing sheet is there to cut all the hairs that grow in different directions and lost from the other four trimmers.

Everything on this razor is fantastic. But I could not find this comfortable electric razor compared to the others. The head of this razor seems cumbersome and big enough. He was not reaching my neck properly. I have a very sensitive skin and that’s why I prefer comfortable razors on close razors.

If you’re already getting the desired results from your current electric shaver and you do not have a thick beard, then I advise you not to go with Arc 5. Instead, take a look at Arc 4 below.

Editor’s Recommendation: The performance of this electric razor is absolutely fantastic. There is no doubt that this cutting instrument is the best electric shaver ever built by Panasonic. However, one of the most important factors “Comfort” is missing. I still want to remind you that this is my personal opinion and I have sensitive skin and maybe that’s why I do not like it. This electric razor may be right for you, so you can try it or not. It’s up to you.


  • Pivoting head and 5 trimmers in head
  • Best Electric razor for close shaving
  • Wet & Dry Electric Shaver
  • Good for thick and heavy beards

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4. Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D – Best Rotary Shaver for Head and Beard

best electric razor for shaving head 2018Philips is the master when it comes to Rotary razors. No other brand can beat Philips in this technology. The number 4 on our list will be the Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D rotary shaver, which is good for both the beard and the head.

We have found that this is the most comfortable rotary shaver and adheres perfectly to the skin and moves smoothly around the contours of the face and provides an effective shave in a precise way.

The razor has 3 independent round foils in the head that attach and move around the contours of your face. The rotating head of the razor helps to reach all the hairs and the stubble.

The foils can rotate, tilt and can move up and down, which is a great feature to help you shave your head. That’s why this is the best electric shaver for Bald guys. The head of this razor is called “GyroFlex 3D” because it can move in 3 dimensions that are a unique feature.

There are other fantastic features available in this electric shaver called “Super Lift & Cut”, which is similar to ActiveLift in Braun and Lift-Tech in Panasonic. Helps to capture hair on the neck and jawline. It also helps the razor to collect hairs, stubble, and flat hair.

Now let’s get to the negative aspects of this razor. The razor feels premium compared to the looks but when you put your hands on it, it looks really cheap. Too bad it’s all plastic and rubber. The battery is fixed, so if somehow the battery goes out, you will have no choice but to replace the electric shaver.

Editor’s Recommendation: Overall, SensoTouch 3D is an advanced and great rotary cutting instrument that offers all the latest features you can get from a razor. It is fast and powerful and guarantees a comfortable and close-fitting shave. There are some downsides, but its number 4 on our list.


  • The head of this shaver can move into 3 dimensions, which is good for shaving head
  • Three Independent Foils
  • Wet&Dry technology available
  • Extremely comfortable and close shaving provider

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5. Panasonic Arc 4 – Budget friendly and Close shaving provider

best electric razor for men 2018-2019

Panasonic again, with a wonderful Arc 4 model. It is almost the same as the Panasonic arc but contains 4 blades at the top and does not have a charging dock.

Just like Arc 5, this model will also offer you an extremely close shave but at the same time lack of comfort.

It is one of the best electric shavers in the market. Panasonic Arc 4 has all the features of the latest Arc 5; it lacks only a single trimmer from its head and is supplied without a cleaning and charging dock.

The 4-blade system available in this electric shaver is advanced and clear enough to give you the closest shaving experience.

The blades are extremely resistant, sharp and can rotate to 30 degrees in any direction. It also contains the 14,000 CPM linear double action motor that is really powerful.

Editor’s Recommendation: In addition to this, it provides 40 minutes of battery life with a single charge while the others provide 50 minutes of battery backup. Other so that there is not much to write about this topic, as I have already explained all the features mentioned above in Panasonic Arc 5.


  • LED Panel available to keep you updated with the battery and motor speed
  • Extremely low in price as compared to other high tech shavers on our list

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6. Wahl Professional 8061 – Best Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin

best electric shaver for legs 2018

Wahl is an American brand and a selection of professional barbers. Wahl Professional 8061 is a practical, robust, powerful and solid electric shaver that can be adapted to the needs of any man.

This electric cutting instrument uses the Dynaflex cutting system, which can help the razor reach and adhere to the most difficult areas, such as the neck and jaw. Dynaflex offers flexibility to the shaver that prevents any type of cuts and burns.

In addition to this, the hypoallergenic foils are available to guarantee a deep and regular shave. It also provides antimicrobial protection against bacteria. That is why it is an ideal option for those who have very sensitive skin.

The design of this razor is extremely good. It is designed to be used very easily. It’s all plastic, but feels premium in your hand and does not pay as much to get an aluminum or metal body. The best thing about this razor is that it is hypoallergenic. which is beneficial for users of sensitive skin. There is a retractable trimmer that can be useful for trimming mustache and sideburns.

Before buying this shaver, you should know that this is a razor that only works for stubble length hairs only. So, if you are going to shave only daily basis, then this is a good option, otherwise, I suggest you take a look at the other shavers available on this list.

In addition to this, it vibrates a lot during use, which makes it a bit more difficult to use and uncomfortable.

Editor’s Recommendation: In general, the Wahl Professional 8061 is a great choice for people with sensitive skin due to hypoallergenic foil heads. It has a long battery life, which is beneficial for those who travel a lot. Easy to clean and easy to use. No doubt, you are getting what you are paying for.


  • Easy to use design Hypoallergenic Foil Heads (That made Wahl the best electric shaver for sensitive skin)
  • Travel-Friendly (Long Battery Life)
  • Budget Friendly
  • Easy to clean

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7. Norelco AT830 – Affordable and Most popular Electric Shaver

best budget electric shaver 2018-2019The Philips Norelco AT830 is one of the most famous electric shavers out there and was released for the first time in 2012. If you prefer rotary shavers over foil, and in short on the budget then AT830 might be the ideal choice for you.

Norelco AT830 is a PowerTouch, Wet & Dry electric shaver that offers many useful features and few drawbacks. The head of this razor can rotate slightly but not like SensoTouch in all 3 dimensions.

The Philips AT830 is equipped with DualPrecision technology, which allows the head to deal with long hairs and short stubble, so you can enjoy a comfortable and snug shave.

The pop-up trimmer also available in this electric shaver. The battery life of the AT830 is exceptional. It provides 50 minutes of battery backup and takes 1 hour to fully recharge. You can easily have 10 shaves on a single charge.

The rotating electric razors 2018 have been introduced for a comfortable shaving experience. So, there is no doubt that this razor provides an extremely comfortable and really smooth shave on the skin. Just do not press the razor on the skin, pretend to shave a tissue paper, the AT830 will do its job.

Editor’s Recommendation: Philips Norelco At830 is a mid-level electric shaver that has many outstanding features, including Wet / Dry Technology, DualPrecision, long battery life, pop-up trimmer and rotating head. In addition to this, the price is very low compared to others. Easy to clean, beautiful and a comfortable electric razor, the most unique part of this razor is that it is extremely quiet.


  • DualPrecision and Wet&Dry Technology
  • Affordable and Easy to clean
  • Comfortable and sensitive skin friendly
  • Very quite (The motor of this electric shaver doesn’t make noise that much)

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8. Braun CoolTec – Smooth and Cool Electric Shaver

best electric shaver 2016Yet another razor from Braun. This time, Braun invented an incredible sensitive skin specialist that contains TEC (Thermo Electric Cooling) technology.

Braun CoolTec is a Wet & Dry electric shaver that can be used in the shower or on dry skin. It is 100% waterproof, so you can rinse it with water to clean it.

The unique feature of this razor is the cooling technology. This technology offers functionality for sensitive skins. The electric shaver will keep your skin fresh during shaving, so you do not have to worry about leaving your bathroom with a blushing red face. This feature also helps prevent irritation during shaving. This feature helps minimize burning and redness during shaving.

The SensoBlade technology is introduced into this razor to capture hair that grows in different directions. The battery backup of this razor is 45 minutes and takes 1 hour to fully charge. However, if you intend to use the cooling function, the battery backup will be 15 minutes with a full charge. The cooling function can be activated or deactivated with a single button.

I do not want to recommend using this electric cutting machine with gels and foams due to the CoolTec function of this electric shaver. This function is incompatible with external cooling fluids.

Editor’s Recommendation: Overall, Braun CoolTec is a unique electric shaver, perfect for design and comfort. Comparing the price with the other cutting machine on our list, it’s nothing. The extraordinary CoolTec technology makes it an excellent razor for people with sensitive skin. The only downside I found in this razor is the short battery life.



  • Sensitive Skin Friendly
  • TEC technology
  • Wet & Dry Electric shaver
  • Great Looking Design

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9. Remington F5-5800 – Budget Electric Shaver (Under $50)

best men's electric shaverThe number 9 will come from the famous Remington. Remington is a famous brand that has designed many entry-level electric razors for medium frequencies. They were the first to introduce a cordless charging system for electric razors.

F5-5800 contains 2 foils and 1 trimmer on the head. The head can rotate up and down and moves around the contours of your face to give you an easy and comfortable shave.

The razor is very easy to clean. Simply remove the razor head and rinse it under water. The razor is free from irritation. Trust me, I had a lot of irritation even with most of the high-end razors listed above, including the Braun 790cc but the Remington F5-5800 was complete irritation free electric shaver.

The razor is made up of all cheap plastic. It does not provide a precise shave, because of the proximity of the budget I recommend you use Panasonic Arc 3. The blades had to be replaced after an average use of 3-4 months, which costs more. The razors make a lot of noise because of the engine.

Editor’s Recommendation: Remington F5-5800 is an accessible and basic level razor that provides a soft and comfortable shave. There are some drawbacks I mentioned above, however, you can buy it for $ 50. So those negative points can be ignored.


  • Smooth and Comfortable
  • Extremely Affordable (Under $50)
  • Pivoting Head

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10. Panasonic Arc 3 – Advanced and 3-Blade Cordless Electric Shaver

“Last but not least, Panasonic Arc 3 has finally arrived.”

what is the best electric shave 2018-2019No matter if you get a Panasonic razor for $ 30 or $ 300 or $ 500, proximity will be their first priority. Yet another electric shaver that offers an incredibly compact shave with a 3 blade cutting system and an extremely low price compared to most electric razors mentioned above.

The rotating head, 3 extremely sharp blades that provide an accurate shave, LED indicator that keeps you up to date with battery life, Wet & Dry technology, what is not there for you? All the advanced features are there and the price is under $ 70.

The shaver comes without cleaning and charging dock, that’s why the price is low compared to other Panasonic models on our list.

The razor’s head contains 3 nanotech blades which are also hypoallergenic, so this electric razor is also sensitive skin friendly. The adjustable pivoting head is there, which can adhere to the contours of your face to provide a close and smooth shave.

Editor’s Recommendation: In general, the Panasonic Arc 3 offers many features at a very affordable price. It comes without cleaning dock, that’s how Panasonic manage to keep the price low. But that’s not a problem, I’m sure it’s not a headache to spend an extra minute cleaning your razor every day. In addition to that, the battery life is excellent and the razor has a Wet & Dry technology, so you can use it in the shower with foam and gel or you can use it on dry skin.


  • Wet & dry electric shaver Sharp and Hypoallergenic blades which are friendly to sensitive skin
  • LED Panel
  • Close and Smooth Shave

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How to Choose the Best Electric Shaver (Razor)?

Some people choose electric shavers according to safety, convenience and versatility other people may prefer the less expensive, time-honored and closer manual shaving. Nowadays the modern cutting instrument or technology has allowed the user to satisfy and get the best electric wet shave easily and safely.

It can be hard to opt between all of the different razor brands and find the top-rated razors. Almost all the shavers are attractive products. And now you will find two, three, four or five blades; foil or rotary; wet/dry, precision heads, flex motion type shavers on the market.

We the TPA10 team know that finding the best electric shaver to suit your facial hair, specific skin type, and personal preferences is not easy. After personal testing and a great deal of research, our review team has arrived at a list comprising of the very best electric razors 2018. These are the best products that are serious men’s hygiene instruments.

Our top 10 list of best electric shavers will help you to choose the most suitable electric razors for you. I suggest you read our buying guide of best electric shavers below before making a purchase.

Electric Shaver Buyer’s Guide

Advanced and best electric razors 2018 are the combination of technology available in a small package. Before choosing your electric shaver from the list above or somewhere else, I suggest you read our Buying Guide again, it will help you understand the technology that accompanies these modern electric razors.

So, without further ado, let’s continue with our electric shaver buying guide.

Rotary vs Foil – Which is best for you?

I prefer Foil razors over Rotary razors due to proximity, smoothness, and design.

The rotating razors were first introduced to provide a comfortable shave and a shaving head. There is no doubt that the rotating razors are much more comfortable than the aluminum razors, but they have not managed to provide a perfect shave.

While, on the other hand, foil shavers are expert in closeness. They contain sharp blades and advanced technology that I really like.

What Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Razor?

There are some important factors to consider before buying an electric razor. These factors are the nature, design, characteristics, style, and comfort of the razor. That’s why it will not be an easy decision. Take a quick look at these basic factors when shopping for a best electric razor:

1. Comfort and convenience 

You’re buying the best electric razor to make life easier and comfortable, not for adding extra time to your daily route.

2. Closeness 

If the electric razor doesn’t shave close enough, you will not be satisfied. And it is an important factor that you must consider when buying a best electric shaver 2018.

3. Speed 

If a manual blade takes you 10 minutes to shave then, it will take you 2-3 minutes with an electric shaver. Look for cycles per minute (CMA).

4. Technology 

You should choose hi-tech features to get the best shaving experience.

5. Durability 

The longer your electric razor lasts, the more you can justify the price.

6. Battery life 

With modern Shaver models 2018 you should expect 50 to 60 minutes of cordless shaving.

7. LED indicator:

a charger with LED indicator is good enough to keep you updated with the current battery level. Alert when connecting the charger and warn with the low battery.

8. Corded and wireless shaving:

Few of the electric razors allow you to shave while your electric shaver plugged in while few don’t. Braun’s series 9 does not allow corded shaved while Braun’s 7 series do allow it.

Best rated electric razors

9. Easy to use and clean:

Make sure that the design of the electric cutting instrument is easy to use and clean. Almost all of the electric razors listed above are easy to use and easy to clean. Most of the electric shavers above come with a cleaning basin, all you need to do is put the razor inside that dock and press the button, that dock will clean your razor. Some models do not come with a cleaning dock, so you have to do it manually. But it will not take more than 1 minute!

10. Pop-up trimmer:

Most razors have an integrated trimmer that can be pulled out. You can use the trimmer for combing, sideburns, and whiskers.

11. Wet & Dry technology:

Wet & Dry technology allows you to use electric razors in the shower or on dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, you may prefer shaving with gel foam.

That’s where this technology comes handy.

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Check out which Razor Is best for you in this video

What Is Back Hair Shaver and How To Choose The Best back shaver 2018?

MANGROOMER - LITHIUM MAX PLUS+ Back Hair ShaverAs a man, you will grow hair in all parts of your body. This includes on your stomach, face and your back.

Being hairy is really irritating for you and also for your partner. But you can always shave it off.  A good back shaver will give you the ability to shave the hair on your back effortlessly and conveniently.

If you want to get rid of from this hairy problem then back shaving is more convenient and easy procedure than waxing which was used in the past.

While there are quite a few methods to weigh down back hair, shaving your back hair is a simplest way to remove the bear look without the extra hassle. But you can’t do it with a normal razor and soap. You need the best back shaver. With this back hair shaver, you can shave your back hair like you are shaving your facial hair.

But the complications start when choosing the best back shaver in 2018 as you can’t do it with a normal razor and soap. You need the best back hair shaver.

The best back shavers remove the hair from all the hard-to-reach places on your back painlessly and effortlessly. But there’s a few of these on the market. And not all of them are right for every man. The following is a comprehensive guide for any man – whether you resemble a bear or need a little bit of grooming or want to remove back hair without asking for help.

Let’s go for it. Here are five awesome back shavers that can easily get the ball rolling for you!

  2. MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver
  3. MANGROOMER Lithium Max Back Shaver
  4. MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver
  5. BaKblade Brand Do-It-Yourself Back Hair Shaver


Best back shaver 2018This best back hair shaver is a new and innovative hair shaver designed specifically to reach all the back area with ease. With this shaver, you can reach all the messy hair more easily than you imagined. When you combine this with the 50% wider shaving head, you are really looking at an amazing razor that is miles away from the competition.

Not all men are created equally. And some men have more hair than others, but that will not matter when you invest for the MANGROOMER. With the push of a button, you can activate this shaver in power burst mode and slide through all the coarse and rough hair with ease and precision.

Along with this, the groomer is designed with two different head accessories at no additional cost. One of them is the new 50% wider head, which is perfect for large hairdresser areas at the same time. The other is the head of the baby groomer, which is awesome for regular maintenance.

With a 50% wider head and power burst mode, the MANGROOMER really makes the removal of that annoying back hair effortless, easy, and painless. When you actually combine this with the other features, then it will look like an amazing hairdresser that is out of the world.

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2. MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair ShaverDo you have back hair that sticks to your shirt and puts it in compromising positions? If so, it may be time to shave.

When it comes to shaving your head, it is a bit more complicated to shave your legs or armpits. Your back is really sensitive and a small notch can leave a lasting effect.

This is the reason why hundreds of men rely on this MANGROOMER electric shaver.

It Reaches all the areas of the back easily.

The MANGROOMER back razor has an extra wide blade, with a length of approximately 9 inches. The longer length of this back shaver allows all the body sizes to reach each area of your back, so they can eliminate every hair that has been plaguing your appearance.

Foldable design

The folding design will allow easy storage and portability of the offer. The MANGROOMER shaver opens at 135 degrees, more is blocked in different lengths. This design will prevent you from mishaps, while helping you to control throughout the process.

The blades are replaceable

In order to extend the life of the shaver, the blades are replaceable. You can easily take away the blade and replace it with a new one blade in seconds.

The replacement blade of this shaver is affordable and accessible, so you can change the dull blade whenever you feel it necessary. When the blade begins to pull the hair follicles, it will be time to replace the blade.

Powerful engine on board

The onboard engine is very powerful, so it will not clog even under the most extreme coercion. As you probably already know, an engine that constantly gets stuck will cause hair removal and uneven shaving. The powerful onboard engine will not only guarantee a uniform shave, but it will also significantly speed up the shaving process smoothly.

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3. MANGROOMER Lithium Max Back Shaver

MANGROOMER LITHIUM MAX Back ShaverThe hair on your back can definitely hinder your style, so it’s crucial to keep it shaved. However, this will be almost impossible if you do not have MANGROOMER Lithium Max Back Shaver. With this best back shaver 2018, you will never have to ask another person to shave your back, as it extends to help reach each area of the back. This shaver is lightweight too, so that you can easily transport it from one place to another.

The MANGROOMER lithium back razor comes with two shaving heads for accessories. Both shaving heads have a flexible shock absorber neck, which will ensure a smooth and even shave at all times. The 1.8 “rear brush is extra wide for a larger back shaving area, that will speed up the process significantly.

The bidirectional head of the aluminum body is ideal for regular maintenance of this best back shaver, while the 1.8 “rear brush will be more suitable for longer hair. The MANGROOMER Lithium Max Back Shaver is good for a healthy and hairless back. The extended and flexible handle feature will ensure a uniform precision cut at all times. With this shaver, you will never need to ask for help, when shaving your back.

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4. MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver


Best back hair shaver 2018

Whether you’re extremely loaded with the back of your hair or you’re just looking to do a little preparation, you can not go wrong with the MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro rear razor.

This do-it-yourself back shaver is the ultimate in after-shaver with unique technology and advanced features. Not only can you adjust the angle of the shaver, but you can also adjust the length.

Regardless of your height or shape, you should not have trouble getting to those problem areas. This best back hair shaver Includes 2 fixing heads. With the only two accessory heads included in the purchase, any man will not have problems to achieve a smooth and hairless back. Both heads include flexible shock absorbers with ultra-wide 1.8-inch blades.

When you combine this with Power Burst mode, there really is no reason not to be able to shave through that thick hair in a matter of minutes.

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5. BaKblade Brand Do-It-Yourself Back Hair Shaver

Best back hair shaver 2018Do you want a totally convenient rear hair shaver or want to remove the back of your hair without using the shaving cream?

If the answer is yes, you should consider investing in the hair shaver with “Bigmouth” 1.0. This best back hair shaver can be used without shaving cream and works very well in wet and dry conditions. This product uses safety sheets, which are extremely safe. In fact, the blades help reduce the risk of cutting.

Ergonomic design and long handle

This back hair shaver 2018 is equipped with a long handle. This will give you the ability to shave your back without the need to break your arm in the process. With this hair shaver, you can shave your back on your own.

You will not need help from anyone else. In addition, the product is equipped with an ergonomic design. This feature helps ensure that the shaver is completely comfortable for your skin. Once everything is said and done, you will be provided with a sexy look that will impress anyone.

Shave a little faster

Finally, keep in mind that this razor is equipped with a safety blade that measures more than 4 “wide, which will give you the ability to aim for more space in a shorter period of time.

This great back hair shaver will allow you to go through the shaving process. Therefore, you can return to what matters more quickly than ever.

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