DJ Headphone Reviews [2020-2021] (Top 5 Best DJ Headphones For Djing)

Dj Headphones Reviews 2021The heart of the most personal DJ instrument is a pair of headphones.

Every DJ has a different personal preference for headphones.

From the way they look and how they play, the experience with each headphone varies from person to person.

DJs mainly need two things: mixer controller and a pair of headphones. Present yourself at a concert without one or the other and you’re screwed because these are two essential elements for a DJ.

There’s a reason why, despite all the changes in analog-digital DJ technology, headphones are still an essential part of every DJ’s backpack.

Our recommendation for the best DJ headphones for Djing is Sennheiser HD8 DJ Headphones

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Top 5 Best Dj Headphones reviews In [2020-2021]

1. Sennheiser HD8 DJ Headphones Review

Best Dj Headphones 2021Sennheiser has launched a line of dedicated DJ headsets (the original Sennheiser HD 25 has by chance become a classic DJ, as it must have been versatile headphones).

HD8 DJ is its flagship model and shows: its mostly metallic construction is quite compact, its excellent sound and the right amount of high-end accessories for the DJ that sounds.

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2. Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2 Review

Dj Headphones Reviews 2021 The Pioneer DJ HDJ headset series is a true workaholic: the HDJ-1000 and HDJ-1500 are popular models for beginner and intermediate DJs.

However, the peak of DJ surveillance, at least for Japanese society, is the HDJ-2000MK2’s flagship.

It’s sleek, incredibly sturdy and comes with a high-quality trim that is expected from a top plate model, which includes a zippered case and detachable headphone cables.

The sound insulation of the HDJ-2000MK2 is one of the best we’ve heard regarding DJ headphones, making it ideal for DJ, even in the most extravagant club environments.

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3. Sennheiser HD 25 Plus Headphone Review

Dj Headphones ReviewsRevised by DJs as the two sound engineers, the original HD 25 from Sennheiser has been the perfect headset for decades.

The Sennheiser HD 25 Plus is an improved version of the classic, and comes with extra velvet pads, taking a right angle, a carrying bag, and an extra spiral cord to avoid inconvenience to the DJ booth.

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4. TMA-2 Modular Headphone System Review

Best Dj Headphones The waves made original AIAIAI TMA-1 When the first time, with its iconic design that looks more like a monolithic sculpture than two flashy phones (all the rage at the moment, thanks to Beats By Dre).

Oh, and it sounded good to mix dance music too.

The TMA-2 literally brings all the best parts of the original TMA-1 and all other subsequent variants, since it is a fully customizable handset.

It is assembled online on the AIAIAI website by selecting components such as speaker controllers, earphones, cables, etc.

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5. RCF Iconica By Benny Benassi Review

Best Dj Headphones 2021RCF is a brand of speakers is well known in professional audio circles since 1980 its recent foray into the DJ headphones produced one of our favorite headphones in recent times.

The Iconic RCF Benny Benassi is a compact model of the scream “modern” ear. It is available in two colors: white and “black pepper”, which is a mix of black and bronze.

It comes with a zippered case, a remote control cable and a cable with a curled end.

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