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Best DJ Equipment 2021There is a lot of DJ equipment available out there suitable for different needs. But “best DJ equipment” for you depends on the one who will be playing with disk because a thing that went well with me might not go well with you.

For example, if I am a newbie on this field, a beginner DJ set up would work great for me and that would be best for me. But if you are a pro-level DJ, does the same DJ set up will work fine with you?

Obviously no, right?

So that’s the difference. On the other hand, as the djing technology is growing continuously so does our expectations. Every year new DJ equipment are finding there to the way our home, every new gear comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

There is no doubt that, new updated gears will give you a better workflow and will definitely enhance your working experience. However, today we have tried to provide you with in-depth information about the best DJ equipment’s, hope you would like it.

Let’s roll,

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Best DJ Gears

As I said back, I am saying again, the best DJ equipment for you depends on your skills and need. If you are a pro DJ and have some gears already, then now maybe it’s time for you to upgrade those. In the DJ field, there is nothing called best, it all depends on you. All you can do is, check the product, is that durable or not.

Below I have listed 5 DJ gears which could be helpful for you. These gears are trending on the market for their superb capabilities and top-rated products. Moreover, each of them has a lot of really positive user feedbacks.

Have a look.

Top 5 Best Dj Equipments Reviews For [2020-2021]

1. Input Device | Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Belt Driven Silver Turntable

Record players were invented in 1877, now they are not same as before but that’s an obvious thing. With time technology is improving but one that didn’t change is the Audio-Technica.

Best DJ Equipment 2021

If you have been on audio equipment market for any length of time, you would definitely know how popular this brand is.

They are the manufacturer of different audio equipment and started their journey in 1962. This brand is highly trusted and reliable and their turntable Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Belt Driven Silver is also holding the lead in the category.

The Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Belt Driven Silver comes in professional grade aluminum platter design and offers dual-magnet photo cartridge. It is an automatic dual speed turntable which has the ability to play 331/3 and 45 round per minute (RPM).

This turntable also comes with switchable phonographic pre-amplifier along with the RCA cables which will enable you to connect this turntable to other devices such as, laptop, Pcs, etc.

Overall, this Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Belt Driven Silver turntable delivers expected value. Moreover, this product belongs from a brand which is serving quality product for very long.

Other recommended products:
Audio-Technica AT-LP60 fully Automatic Stereo Turntable System ($99.00)

Numark TT250USB professional DJ Direct Drive Turntable ($239.00)

Reloop RP-8000 Advanced Hybrid torque Turntable with MIDI control ($699.99)

2. Controller | Pioneer DDJ-SX2 4-Channel Controller

Best DJ equipmentDoesn’t matter, whether you are a seasonal DJ or professional, you would definitely love to get your hand on this Pioneer DDJ-SX2 4-Channel Controller. It’s super cool design and features are going to offers you a great experience.

Didn’t hear about the brand pioneer? No? Then you don’t know anything about the audio market. Pioneer is the leader among the audio equipment manufacturers. A highly reliable brand, satisfying the users by providing more than expected values through their products.

The Pioneer DDJ-SX2 4-Channel Controller features 3 dedicated buttons which are Record, slot and start, in order to get access to Serato Flip, record great cue combinations and make them replay in a loop.

One thing I loved the most about this controller is, the full sized optimized wheels which offer great scratch response and the illuminated cue point markers along with the cue countdown enables you to control without even taking a look into the computer screen.

Moreover, this controller comes with three series long throw JBL woofers which produce amazing deep bass and high-frequency smooth response that is beyond humans hearing range. In one sentence, the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 4-Channel Controller is a complete beast.

Other suggested products:

Pioneer DDJ-SX2 4-Channel Controller for Serato DJ with 2x JBL LSR308 Studio Monitor and Accessories ($1599.99)

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 | USB DJ Controller with Trigger Pads & Serato DJ Lite Download (Includes Built-In Sound Card) ($174.13)

Novation DICER Digital Cue Point/Looping Serato/Traktor DJ Controller + Speaker ($99.99)

3. Mixer | Pioneer electronics DJM-S9 2 Channel Battle Mixer

Best DJ Equipment 2021Here comes another mind-blowing gear from the brand pioneer. This Pioneer electronics DJM-S9 2 Channel Battle Mixer is a great centerpiece for any digital vinyl rig. Need a mixer for clubs? This one could be a great catch.

This mixer is very flexible and compatible with club setups, has enough robust for hard battles and filled with two audio interfaces which are well-matched with Serato DJ.

The Pioneer electronics DJM-S9 2 Channel Battle Mixer offers powerful EQ filtering, FX beat, Magvel pro crossfader, and FX filter. Moreover, it also comes with serious horsepower along with the 8 multi-purpose performance pads.

This mixer will enable your control dedicated effects along with the OLED levels. For making easy changeovers this mixer also features two USB audio interfaces. Plus, it offers two style levers so that you can easily turn the effect on or off.

Other suggested products:

Pioneer electronics DJM-S9 2 Channel Battle Mixer for Serato ($1,699.00)


Allen & Heath High-Performance 2+2 Channel DJ Mixer ($299.00)

4. System | KRK RP5G3 ROKIT 5 G3 5″ 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor

DJ Equipment Reviews 2021The KRK is another market leader in their category. Their products were always being versatile enough that people could adopt them at the very first look.

But does their products only good at design? Hell no. Their products also do deliver superb value to the customer, once you go through the product review you will get to know everything about their products.

The KRK RP5G3 ROKIT 5 G3 5″ 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor famous for their sound accuracy and quality. Not only this product, but the entire brand is also famous for that. This product offers some feature that made this one different from similar models have a look.

This speaker offers a great combination of quality sound and the high-performance amplifier delivers nice tone control. It comes in a cabinet design in order to ensure the pristine stereo imaging and sonic accuracy. Moreover, The KRK RP5G3 ROKIT 5 G3 5″ 2-Way Powered Studio Monitor is suitable for any kind of music, the 5” Aramid composite woofer provides clean mids and strong bass sound.

It features high and low-frequency control with that you can easily adjust the sound suitable to your environment. And the last thing, this one is extremely durable. The Mackie CR4 features a front panel volume knob, and auxiliary input for easier access.

Other suggested products:

KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor($148.50)

JBL 5″ Two-Way powered Studio Monitor ($149.00)

Behringer MS16 2-Way Active Nearfield multimedia Monitor System ($79.99)


5. Headphone | Sony MDRZ7 Hi-Res Stereo Headphones

Best DJ Equipment 2021And welcome the king of sounds none other than Sony. Who doesn’t knows about this brand? Everyone does because they have their good marks left is different fields such as Tv, Camera, Music, Phones, Air condition and many more.

Let it be a beast controller or phone, you can this Sony MDRZ7 Hi-Res Stereo Headphones anywhere. First let me tell you the one thing that I didn’t like about this headphone is, the manufacturer could have installed a wireless system. In these days having a wired headphone over the head just doesn’t suit.

This Sony MDRZ7 Hi-Res Stereo delivers great sound. It has 70 mm driver unit along with the ALCP in order to get an articulate audio reproduction. It also features four conductor cables in order to ensure better signal separation.

It has comfortable ear pads, unlike few headphone models which are hard to wear for a long period of time. It has detachable Y type cord which is fairly durable and this headphone is designed in such a way so that it fits any heads.

Other suggested products:

Sony MDR-Z7 high-resolution Stereo Closed Dynamic Headphones ($698.00)

Sennheiser HD 600 Audiophile Dynamic Hi-Fi professional Stereo earpiece($265.00)

Samson SR850 professional Studio Reference Headphones ($49.99)

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