Top 10 Best Air Fryer of [2022-2023]

best air fryers 2022Almost all people love fried foods like French fries and fried chicken. These foods are delicious for sure, but they aren’t very good for you with all the extra calories and oils.

Instead of going to KFC or McDonalds, there’s a cooking gadget that you can try to get crunchy and delicious foods. Yes, It’s an “Air Fryer”. This Air Fryer fries the food without drenching it in oil. It can mimic the effects of deep frying while only using just a little bit of oil.

The Best Air Fryer is a high-tech alternative to usual deep fryers. The good air fryer has many benefits and it is good to have one in your kitchen. But the question is which is the best Air Fryer in 2022?

We have tested more than 45 top rated air fryer on the market and selected the top 10 list of best air fryer to help you choose the best one that fit your kitchen nicely. 

Our recommendation for the best air fryer in 2022 is BLACK+DECKER HF110SBD Air Fryer

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Top 10 Best Air Fryer Reviews In 2022


Best air fryer It is the best air fryer on the market. The HF110SBD comes from Black + Decker, a company that has already established itself successfully in other sectors and is now venturing into the territory of compressed air fryers.

The HF100SBD is designed to attract the attention of almost all types of buyers. With its unique oval shape and the 2L round basket that slides out of the main body, it certainly looks like the piece.

The value for money is also admirable for only $ 99, the Black & Decker is not a bargain, but it is below the price of many other luxury fryers. The HF100SBD air fryer has powerful dual conversion fans to circulate hot air around food for fast, crispy results.

The 2-liter capacity air-frying basket perfectly fits 2-4 servings of your favorite snacks and main dishes The nonstick cooking surfaces release food without the need of cooking spray that means you can clean it qucikly and easily. The air fryer basket and basket separator are dishwasher-safe. Dimensions : 12.625 x 12.625 x 14.500

Variable Temperature Control and Indicator Lights The temperature control of this air fryfer ranges from 175-400°F. The Circulating hot air gives guilt free result  and adds a crispy touch to your favorite fried foods. The instruction manual includes tips on cooking times, quantities and temperatures. Included Components are (1) Deep Fryer, (1) Dishwasher-Safe Basket

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2) Air Fryer XL by Cozyna (5.8QT)

Air fryer reviews 2022The Cozyna Air Fryer XL is a single air fryer that will surely stand out from the crowd. It is equipped with a capacity of almost absurdly high 5.5 L. This fryer will most likely polarize many.

Let’s take a closer look at the specifications of Cozyna. The Fryer XL as previously stated has a capacity of 5.5 liters (5.8 QT) and there is really no trick behind. The basket is like the most of the other popular devices on our list. It is round but generally does not create any problem, particularly thanks to the huge size.

With 5.8 liters, this Cozyna Air Fryer XL fryer (5.8 QT) doubles the capacity of the smaller Cozyna. So now you can cook more food at the same time. You can use the included separator to cook two items in the basket at the same time.

Whether you choose to make a steak and fries, or even a barbecue, you have the space to handle it! On a traditional fryer, this fryer uses 1 tablespoon of oil or even less! You can eat the crisp and delicious fries you want, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Less fat also means easier cleaning! This unit does not only work as a fryer, it can also cook, grill and grill all your favorite foods.

You have plenty of options to cook with this oil free fryer! Cleaning was even easier with this air fryer. The basket and the pan can be placed in the dishwasher! Our favorite feature, Cozyna, supports your product by offering the best warranty on the market. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, they offer a 60-day refund policy. There is no risk to prove it!

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3) Secura 4-Liter Extra Large Capacity

Top Air Fryer 2022Secura 1500 Air Fryer is famous for its maximum power in Watts. It doesn’t have the brand name support like Black + Decker HF110 above, but thanks to the great performance, it does not need it. With a huge 4-liter removable basket, you have enough space for almost all meals.

Unfortunately, the Secura does not have a separator, but its extra large capacity would have benefited you a lot from this. As with any fryer, you can prevent cooking from moving irregularly by shaking the basket to turn food around, but Secura did a decent job even when we did not shake the basket, and that’s impressive.

Dial fryers such as this one are always a little harder to control and get specific temperatures. At least Secura has relatively large letters, which makes reading easier. If you prefer a digital screen, check the NuWave Brio. This best air fryer is part of the second largest size in terms of footprint and also looks pretty big next to the others because of its design, which is wider at the bottom. This is probably not your best option if you have limited counter space.

The Secura 4 Liter, 4.2 Qt., Extra Large Capacity 1500 Watt Electric Hot Air Fryer will turn off after a cooking cycle. It also has non-slip feet and stays cool to the touch, so your score is high for safety. It is a good option for those who have children at home. It is also a good option for families because of its high capacity. The basket is huge and contains almost twice as much food as some of the smaller competitors.

The two year warranty in this case is nice. This is double what most of our tested products have. This fryer does not contain instructional videos, although these products are not so difficult to use. Most of the fryers we examined were stronger than expected, but it was one of the quietest. All but two were noisier than this one. The Secura 1500 Watt Electric Hot Air Fryer also gets a perfect score for cleaning. The nonstick basket was easy to clean in the sink in seconds. You can also go to the dishwasher if you want to save even more time.

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4) GoWISE GW22621 Air Fryer

air fryer reviews The GoWISE GW2261 is a very special air fryer. Let’s start with the price, for example. Originally, the GW2261 was priced at around $ 260, making it one of the most expensive models of the air fryer. Recently, however, this price has been reduced. A $ 95.

So now the GoWISE is in the least expensive class of air fryer models. In addition, there are the controls. These are also very unconventional. Instead of simple knobs to adjust the cooking speed and temperature, there is a nice glowing blue-on-black touchscreen LCD display. So, you can use to select various settings, from speed to temperature and preset for the various dishes that are pre-installed in the device.

You can prepare a variety of dishes ranging from crispy fries to chicken wings with or without oil in less than 30 minutes. With this Gowise Air fryer there will be no additional calories in your meal. The rapid air circulation technology cooks food by circulating hot air in all directions. As a result, it ensures a fast and uniform cooking. The large LCD touch screen allows you to set the temperature between 170 ° F and 400 ° F and cook in a range of 1 to 30 minutes.

Cleaning of this best air fryer is easy because the basket and tray are non-stick in this Gowise air fryer. With this Gowise USA GW22621 electric fryer you can try frying in the air for roasting sandwiches and desserts. The Gowise high-capacity air fryer is supplied with a capacity of 3.7 liters, which is enough for 4 to 6 members. The Gowise GW22621 is a medium-sized machine for a family of medium or small particles. Depending on the food you prepare, you can use it for whole meals or snacks.

The fourth generation GW22621 electric air fryer from Gowise USA is a safe fryer that complies with safety standards for electrical appliances. It has the ETL certification and the protection of the buttons prevents the accidental release of the basket. This can be very dangerous when the fryer is on and contains hot foods. As a general rule, the 4th generation GW22621 Gowise USA electric air fryer is made of high quality materials that look great in your kitchen. This air fryer machine has a long service life, the elegant design guarantees less space in the kitchen.

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5) BELLA 14538 Fryer

BELLA 14538 Fryer

The BELLA 14538 Fryer is a cheapest and quite competent fryer for the type of customer who does not care about the specifications and only wants the good performance at an affordable price.

The BELLA is a fairly compact fryer, small in size compared to many others. This best kitchen instrument is designed similar to the Secura 1500, rounded but not oval like many other fryers. This also means that your basket is quite small. Only 2.5L can stay within what may be enough for most, but not all.

With The BELLA Air Convection Fryer, you can now save money on oil & on your power bill, with no need to fire up your oven. This best air fryer is more powerful than our direct competitor, with its 1500 watt heating system. It can heat up quicker to provide better final results. It is like having a portable convection-type oven at your finger tips.

It has got 1500 watt heating system. You will also get 2.2 pound food capacity and 2.5L frying basket capacity. It is a Guilt free frying and a healthier alternative to traditional deep fryers – little or no oil is required. The BELLA Air Convection Fryer has 60 min timer automatic shut off for precise cooking and Stainless steel heating element provide faster heat up and recovery.

This air fryer offers faster frying that will save your time and energy. Again BELLA air fryer has high performance circular heat technology for quick and even cooking every time. You can easily enjoy your favourite flavorful foods while reducing your fat intake by cooking a variety of healthy dishes

You will not get any unpleasant oil odour. The Easy check function of this fryer lets you look in on the food while you’re cooking without interfering with the cooking functions. It also features overheating protection function and adjustable thermostat control temperature up to 400F. It is dishwasher safe frying basket for easy use and clean up

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6) Philips HD9220/28 Fryer

Philips HD9220/28 Fryer

The Philips HD9220/28 is one of the most luxurious models of air fryer in 2020. This becomes immediately apparent when looking at the price. $185 is the amount Philips wants you to shell out for this air fryer model, but why? What makes it so special? Well, apart from the brand bias and the reputation that Philips has and this specific model, there are a many of reasons.

Let’s start with the design. As for the exterior, the Philips Air fryer does not reinvent the wheel or the style is fresh and rarely found in other models. Instead of the oval shape that most manufacturers seem to have today, the Philips Air fryer uses an almost rectangular style with rounded edges. This also applies to the basket containing up to no more than a maximum of 0.8 liters.

With this Philips Airfryer, you can get perfectly cooked dishes at any time. Air is the new oil and now with this best air fryer, you can use this air to fry in a healthier way with up to 75% less fat. Thanks to Philips’ patented Starfish technology, all foods are exposed to constant heat, allowing you to cook your favorite foods with a tablespoon or less of oil. The result is a uniformly fried food, without the need to turn, even when food is stacked.

In addition to the warm air flow, a direct direct heat from above quickly crushes foods to give delicious golden results while draining excess fat. This Philips Airfryer can do more than just fry; It also offers grills, roasts and even pastries to give you more options to feed your family and entertain your guests. With more than 200 easy-to-prepare and inspiring dishes to try, the Airfryer will become a complete solution for all your meals. Philips Airfryer also produces less odors and splashes than conventional fryers, it is easy to clean, safe and economical for your daily use!

This Air fryer has a unique starfish design. Using Rapid Air technology, the Philips HD9220 / 28 fryer circulates hot air around a wire mesh cooking basket, requiring little or no heat. heat. oil for frying, cooking and roasting. The patented Starfish design at the bottom of the Airfryer facilitates air circulation and ensures even cooking of your favorite foods. Only the Philips Airfryer incorporates the patented starfish pattern in its basket, allowing you to cook your food evenly for a 100% satisfying taste every time, with fast results. This is not an Airfryer without starfish.

You can fry, bake, grill and roast food with a tablespoon or less of oil. What you need to do is set the cooking time and temperature. It turns off automatically and warns you when the meal is ready. This fryer is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. It includes a cookbook and a free app with over 150 recipes.

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7) Power Air Fryer XL Deluxe – 3.4 QT

Top air fryers 2022The Power Airfryer XL is a special type of air fryer on the market. It looks like a red and white laptop that came out of a low-budget. It is equipped with a touchscreen LCD interface similar to the GoWISE fryer that we have seen above.

This best air fryer of 2020 also renounces the traditional double-knob design and instead completely puts all control on the screen. Tristar identifies Power XL as a “6-in-1 model”, a reference to its ability to cook, bake, fry, steam, sauté, roast and roast food. This is perhaps also his greatest characteristic and redemptive capacity.

The Power Airfryer XL Deluxe has some health benefits. You see, he does not use oil to fry your food. The limited amount of oil in your diet plays a vital role in your physical state. The device is very easy to use. You can get the most out of your device easily in three simple steps. At first, you should load the food you want to fry.

It is a device because it can be used to fry almost all. Its portability is another option that adds to the benefits of the device. You can put it where you want. It is small enough and it is not heavy either. It uses superheated air, which heats up to 400 degrees. These temperatures facilitate the frying of your food in a short interval of time, while having beneficial effects for health. It has 6 cooking functions in 1.

There is plenty of space to cook in this unit. Also, if you are roasting vegetables or making chips, you can use a basket separator to cook many dishes at once.  The machine is available in two sizes. These sizes are designed for the comfort of the user. Both sizes are 3.4 rooms and 5.3 rooms. It is suggested old for 2-4 people, and the latter is recommended for 4-6 people. You can have some. It depends on your needs.

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8) NuWave 36001 Brio Air Fryer

air fryer reviews NuWave 36001 Brio Fryer is the best featured and fairly smooth air fryer. The Nu Wave concept is simple and it combines the most popular aspects of other fryers in the market and places them in a single device. The result is something that does not have a particular identity or sensitivity. But will buyers really take care of that?

Let’s look at the specifications. The Nu Wave costs $ 90, making it an economical fryer. Get a basket with a maximum of 3.3 liters, a rectangular LED touch screen and that’s it. A maximum temperature of 390 ° F is slightly lower than average but perfectly fine in all respects. After using this fryer you will really appreciate this best air fryer 2020.

The NuWave air fryer will help you serve crispy and fried foods with up to 80% less oil. It has an intuitive screen with digital controllers. Once you learn to use them, you will get tastier meals, less fat and fewer calories.

The advanced technology of this unit takes the hot air it generates and circulates it at high speed. The freshness on the outside and the tenderness on the inside are what all air fryers promise, but the NuWave air fryer is even more likely to do it. Because the internal temperature varies only 5 ° F on average from the set values, it benefits from this additional accuracy and temperature distribution.

For most buyers, the 3 liter container is more than enough. Those who want more space can duplicate it by adding an auxiliary frame. Of course, this would imply that the food below takes a little longer to become perfectly crunchy. The main panel has a digital display and digital LED controls, which guarantee a precision and constant results in each stage of the process. The on / off function, the start / pause function, the easy start button, the preheat function and the time and temperature selections are displayed.

The NuWave air fryer has more safety features than expected. We have already seen that for the maximum temperature, the maximum time you can set is 60 minutes. Apart from this, the device is designed to NOT work until the basket is inserted into the tray. It also has a preventive design for water damage and important features such as automatic pause and safety shutdown.

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9) Big Boss Air Fryer 

Big Boss Air Fryer 

This fryer simply called “Big Boss” is a hell of a product. Everything, from the design to its selection of functions, is extreme. You’ll see just what we mean by “extreme”. First is the basket made of thick glass and holding an incredible 15L! This makes the Big Boss by far the largest capacity air fryer currently available.

Of course, there is also a separator that takes advantage of this gigantic size to allow you to cook or fry two foods at the same time. Then there are the controls. Literally embossed on a metal plate are two large analog controls used to set the temperature and cooking time.

Speaking of these settings, while the cooking time limit is a standard of 60 minutes, the temperature setting rises to 480 ° F almost 100 degrees more than most competitors. That’s why we call it extreme. This Big boss air fryer is essentially a giant 16-quart glass container with a heating unit that adheres to the top. It uses halogen light, convection, infrared heat and “fried” foods. It is said that french fries can be cooked with a setting of 450 degrees in 15 minutes.

Your food cooks three times faster to make cooking easier. Make fish carrots, popcorn shrimp, steaks, hot wings, skewers and chicken strips. This energy-efficient airfryer combines halogen heat, convection and infrared technology, leaving food moist inside and golden and crisp on the outside without the use of fat or oil. Three cooking elements working in uniform. Temperature controls help you choose between fries (12 ° C), onion rings (7 ° C), fish (10 ° C), chicken (30 minutes). The timer of this air fryer helps to completely cook food.

The glass lid has a safety handle that automatically closes the Big Boss fryer without oil when it is lifted.
The Big Boss Oil Free Fryer is ideal for frying foods such as potato chips, onion rings, chicken or fish. It allows hot air to circulate around food so it can be cooked faster and more evenly.

This best fryer has a triple cooking power: convection, halogen and infrared heat. It cooks quickly frozen, without the need for defrosting time. 2 trays cook several foods at the same time. This fryer also consumes less energy, cooking up to 3 times faster

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10) T-fal FZ7002 Air Fryer

Top air fryer The T-fal FZ7002 is the best value Air Fryer on the market. It looks like the experimental and in developing the form of a fryer that has not yet been launched. It comes with strange appearances, strange features, and the T-fal of course. From awkwardly placed buttons to a half-transparent basket that looks like nothing you’ve seen in other models. The T-fal also looks odd.

Let’s start with these buttons. There are two small green one next to the small monochrome LCD that tells you, for example, the temperature or the time setting. The left button is an on / off switch for the entire device, the right one sets the timer in certain increments.

It’s hard to get used to at least at the beginning. And you may wonder why they don’t just use the regular knobs! In addition, the temperature cannot be adjusted manually. An automatic algorithm combines the heat with the selected time and the type of food that can be selected with two other buttons in the lower left and right corners of the T-fall.

The ActiFry T-fal FZ7002 air dryer is one of the best selling models in the air dryer industry. So, you have to ask yourself in a moment what makes him so famous. Well, there’s nothing to worry about because Corrie Cooks is here to answer this question just for you. The T-fal air dryer FZ7002 ActiFry is a very different air dryer, it looks different from other Air fryers that are usually seen in the market. Then, for aesthetics, he gets some points.

This AirFryer dryer has a capacity of 2.2 pounds, which makes it a fryer of moderate capacity among all available. This is one of the easiest to use, with all parameters ready. Just press the start button to start it and press again to turn it off, and that’s it. This makes it one of the simplest transport planes to use.

It also has a sound warning system for the end of your kitchen. Once you have finished frying what you are supposed to do, you will make a specific noise to warn you. This prevents you from having to sit all the time next to you. This best air fryer of 2022 is also quite easy to clean. Like all current models, it is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

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